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  1. Very nice and a great color choice. Looks good to me.
  2. Guys, thank you very much. I certainly appreciate that you guys understood what the replica means to me. I realized that I made a slight typo in the story, the photos were taken in 1075, not 1974. I know it doesn't matter to the post, but I wanted to get it right. The amazing woman in the first photo (can't really see her face very well) was my fiance at the time, we were married 4 months later in the following September so we are coming up on 45 years, wow, how time does fly. I really loved the Camaro until the price of gas got out of control with the odd/even gas purchasing so I had to look for a more economical form of daily transportation. I ended up with a Mustang II Mach 1 with a V6 and manual trans. Not as powerful, but enjoyable enough to drive. Today, I don't miss the Mustang, but I would kill to have the Camaro again Again, thanks.
  3. I was discharged from the US Navy Dec. 1972. Prior to that, In the spring of 1972, while home on leave, I went out searching for a car to order for when I returned to civilian life. I considered the Mustang, Barracuda/Challenger, and Camaro. I decided on the Rally Sport Camaro (I loved the wide open center grill and split bumperettes) with a 350 V8. The main twist to it was I ordered the console delete with the column shifter (better for “parking with the ladies”, back in the day) and base wheels. In the spring of 1973, which was my intention, I added Goodyear Polyglass tires, Cragar SS Chrome Mags, fog lights, and the front and rear spoilers. At the time of the vehicle ordering, they only offered the “low” rear spoiler, and I wanted the “High” spoiler which was available later. I really loved the car as it was at that point. A few months later, one Sunday morning around 3 am, while parked on the street outside my parent’s house, a drunk driver coming home side swiped my car on the left rear quarter panel. Not seriously and, thank God, did not affect the wheel and tire. While at the body shop I got the idea to have them put a stripe on the car. Something that would make it stand out from all of the other Camaro’s that seemed to be everywhere. The fact that mine was dark metallic brown made it a bit unique but I wanted a little more. I considered the standard hood and trunk panels like the ones on the Z28, but they were so ubiquitous. Obviously, in the end, I went with the side panels, rear taillight panel, and over the top of the spoiler in a color that matched the light neutral beige interior. I have enclosed 2 photos of the actual car, back in the day. This was Memorial Day weekend 1974 up in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The drawing is a Pen and Ink I did of the car sometime in 1974. The Replica I started with the AMT 70 ½ Camaro Z28 mainly because it has the stock hood and small block V8 as opposed to the Baldwin Motion version. I opened the doors and hinged them. I replaced the front bucket seats with the “High back” seats as the 1973 model had. The steering wheel was changed to the four spoke version as the 1973 had. Like the actual car, I added the 3 axillary gauges under the center of the dash that I installed. I used the AMT polyglass tires and a set of Cragar SS mags. I added the twin yellow fog lights in the grill just like the ones I installed in the grill opening of the actual car and the 3 badges I had installed in the grill. The paint is Testers one coat lacquer Root Beer for the main color and the stripe panels are Dupli-Color Santa Fe Tan. All covered with multiple top coats of clear.
  4. Nice, the color suits it perfectly. Not over the top, just enough "custom" to make the point. Sharp.
  5. Love it, much better than the original Foose design. Very sharp, the paint looks perfect. excellent.
  6. Wow, very different and well done.. The paint looks great. I don't see the tail end of her, what does the backend look like? Also, this would sure be difficult to get into, one would have to drop in from above I guess. Very smooth custom, I love the cross pollination of the old body and new top and rear engine. Well done.
  7. Looks great, love the paint.
  8. Wow, very nice. Not a car we see customized much. Usually a mean street machine, but the paint panels and chop looks great. Nicely done.
  9. Very impressive. A look into the future of the hobby.
  10. Great job, looks perfect.
  11. Very well done, the paint looks perfect, love the interior detail. Great job, the 63' was a terrific looking car. My favorite 60's Fords are, 60, 63 and 67.
  12. Very nice, love the stance with the forward rake. Very well done, love the 8 carbs, they look great.
  13. Simply, a great save. Looks period perfect now.
  14. Looks good to me, nice job. The color looks great.
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