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  1. Great looking car, the paint is lovely.
  2. Beautiful, super clean and well planned out. Super sharp build. Impressive.
  3. Very different. Rear engine '32, I never would have figured something like that. Cool.
  4. I am confused. In the first few pictures, it hurt my eyes, but by the end, it worked out pretty well. Beyond different and gutsy. Unique and strange at the same time Kinda' like pineapple on a pizza, sounds nasty, but it actually tastes pretty good. Full marks for creativity, that is for sure.
  5. Very interesting and not a build, or "treatment" you see very often. I like it. I like the color better than the same old Cooper/Bronze we see all the time too. Very nice.
  6. Certainly is very different. Nice job Interesting, you said you threw out the empty box, so people actually do that? I guess I need to begin doing that too.
  7. Sorry, I just hate google, this always happens try this link https://photos.app.goo.gl/TAVoseMjWQBWRBNu9
  8. About 15 years ago I began working on this AMT 1971 Plymouth Duster 340. I cut open the doors, added a bulge to the hood between the twin air scoops and added a molded on rear spoiler to replace the above the trunk wing that is kit supplied. Then, I added subtle wheel well bulges to all 4 wheel openings and filled in the lower body sculpture to give the side profile a cleaner look as it seemed to flow better now with the extended wheel openings. The kit was set aside as I had lost interest in the build moving on to more interesting builds thinking that one day, I would look to finish it. I had set aside a set of wheels and tires and the engine from the AMT Chrysler 300c kit from a few years ago for this build. Because I planned on replacing the 340 V8, I took that V8 and installed it and the transmission in a Prowler I did a few months back. Well two weeks ago for some unknown reason, I pulled the box off the shelf with the far from completed model and revisited it. First I opened up the fuel door so I could install a round chrome piece. Then I added a roll bar, with additional supports to the interior. I replaced the stock seats with “beefier” units. I added rear brake cooling scoops just in front of the rear wheel openings. Rather than using the newer Hemi from the 300c kit, I pulled a 440 out of the parts box and installed that thinking that going from a 340 to a 440 was more logical and period correct. Then, rather than using the wheels and tires from the Chrysler kit, I took the wheels from a Viper ACR kit (which I have replacement wheels for anyway) for this car as I really like the look of larger wheels in the back and smaller ones up front then added a set of parts box disc brakes. The interior is flat black with a light gray roll bar. The body is done in Rust-oeum Ultra Cover Berry Pink Gloss, top coated with a number of coats of clear which was sanded lightly and rubbed out with wax. I sprayed the interior side of the window glass with Tamiya Smoke for a blacked out look and added the upper tint to the front windshield as they did back in the day. I did all of the window trim in gloss black and the hood in flat black. Then added twin rearview outside mirrors in flat black. 4 hood pins and an outside mounted tachometer finishes the details. By the way, the decals on the two sides and the rear panel with the taillights were a “fitch” to install because of their age. It took a lot of patients and solv-a-set to get them down. Once down and dry, a gave them a top coat of Future to seal them in place. When all that was done, I added a small front chin spoiler and a set of fog lights, just because I could. I never had high hopes for this car which is why it spent so many years in a box on the shelf uncompleted, but now that it is done, I am very happy with the result and it can sit happily alongside the Nova’s and Fairlane’s I built from the same era.
  9. Very nice, very clean and well thought out, and the subdued paint color works very well on it. Sharp build all around.
  10. Very nice, the color works perfectly on this car. Very sharp, and clean. I guess I will have to ge.t one of these
  11. Looks very nice. Here comes the Judge, here comes the Judge! The old Rowan and Martin "Laugh in" bit. Nice job.
  12. Amazing craftsmanship, very impressive with a host of unique features. Stunning model.
  13. You've got to love it, very nicely done. The color combo works very well. Super job.
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