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  1. Very nice, but you have me a bit confused..... is this build complete? And if so, why is it on the workbench? But, having asked that, it is a nice looking build.
  2. well done all around, body mod's, paint and finish, all excellent..... If I had to question any part of the build, I am not sure I like the exhaust outlet .... but that sure is a minor point. The under hood detail is so clean and well done and the wheels set it off nicely. Very cool period custom.
  3. Very nice shopping cart. Seriously, very well done.
  4. Beautiful, what a shame those old molds no longer exist. Beautiful.
  5. Really nice, I especially like the transplant of the tail lights onto this car, it works very well...... looking really sharp.
  6. Well, here is my first dilemma with this build. The Allison engine, if I kept it the original configuration with the single supercharger and carburetors will fit fine in the body I designed, but no, I can't leave the engine as it came, no, I need to complicate this. This engine is widely used in the unlimited hydroplane world, but those guys update the engine to produce more power, and that is what I want for this car. So first I removed the supercharger. Then I added direct fuel injection. Next I am adding twin turbo chargers with inter-coolers (if they will fit). Because of the massive fuel injection system, the engine is much higher at the back of it so it will not fit the body as it is now. It appears that I will have to seriously modify the engine cover to accommodate the added height of the engine intake system.
  7. clean, the correct color and very well done..... love the stance, looks like it is ready to pounce.
  8. You know, the carburetor is itself a beautiful item...... the carburetor(s) and the exhaust pipes by themselves would be great to offer, then the complete engine. Also, a reworked version for the 427 Cobra roadster would be great to have also. Tons of possibilities here.
  9. very nice and super clean.... I love this kit and car but the kit is not the easiest to build having done 3 of them, nice work.
  10. Very nice, the premise makes perfect sense. Like it a lot.
  11. Great looking streeter. Love the low stance. Very sharp with the twin turbos, it would be a killer on the streets until it hits a "speed bump" .... Och.
  12. Simply magnificent. Best looking Ford GT engine I have ever seen in this scale. Impressive to say the least. This is the future of our hobby, soon 3D will dominate and there will be an unlimited selection of cars, engines and specialty items. Wow.
  13. Pretty sharp, very well done. Love the flow of the front fenders to the rear. I did the same design feature to a '40 Ford convertible many years ago, I think it makes a world of difference to your car. Very nice.
  14. Very nice, interesting color combination, I really like the light green. Very well done.
  15. Very nice, I own an MGB and built a replica of my car many years ago..... you can't go wrong with building one in British Racing Green. Very sharp. P.S. Yes, be careful about the placement of the model in reference to the light source, whenever possible, have the light at your back.
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