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  1. thanks Roger but Google exist in Europe, I have found the same things
  2. at first ,excuse my english I don't know if I can post here, Organizers can change my post if not in good place So I'm looking for ideas on paint shemas for my Freightliner Cascadia 1/14 RC truck I cannot find simply 2 or 3 tons design on the net and I'm not able to do the Schneider International remember truck colors So, I ask the US modeler communauty for a good idea thanks Thierry
  3. hi Chuckyr its true ,US tamiya trailer are too shorts and not realistics (small 40' with frame) your trailers are so ...incredible. for à french guy and a little too much expensive with shipping to Europe !!! lol but I made my own dryvan 53' frameless like a Greatdane Champion CL her lenght is 1,14 meter (I don't know how to convert in feet and inch). she is very simply the width is 185 mm and the hight is 305mm (a little too hight) you can follow her construction on my blog my dreams are a cattle trailer or a movin van to make one of the big US movin company (Mayflower, Allied, Northamerican ) I bellong this trailers in 1/87 scale For all US trucks friends, excuse my english so long Thierry
  4. hi Robert the Coronado is full lights (Inside too and Dashboard), alu wheels, but no sounds. the Cascadia is new, I have juste made a flip hood you can follow them on my blog
  5. hi here is a pic of my Knight hauler (its like a Freightliner coronado) and one of my new Freight Cascadia with my hommade 53' dryvan
  6. hello the Mack E9 was in the first Renault AE Magnum 500HP and in the MBT AMX30B2 and in the Renault TRM 700-100 heavy military Tractor It's agood idea a nose on the Magnum
  7. mister Van Hattem is one of the best europeen modeler always in scratch !!!!!!!!
  8. hello you can follow my dropdeck trailer her on my blog
  9. hello it's not 1/4 scale but 1/14 i Have one Knight Hauler Tamiya (like a Freightliner Coronado)
  10. noooo! not in Texas!!!! in France with a reel Superliner in your baggage !!! :lol:
  11. Merci Robert pour ton soutien en anglais, je suis un peu desemparé pour les détails de camions nord-americains réels, donc je monte avec un peu de logique et quelques documents trouvés sur le net ! thanks Robert for your help, I am a "little" disapointed with reel détails on US trucks so I try with a little Internet pics I try to make realistic things view from France I know that we must have tubing for front brake, for stering, for GO, for rear brake and rear suspension! just a question, on the RoG Kenworth W900, what is the fonction of the N° 11 piece on the front left of frame, return GO filter or steering tank ? so have a good day it's time to go to bed in Europe!! lol Thierry
  12. thanks Jaroslav for your comment !! your models are dream for me, I am not able to do what YOU do I try to do something realistic but I am very poor in documents and pics I follow a russian forum too ,perhaps you know it the link: http://forum.autoinscale.com/viewtopic.php?id=5257 it's very good for ideas so long Thierry
  13. nex test with new hoister text are the same Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. I an very hungry I fergot rear brake systems it would be easyer if I maze this before gluing !
  15. thanks DanI made new pics this afternoon (lol in France) I ll post them
  16. work on the frame I have forgot to remake rear suspension, I work for the twelwes the front brake tubbing the direction tubbing have a good day Thierry
  17. the link of a friend's blog with a lot of pics of europeen trucks http://trabman21.skyrock.com/tags/enknkRfocLa-Dange-St-Romain-2013_1.html we have discovered the 1/64 scale !!!!!!!
  18. hello last week i found a third axle (in a new kit box! lol) and I try this it's my new working base
  19. very happy than my pics make pleasure to yours kids! yes it's a Daf if you can follow the blogs of my friends about Dangé on the Skyrock blog: the best for pics: http://bcdcrea.skyrock.com/123.html the white one is a Scania T144 V8 6x4/2 500hp 14 liters engine, 500 hp, 6wheels but only 2 for drive my English is poor ,excuse me the Scania T series is the last truck with Hood in Europe, its a myth ("un mythe" in French)
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