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  1. Here I go again

    Okay, I took a measurement and the roundel is 22mm or 7/8th inch. take your pick. I got mine from spot model made by Renaissance.... stock#Tk24/347 It will allow you to do either of the two Alan Mann Racing cars from Le Mans 1966. Hope this helps.
  2. Here I go again

    Thanks Howard......... now I am getting very confused as to what to do for the drive train..... I have a Ferrari 360 Modena that was given to me after the previous owner made a mess of the body..... so with a little work that could fit it..... well see.... thanks for the kind words
  3. 2019 Motorcraft Ford GT

    Looks great, I have plans to do the Motorcraft livery also, once I finish the Castrol.version. the wheels and tires look really nice. well done.
  4. Me? Doing a Ford? Nahhh!!!! Really? (LeMans Ford GT)

    I just saw that Studio 27 will be releasing the Motorcraft decal sheet, the same time they release the photo etch sheet (looks like the brake rotors and intake screens make up the bulk of the sheet) which is scheduled for April 15th. Looks like I will be doing at least 4 of these cars now........Oh yeah, I see that Slotfabrik also has the white practice version decal sheets available since you mentioned it.
  5. Here I go again

    Sure thing Gary...... when I get home, I will check it out for you. Pete
  6. Here I go again

    Thanks, I have to admit, the same thought has been going through my head, so maybe it will change direction.... it could happen.
  7. Me? Doing a Ford? Nahhh!!!! Really? (LeMans Ford GT)

    Thanks Ismael, I agree with you on all points. The Castrol decals were from Studio 27, which as I said are a pleasure to apply. I see that Slotfabrik does both cars including the motorcraft livery. I may get around to doing that car too since I don't think I will stop at only one or two GT's. I much prefer the updated red, white and blue version of the car done with metallic red and blue, so the next GT I have on order from HLJ will get that treatment rather than the Le Mans winning livery. Regardless, your build is looking great, as usual for your builds.
  8. Here I go again

    It is not like I don't have enough projects underway...... a custom 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix with vacuum formed custom chopped top and the remaining 4 GT 40's from the starting grid from 1966. Numbers 1, 2, 5 and 8 are complete and shown before, Numbers 3, 4, 6 and 7 have the bodies painted (obviously) and just need their chassis finished, mated to the body, and I will have the complete factory starting grid. Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 where entered by Shelby American, Numbers 5 and 6 were entered by Holman and Mooney and Numbers 7 and 8 were entered by Alan Mann team of Great Britain. All the cars were identical and prepared to the exact same standards by the Shelby factory team. I just completed a Hasegawa limited edition STP Toyota 87C, which is a curbside, I have the Tamiya Mercedes Benz 300SL about 85% complete, just need to complete working struts for the gull-wing doors and then final assembly. Just started the brand new Hasegawa Calsonic Nissan R91CP. This model has be dumb founded. They molded the body, and I must add, it is a gorgeous molding with wonderful detail and beautiful open front fender vents.... just perfect, BUT, they molded the body in 3 pieces, which also, is a great thing except they include no engine for the car..........what are they thinking? Even if they raised the cost of the kit by $5 or $10 bucks, give the engine since you gave me the lift off rear, and front, sections and we all love to detail and complete the engines, Right? Now I am either going to have to cast the parts for the engine from the Tamiya Toyota R90V Cabin version in my stash or pickup another R390 kit..... this just doesn't make any sense to me. Anyway, this is not the point of the post. I have been playing around with a car design that has been rattling around in my head and finally put it down on paper. Then I, the last few days got around to shaping the design from a block of sign foam. Now the tricky part of this design is that it does not lend itself very easily to being vacuum formed since the design has complex curves that cut in at the bottom giving it a curved round side, front and rear contour. Because of this, I have to form both a top and bottom portion and once cleaned up, mate them to form a complete body. The shape, at least I think, is rather smooth and rounded with a very distinct"Cab-Forward" design. Cab forward was a popular design element back in the early 1990's. The main design feature of a cab forward design is when the leading edge of the front windshield is level with the mid point of the front wheels Classic examples of this which were mass produced were the Chrysler "LH" cars of the 1990's. Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler Concorde to name a few. Infiniti used to consider the G20 as a cab forward.... it was close, but not as clear as the LH cars. Anyway, a number of the Chrysler Concept cars from this era where very obviously Cab Forward. Being concept cars, the look was exaggerated to make the point, but it stuck in my mind. here is the Chrysler Millennium from 1989 which, you can see was a predecessor concept to the mid 90's LH cars. So here is my idea of a semi-future cab forward sports coupe. Originally , I was thinking it could be an all electric car, but now I think I will keep it as a traditional gasoline powered car..... after all, if the Government has its way, the internal combustion engine will go the way of steam powered cars. So I will not hasten the move. I am planning on larger sized gull-wing doors about the size of 1 and 1/2 doors, a small block front engine and 4 individual bucket style seats. We'll see as the build progresses.... I have a tendency to change my mind and rethink prior plans as I move forward.
  9. Me? Doing a Ford? Nahhh!!!! Really? (LeMans Ford GT)

    Wow, great looking build, I love the extra detail you added to the chassis, it is a shame that it really isn't visible once assembled, but like you said, you know, and now we know, it is under there. I have been also working on a Ford GT, the difference is I am doing mine as a newer 2019 Daytona version. Number 67 is the Castrol "throwback" livery. The decals are from Studio 27, and are a pleasure to apply. Not to invade your post, but here is the body with about 90% of the decals applied. The only reall changes I did to the body are all the molded on screens have been cut out and replaced with scale screens, I figured since they are viable they needed to be corrected, The body, once decaled completely needs a minor clean up and it can mate to the chassis, and yes, there are a few issues with the mating of the two main components, but it will go together with a little friendly persuasion.
  10. BMW M6 GTLM 2017 Petit LeMans winner

    You are off to a great start.... the shocks look very real, too bad they will be hidden once the build is complete, but since you will apply the same level of care and precision to the entire build, I know it will look great. I will be following this for sure. Later.
  11. 1949 Ford - sectioned with a fade

    Very nice.... I really like the addition of the Chrysler grill to the front of the Ford..... well done.
  12. 1974 Plymouth Satellite "Sundance Special"

    Really, really well done. Chrysler was beginning its slide almost into oblivion at this point trying to capture the youth market with flower power vinyl tops and crazy graphics and you captured the look perfectly. Very well done.... also, love the hubcaps.
  13. Mclaren F1 GTR Long Tail.

    Love it..... very colorful livery and very clean.... I have, and have built, a number of these cars and they are difficult to get looking this good.
  14. 1965 Lincoln Continental

    Well, cutting the doors free was not that difficult as the doors have fairly straight sides with no tricky curved angles to deal with, but, because there is such a large opening and only a very thin strip of plastic on the bottom edge holding the car together, I needed to permanently mount the interior tub, after the inside part of the door was cut free, to the body to give the car the necessary rigidity it needed. It still had more flex than I was comfortable with and I spent many nights working to get all the doors to line up properly, but in the end, once the center pieces where the doors met were in place things all kind fell together. Not overly difficult, but not a project to attempt opening doors for the first time either. But, hey, it is only plastic and can be replaced easy enough. Don't let it intimidate you too much . Chop away.
  15. 1965 Lincoln Continental