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  1. Great job completing it. I also have one of these models on the shelf for well over 20 years that one day I hope to build.. I did build the Hasagawa curbside version and have the Daytona white green and red car to do also.
  2. Looks great, well done. All of the hard work paid off nicely.
  3. Wow, that is a crazy livery..... those headlights look insane. Nicely done.
  4. Tamiya Mercedes 300SL Coupe, basically stock. Paint is Tamiya Gun Metal topped with Tamiya Clear Red then Clear with Micro Gold Flake, then Clear over that.Second 300SL Wide Body Roof removed, Doors opened Lambo Style. 4.5L AMG V8 added. Roll Bar, Front spoiler and side pipes added. High back Bucket seats and new steering wheel. Paint is Tamiya Gun Metal with Tamiya Smoke with Gold Flake added then topped with Clear.
  5. Revell Ford GT Aftermarket decals, some photoetch and opened doors
  6. Really sharp and mean looking. I love the wide fenders and turbo addition. Very well done.
  7. Nice work. Great idea on the race car since they said they did not have to modify the street car very much to make the race car. Great job and a very nice color for it.
  8. 1959 Chrysler Imperial Beginning with an AMT curbside Imperial new reissue of a very old mold, many modifications were made. First, the chassis, interior and engine were confiscated from the newer AMT release of the 1957 Chrysler 300C, The Imperial’s doors and hood were opened and hinged (not easy as the Imperial body being an old mold is very thick). The Imperial kit offers the choice of either hardtop or convertible. I substituted the kit roof for a roof I vacuum formed from a buck I sculpted. The new roof was molded onto the body and the A pillars were laid back to line up with the mildly chopped height of the new roof which mimics the style roof on the 1965+ lineup of GM full sized vehicles. Rain drip rails were added to the side of the roof. The rear window and rear quarter panel windows were tinted using Tamiya smoke. Parts box late model Corvette rearview mirrors were added to the doors. The interior is from the Chrysler and is basically stock with a two-tone paint of dark blue and very light turquoise. The engine is from the ’57 Chrysler kit painted in various shades of orange and the air cleaner was confiscated from a Tamiya Mercedes kit picked up at a swap meet. The front grill was cut into 4 pieces. The two headlight pods, the bumper and the grill. The grill was discarded and the bumper was heavily modified being smoothed, peaked, and rolled, then molded on the body. The hood was also peaked in the front to match the bumper and grill taken from a Buick of similar vintage. The rear end had the tail light fixtures on the fins removed and smoothed out. The rear bumper was reshaped and molded on to the body. The concave lower section had small taillights added, the center was painted black, after the body was painted, then filled with clear epoxy. The forward exhaust flair sections were molded to the lower body and lake pipes extend out from them. The wheels were sourced from the parts box touched up with a bit of clear blue paint, the tires are from the Imperial kit. The body was done with a minimum of chrome only used in the front lights, grill, exhaust pipes and hub caps. The paint is a multi-layer affair of all Tamiya products beginning with primer, sanded smooth, then a base layer of gunmetal accented with silver highlights. Then the white and silver under tones of the flames were airbrushed on using various curved stencils. When dry, highlights were brushed on. Then the entire body was sprayed with clear green. Once dry, more flame highlights were brushed on using white and light blue. Once dried, a cover coat of clear blue was sprayed on the entire car. Then more flame highlights were added in white followed by two light coats of clear blue. Once dry, a top coat of clear mixed with micro ice pearl blue/green metallic flakes were sprayed on. Again, once dry, a pair of top coats of just clear were added. Then when that was dry, the body was rubbed out with different grades of wax to finish with a smooth surface. The intent of the flames was to create flames that were multi-layered, but not too bold and obvious while not being just ghost flames either. That’s it. Here it is:
  9. Thanks, your builds for the year are exceptional, as usual. The material is referred to as sign foam. It is a dense foam that comes in large sheets. My brother usually buys it in 2 inch high sheets and uses it to make 3D signage cut on his computer controlled routing table. He saves the scrap for me and I take the bigger pieces. I layout the design on the block with magic marker, grind away the basic shape with my Dremel and finish with various grades of sand paper. It is easy to grind away, but impossible to "put back", so, needless to say, great care must be taken.
  10. Very nice group, but the Camaro is exceptional. Great job on it all around.... the flat paint suits it perfectly. Wow.
  11. Really nice group, all very well done, but I like the Audi the best.
  12. Great bunch of builds there, but the Nomad does it for me, very well done.
  13. Nice grouping, I really like the Porsche 924 and the McLaren best, but all very well done.
  14. Great builds, you had a busy year for sure.
  15. Wow, well done, but you might consider getting a life away from your modelling table. 31 builds is just plain nuts. Wow!
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