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  1. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Recent builds   

    This is a Jimmy Flintstone 1951 Chevy if I am not mistaken... I bought it many, many years ago.... I had opened the doors, trunk and hood, and that was not easy because the resin was very thick.  The car sat around for years because I just was not motivated to do anything with it.  Along the way, I made a vacuum formed copy of the body just because and never did anything with that either.  So a few months ago while searching on the internet I came across a beautiful old Buick wagon, in brown metallic with light and dark wood around the windows and tail gate and surfboards on the roof..... and bang....... I had my inspiration.  As is usually the case, I didn't know where the 51 was. I tore apart my work room and finally found it, but of course, it was missing the hood.  4 hours later after digging through everything, still no hood, but i remembered I has made a copy of the body. I cut out the hood and with a huge amount of work, I got the hood to fit well enough. as a side note, the roof from the copy body was later grafted onto the blue racing Camaro to make it into a true fastback .
    The top was cut off the 51 Chevy and new bass wood side panels and tail gates were made.  The roof was made from scored polystyrene sheet.  The two surfboards ( really too long by today's standards) came from a 31 Ford if I remember correctly. and the wood boards I shaped from basswood.  Here they are unpainted.  As of now, they are base painted white but I masked the center stringer area so it will remain wood once they are finished.
    If I did this correctly, here are some "in progress" shots of the woodie under construction.
    Hope this answered your question........
  2. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Recent builds   

    Thanks...... all are 1/24-1/25 except for the two 1/20 F1 cars
  3. Peter Lombardo added a topic in Under Glass   

    Recent builds
    I no longer have a photo hosting site because 99% of my photos are taken with my cell phone now ( great resolution, so why not?) and Google automatically up-loads them to a huge free photo hosting platform.  The problem for me is that this platform does not play well with the photo requirements on this site and it will not let me get these photos onto the site in the conventional manner.
    So, I have all of these, and there a many, many cars in this album, in this one album.
    I have not explained what they are or how I built them, but truth be told, I don't think most of you guys care about what it did, and many of you guys are experienced enough to know what I did here.
    So if you can open this and view them.... great.... if you can't I apologize here and now, but this is just how it is.
    And if you can open this and you have a question about something or another..... go ahead and ask.... I will be happy to explain what I did.
    hopefully, this link will get you to the right place.
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  4. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Accidental twins - dual 70 Camaros   

    Very nice pair there..... I owned a '73 with the Rally Sport option ( the big open grille, ) and I can tell you, I wish I still owned it now ( traded in for a Mustang Mach 1 ).  I have a couple kits to build of that car one of these days.... yours are very well done. The Z28 looks really nice with the darker green paint..
  5. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Street Roadster Pick Up   

    different... that is for sure..... well done, not a build you see every day.
  6. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Lindberg 1953 Ford   

    Real nice.... looks very convincing.
  7. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic C7R Corvette   

    Looks nice..... I have two of these to build one of these days..... you did a really nice job here3.
  8. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic 1966 Mustang Shelby GT350R   

    Nice replica..... very well done and clean...I'd bet that many of us have built that kit..... I think that car ( 350GT-R) in Wembleton White with blue and the competition version of the 427 Cobra in Guardsman Blue with white, must be in nearly all of our collections..... and if they aren't..... they need to be.  Again, nice built.
  9. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic 71 Thunderbird- Custom   

    Very nice.... the wheels really make it though.
  10. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Another Little Red Wagon   

    The paint looks great..... well done.
  11. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Monograms ZZ Top Coupe.   

    nice shot on the book page...... always thought that this car is the classic 33/34 Ford for me. looks great.
  12. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Dodge Dart   

    nice clean build.... very period correct color too.
  13. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic 56 T-Bird Replica   

    looks great and the drive-in tray brings back a lot of memories for me.  color is perfect. sharp!
  14. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic 1950 Olds   

    Really nice job... the long bar taillight looks great on it..... sharp interior too.... very well done.
  15. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Tamiya Castrol Toyota (now with pictures)   

    clean build of a very colorful car.   Nicely done.