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  1. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic 1924 Fiat Mefistofele   

    Wow, pretty slick craftsmanship.... I love those old "Internals Exposed" engines..... really well done.
  2. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic 1968 Plymouth Road Runner   

    Jim.... really well done.... the color is just so period correct for that car.... love it.
  3. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Satin Slipper   

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words, and yes, the headlights do look a little long on the bottom......... I could have built up the bottom of the overhang a bit more..... my bad. Next time I will get it right.
  4. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Satin Slipper   

    Harry, I will see if I can get that sorted out for you.... Pete
  5. Peter Lombardo added a topic in Under Glass   

    Satin Slipper

    1949 to 1951 Fords are commonly referred to as “Shoebox” Fords mainly because of the flat slap sided look of the vehicles.  I refer to this custom as “Satin Slipper” for obvious reasons.  This vehicle began life as an AMT 1950 Ford Convertible “Nostalgia Edition” kit before I made major revisions to it.
    I had a roof which I removed from a Tamiya Lexus SC430 race car hanging around and I thought it could look pretty good on the Ford body….. which it did, but with one major issue.  The roof was too short to look appropriate on the standard length car, but it would fit fine if the body was shortened.  So I cut 14 scale inches out of the side just behind the doors and before the rear wheel well.  Now the roof fit fine, but the body seemed a bit too tall for my liking.  So I sectioned a scale 4 inches out from the side of the car to bring the proportions more in line with what I thought was right for a custom like this.  You can see the two pieces of the body I cut out, and on the scale ruler, you can see the sizing issues.
    Next, I flared the wheel wells with a mild ridge, front and back, so to give the side a bit of a sculpture, which is in contradiction to the style of the “Shoebox” Ford.  The body was shaved of all moldings and ornamentations.  I grinded back the tops of the headlights and built up the bottoms and added rounded sloping headlights from the new Mini Copper.  On the trunk, the license plate area was recessed in to the vertical wall.
    The doors and trunk were opened and hinged and the hinges on the hood were relocated and rebuilt. Inside the trunk there is a parts box spare tire cover, battery and tools from the old AMT ’49 Mercury kit.  For the taillights, I omitted the chrome bezel because they appeared too chunky….. It looks more streamlined without them…..I think.
    In the interior, the inside door panels were lifted from a 1962 Thunderbird.  The area behind the seats, which came from my parts box, has a new panel built in with 6 speakers with the amps being built-in behind that (if it were a real car).   The windows are made from acetate.
    The engine is an old parts box Chevy small block 283 with 6 deuces and trumpets.  Wheels and tires also were resurrected from the parts box and the car was dropped down as low as possible.  The windshield wipers are photo-etched items I had made from my design when I had the Timbs’ Special photo-etched items produced a few years ago in Scotland.
    Finally, the body was sprayed flat black to give the vehicle a satin sheen, hence the name, Satin Slipper.      
    see the google album below
    satin slipper
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  6. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic 2017 Ford GT, 1/25   

    Those are a couple of great looking Ford GT's...... I also found that for a "Snap Kit", with a like care, they can give great resultsThe first one here, obviously is a Gulf livery "Gentleman's Racer with just a wing added, the second one is in the style of the actual Ford GT Le Mans race car with imaginary Martini colors and a different style rear wing and large front lip and rear defuser.
  7. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Custom coupe   

    Wow, that is different......nice job, very unique, it is a throwback to the 60's.!
  8. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Tyrrell 002 - Cevert's '72 German GP ride   

    Looks great Curt.......I have that kit to build and I finished the 001 version.  These Ebbro's can be a bit finicky, but build up very well. Very clean.
  9. Peter Lombardo added a topic in Under Glass   

    Nissan CIMA Coupe
    Just completed ( so new, the glue on the left front turn signal lens is still not dry and no license plates on it yet ) Nissan CIMA 4 DR / Infiniti Q45 4DR with a Ferrari roof grafted on.  Doors opened, hood opened, Ferrari V12 under the hood.  Photo etched hood louvers installed.  Painted Bahama Blue Metallic on top, with Black on the bottom. Then topped with clear blue with gold metalflake mixed in. Then that was topped with clear with a little gold flake mixed in and then all topped with clear.....rubbed out with wax and a gold vinyl pin strip added at the color break line.

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  10. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Post you flame paint jobs!   

    Here are a few of my flame jobs.

    And last, the anti-flame.......bubbles.

  11. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Nissan Cima / Infiniti Q45 Y33 coupe UPDATED 7 5 2015   

    After thinking about whether to open the hood on this or not for about 3 seconds, I realized that if I took the time and effort to open the doors, it would be incomplete to not open the hood......so last night after we got home from a beautiful fireworks display, I set about opening the hood.

    If was actually a difficult task. One, the plastic used in the Nissan Cima is rather tough and brittle. The styrene used by Revell on the Ferrari ( the roof ) is much softer and easier to work with. So because of the toughness of the styrene, cutting out the hood was a slow and arduous task, especially at 11 pm after a tall Bourbon and soda. And because I wanted to leave some of the hood on the car just in front of the windshield, creating the curved line where the back of the hood ends was very tedious.

    I had to build up under the cowling an "under support" shelf for the top of the future firewall and to make a seamless lower edge for the windshield to butt up against. The radius of the Nissan rear hood did not match up with the radius of the Ferrari windshield so the outer edges need to be we-worked. You can see all of the putty necessary to fill in the side rear edges. Also the lip on the rear edge needs to be cut and sanded down to the height of the hood.

