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  1. Great job, I love the paint scheme, very distinctive. Well done.
  2. Very nice, looks like it is ready for a Sunday drive in the country. well done..... love the light metallic green too.
  3. Very nicely done, looks super clean and well thought out. I like it.
  4. Since I have had nothing but problems posting pictures from my Google (have I mentioned how much I dislike Google before?) account, I figured I would give you guys the link to the album where the pictures reside It is a Revell Prowler, with flames and a V8 installed (Mopar 340) and I photographed it later with the two other cars I did using Prowler headlights. the pictures should be here....https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN5WqPwoH7KyLKncwK8Ej3bLwFSwtuCwAo7zjjwox_he1NmxHKMzS8Rov29eeeZzQ?key=NU1TcXc5M2NIWm9BXzlJSWNqODNyX3VrYWsxWk1n Hopefully, you will be able to see them, if not, sorry. Any questions, let me know.
  5. Very nice, this is such an iconic car that I think gets overlooked as not as important as it really is. Nice job...... I did one in metallic red,, so yeah, I like it.
  6. Love the concept, very nice.... I like it a lot.
  7. Great looking build.............. you captured the color and look of the car very nicely. Contrary to the media reports and factory statements, this car with Ken Miles driving actually won Le Mans in 1966. Miles won Daytona in this very same chassis and then won Sebring in the GT40 Prototype roadster and then he had a 3 lap lead over the Black #2 car of Amon / McLaren near the end of the 24 hour race when Ford had him and Amon slow down so they and the Gold #5 car many laps behind could catch up for the "Infamous" 3 car group win. Sadly, Miles died a few months later while testing the, at the time, very dangerous "J" car at Riverside that Ford had designed. Phil Remington finally fixed the design and Gurney / Ruby drove it as the new Mark IV to victory in the 1967 Le Mans race. What a shame that Miles was obstructed from winning the "Hat Trick" in 1966. But, anyway, your build is spot on.
  8. Wow, love it........ just so period correct and the driver works perfectly with it.......... very well done, the color is perfect for it.
  9. Looks great..... I owned a 1973 350 RS, wish I hadn't sold it. They are such a great looking design. Love the white with red trim. Well done. If this one hits a speed bump, the exhaust is toast.
  10. All we need is a price. I certainly am interested.
  11. New photos added....... click here.........https://photos.app.goo.gl/kCJuUVGRWyDioV1t5
  12. Very nice, looks great in red.
  13. Really, really well done, lot's of detail and very clean....... love the turbo's too. Nice.
  14. this should work............. I think. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kCJuUVGRWyDioV1t5
  15. Yes, I know, but for some reason here, it isn't working.
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