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  1. I am currently working on the engine as I type and I am gonna try and make it as correct as possible
  2. what do you guys think about a Yellow 16 (cat c16 engine)? I am making one up for my self at the moment and I am 50% done and if you guys want it some Ill cast them
  3. Here is a update for you guys... I took a break over the holidays from building, I was focusing on the cab but I kinda messed up, but the good thing is it is fixable. I am not really feeling it lately, I got something like a writers block. I am not gonna say when they are gonna be done because I don't know. It is my first major scratch build so I will have some hick ups. I will get them done sometime haha. Sorry to let you guys down if I have with dates and all. I am really looking forward to the products being done my self so Ill try to get them done soon.
  4. Your skills are unreal man!! I wish I was as good as you!! Keep up the great work and Id love to see sonemore
  5. LOOKS SWEAT MAN!! I think the turbos you ordered from Model Meister are out of stock because I went to go order some and it says that two of that turbos "don't exist in desired quantity in our stock"
  6. Real nice car Bob even though you built it 6 years ago. Horsepower speaking of changing the name of the thread to oval track instead of NASCAR to "allow" modifieds (even tho they are NASCAR like you said) and stuff like that, well what about F1 cars and other circuit racing cars. In my opinion the under class tread is for street cars not race cars and the NASCAR tread should be just called race cars. Just like the drag car tread, that is not called top fuel cars. Just my opinion.
  7. I am sorry Andy but is not a weather balloon trailer. LOL. It is a Minuteman missile Transporter-Erector. Look it up on google and it will come up with some pretty cool pictures of the rig. It a real beast in my books This was the old transporter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGM-30_Minuteman
  8. I just found this while cruising around on the inter-webs today. looks like a Pete 362 with lots of wheels hauling a trailer with a rocket booster or an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile. I also found an article from 2008 stating that a Minuteman III booster transport vehicle tipped over on the gravel access road, dumping the 75,000-pound rocket booster on the ground after the road gave out under the truck. No injuries were suffered but it did take $5.6 million to recover. Scary
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