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  1. throwback added a post in a topic 1972 Hurst/Oldsmobile Convertible   

    What r u using for wood grain? will u tell me some secrets? lol
  2. throwback added a post in a topic 1955 Lincoln Futura   

    Thats KOOL! Very nice job building too.
  3. throwback added a post in a topic Allow me to be Frank with you.   

    Man the olds' mags wheels are way too light of a shade don't you guys think?
  4. throwback added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Allow me to be Frank with you.
    Hi guys, first I wanna say you boys and girls have some serious talent. I on the other hand, have built two this winter and none before that for about ten years. I'm just now getting the pictures up here. I have the Revell Douce and an 69 Olds AMT here. The douce didn't come out to great and it's getting wheels and tires more traditional to the style of the build and the Hemi HAS TO GO! Haha, the headers are FUBAR and the air cleaners aren't much better. I think I have an old flat head out of the limburg 3 in 1 pickup kit from my younger attempt at the hobby. I have enough parts and glue bombs to keep me restoring for years! By the way I have parts for trade nothing real rare that I know of but alot of cleanable stuff none the less. You can contact me by email if u want to ask about anything, shafferworks@gmail.com the truth is i don't get on here much and I wish I had more time to build. I'm sholders deep in a home makeover. The insulation and window trim from a hundred years ago is letting my heat out around our brand new windows lol. First on the list of eventual builds is the 59 Impala my dad gave me and eventually ended up in the trash, I have some original parts and bought two glue bombs from ebay, thats another post any how. This hurst olds Olds is the only thing I have done that I can be almost proud of. I got the best shine I could from a duplicolor spray can. I did BMF for the first time on this one. I learned how to sand glue off windows and hand rub em' too lol. Ok anyway I'll get to the pictures so u Elders can get to picking them apart.

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  5. throwback added a post in a topic '57 Ford vs. Black Widow   

    Thats really cool. I like the black widow kit. ...someday...
  6. throwback added a post in a topic My 51   

    I really like this car!
  7. throwback added a post in a topic ' 70 Mach 1   

    that looks good, thats my favorite mustang.
  8. throwback added a post in a topic 32 Ford's   

    I love that American Graffiti 32! I tried building one when I was a kid but it became a mess. Now that I'm back into the hobby a little I might try it again. I'm only on my second build since over ten years ago. The first one was the Revell 32 high boy, but it's a glue bomb. I couldn't get the fan to fit in with the Hemi stuffed in there and the fit of the headers is atrocious. I'm working on a 69 hurst olds right now that should turn out much better. You guys have some pretty nice looking builds here. I hope to be this good someday.