    To complicate this a little more, I changed the side edge and opening of the hood. On the Nissan, the hood open line is out near the edge of the front fenders, but on this model, I wanted to mimic the size opening that the Ferrari has, so I cut the hood open along the strong hood contour lines, very similar to the hood on the Ferrari. I may, or may not have the grille open with the hood......just not sure how this will work and where the hinges are going.....If the hood opens to the forward, then the grille is on the body, if the hood opens to the rear, then the grille can be attached to the hood.

    You can see the doors are taped in place, and still need a fair amount of shimming to get all the seams to line up correctly......note the huge gap below the A pillar and the front top of the door here, that needs to be corrected, as do most sides, but not to difficult to do.

    Once the putty dries, I can sand everything smooth and get the hood and doors hinged and set about dropping the engine in place.
  12. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Nissan Cima / Infiniti Q45 Y33 coupe UPDATED 7 5 2015   

    I made some headway on the Cima. I opened the doors, which was rather difficult because of the joint where the top connected to the body, plus, the car was a four door and I had to redesign the cut for a large door two door coupe. And to compound the issue, I added the kit supplied lower body cladding which also was designed for a four door sedan so the cladding needed to be cut and reshaped for a two door coupe.

    You can see the front and rear cladding here along with the side cladding. There is a rather sharp line where the cladding meets the body, which really doesn't bother me, but I did not care for the way the cladding is lower than the top of the wheel opening. I thought that looked odd, so I have added wheel arch extenders and filled the space above the extender with putty. I cut out the excess extender and sanded down the putty so there is a nice flair to the top of the wheel well that sticks out as far as the cladding. I think this gives the car a more uniform boldness.

    Obviously, the sanding is not complete yet on the wheel wells, but it is getting close.

    I have to sand out the doors yet and redo the hinges as I used a different style on this and I am not happy with it. I still haven't decided whether I will open the hood or not....but there is time before I have to make the decision on that.
  13. Peter Lombardo added a post in a topic Nissan Cima / Infiniti Q45 Y33 coupe UPDATED 7 5 2015   

    Okay, you asked for them........this started as a G35 stock.......I did major rework on the nose, hood, wheel wells and rear end. The decals are Studio 27 designed for a 350Z race car, so I did some modification to them also.

    I was able to use some panels from a Tamiya Lexus GT3 car......but this was a major redesign to the stock G35.

    Another "What if" car.
  14. Peter Lombardo added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Nissan Cima / Infiniti Q45 Y33 coupe UPDATED 7 5 2015
    As a young teenager, 1961 thru 1967, I was always blown away by the "big" coupes of the day.......the big Pontiac's, Chevy"s, Ford's, Chrysler, Dodge.....etc..... I just loved the long sweeping lines of the bodies and the sleek two door roofs. Today, with the exception of some BMW's, Mercedes and Audi models, you just don't see "big" coupes any more.

    A number of years ago I dropped a Ferrari 612 roof onto the Chrysler 300, making, if you will, a poor mans Bentley Continental coupe looking car......I loved the look of that car and thought Chrysler could have done well actually building a 2 door coupe based on that look.......but not to be......anyway,

    Many months ago, HLJ was running a sale on some stale inventory and I picked up a Aoshima curbside model of the Nissan Cima ( in Japan) and one time Infiniti Q45 in the US, Y33. This is a customized, of sorts, kit of the Super VIP car ( custom wheels, lower body cladding rear spoiler, along with a few additional touches.) The other day I came across the kit stashed away in my closet and pulled it out. Looking at it, I thought maybe I could do a mindless, simple build of the car since lately, my head is more wrapped up with the new business........but the thought of a simple build just didn't appeal to me.

    Then I remembered that while cleaning up my modeling room a bit the other day, I stumbled across a complete untouched body of the Revell 612 Scaglietti in an old parts box. I have a sealed untouched kit of that car which I always intended to build straight up as the 612 ( I saw one a few years ago in dark metallic blue as it slipped past me on the highway, which looked great, so that is how I wanted to do the model) but the spare body was unaccounted for, so I was free to do as I wished with it. The same light that went on in my head many years ago with the Chrysler 300, lite up again.............why not take the larger Infiniti Q45 model, cut off the 4 door roof and replace it with the Ferrari sleek 2 door roof? I can modify the lower body cladding into a 2 door version, drop the car down a bit and give it a nice two tone finish. Why not, indeed.

    So, here are the two cars prior to the surgery

    The Infiniti without the body cladding and custom bumpers

    And the Ferrari body unmolested. And below is the roof of the Ferrari cut out

    Here the roof is being test fit onto the Infiniti body.

    I used some styrene strips and Tamiya two part putty ( the light green stuff) to fill the gaps and permanently attach the top to the body. The Studebaker in the background is a Jimmy Flintstone resin salt flat car that I picked up at an NNL east a number of years ago.....I am scratch making the hood, and then the chassis and interior for it for a build down the road a bit.

    After a little rough sanding, here is the car with its new top. The red line is where the new door will end.

    front side view

    And lastly, here is the old 4 door roof over the top of the new 2 door roof, just for comparison.

    Since the Infiniti is a curbside kit, I think the spare Ferrari V12 engine, just might find its way under the hood of this car.....if it fits, why not?

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