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  1. Beautifully done conversion. Great colors and workmanship throughout. I am impressed, well done. I really appreciate a unique build as this is.
  2. Very nice, well done. It certainly was worth the extra effort you put into it, oh so clean and well presented.
  3. Very well done. It is the "Old Grand Dad" of the Ford GT40. Shame no current manufacturer sees financial success in producing a modern 3D printed version. There are so many obscure race cars from the 50s, 60s, and 70s that should be produced, especially now that 3D printing is becoming mainstream. Anyway, nice tidy job on it.
  4. Very, very impressive build. The workmanship is outstanding and extremely well excited with all of the background research included. Great build of unusual depth and detail.
  5. Very well done, clean and understated and sharp. Love the paint choice too. Nice.
  6. Like everyone said, a tough kit that you did a great job on. It looks terrific in the beautiful blue you sprayed on it.
  7. Wow, really nice. In a few of the photos it looks like a real Caddy, well done.
  8. Unique. Cars we don't see on here every day. Nice collection. Well done.
  9. Great looking trio. You don't see the 60 Edsel very often at all, so well done to find one and actually build it. Nice grouping.
  10. Very, very nice, oh so clean and period perfect.
  11. Well done, it looks great.
  12. Hard to find any fault with this one, very well crafted. Impressive paint, finish and photography.
  13. Beautiful, the paint is absolutely stunning. The color combo is perfect. Extremely clean and well done.
  14. I use a carpenter's contour tool. I take multiple measurement's with it as I finalize the hand sanding, of course, having a good eye for symmetry helps.
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