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  1. Superb. Just beautiful and period perfect. Love it.
  2. Pretty cool, I like the blending of the different vehicle parts. The green is intense too. All and all, very nice.
  3. My two most recent completions. A 1991 Pontiac Firebird Formula that I picked up for $5.00 and a 2001 Corvette Z06 that has been on the shelf for a long time. The Firebird got wheel well flares and a front air dam and the hood bulge was raised. Doors were opened and hinged as was the rear hatch. Wheels are Aoshima 20-inch RTM. Interior is Tamiya Dull Red, exterior is Krylon Color Maxx Gloss Classic Gray topped with clear mixed with pearl micro flakes. The flams are a hybrid of airbrushed and brush painted Tamiya white, yellow, orange with some red highlights and some dark charcoal smoke. All topped with clear The Corvette is very similar with the same kind of body mods and opening doors and trunk. Interior is black and white Tamiya paints. The exterior is Krylon Color Maxx Satin Jade topped with clear mixed with Micro Blue and Green Micro Perl flakes. The flames are also a hybrid airbrush and brush with Tamiya White, custom mixed light blue, and light pinkish purple with highlights of Violet India ink and then charcoal smoke, topped with clear. Wheels are from a Corvette and the side pipe is aluminum tubing bent to fit. The rear wing and supports are scratch built
  4. Gotta' love it. just beautiful. The orange pearl complements the design perfectly.
  5. Not really, Roger. I thought that too at first, but looking at the model from the same angle, the headlight edge is still visible. It is a minor point, but once again, Chip took a little artistic license here. It is not a criticism just reality. It seems a little strange to me that the price I paid and the comment about Chip drive the responses. I guess if I show any other builds here, I will omit the thought process since that seems to be lost here.
  6. Foose Dodge Coronet I think most of us, if not all of us here, respect Chip Foose’s talent for design. Obviously Revell sees Chip’s name as a huge draw that will help them sell product. He puts his name and a rendering on the box, and here-to-fore old castings get a new life. Such is the case with the 1967 Dodge Coronet. Foose adds a set of wheels and a custom stripe on his rendering and Revell expects his name to carry enough weight to move them off the shelf as a unique version of the same old kit. Note the clearance price sticker. My son stumbled across this kit and picked it up for me because he thought the price was right, and yeah, at $5.00 the price is just about perfect. Notice the box top rendering. Foose usually takes a bit of “artistic license” with his rendering, and this kit is no exception to that rule. If you look carefully, you see that the image as depicted, just looks sharper, and more aggressive. The roof looks a bit chopped, the front windshield looks a bit more raked back. The upper hump on the rear fender looks a bit more heightened and curved. The stance is lower which makes it look sleeker and if you look closely, the quarter window wings by the A pillar and the rear windows at the rear are so vague they almost are not even there. If you look carefully at the rendering you’ll see that accidentally, I am certain, Chip omitted the second headlight on the driver’s side of the front grill. With those subtle modifications in mind, I built the kit with a few additional minor changes. I made a minor chop to the top of a couple of scale inches and laid back the windshield as Chips rendering does. I omitted the A pillar vents and lowered the car down as low as realistic. I added a rear deck spoiler that I fabricated and added a bit of curved height to the tops of the rear fenders as the image suggests, then I opened and hinged the doors. I thought about the turquoise color scheme but rather opted to go with Tamiya light blue metallic topped with blue translucent pearl then clear coated. That’s it, nothing too major, and with a discount from 29.99 to $5.00, I had nothing to lose.
  7. Happy Birthday Peter. Enjoy your special day. Best wishes.

    1. Peter Lombardo

      Peter Lombardo

      Thanks, much appreciated.

  8. Looks pretty darn good to me. It is a shame the striping paint blead a bit. but short of that, it looks real nice. I have built a number of the Fujimi kits as well as a number of the Revell kits. My only hang-up with the Fujimi kit is the wheel height. I lowered the ride height on my builds and it looks better to me. Well done.
  9. Very well done, not your usual cup of tea, certainly different. I love the creativity and taking up the challenge of doing something different. Box stock is simple, but throwing away the instruction sheet and breaking new ground is infinitely more gratifying. Nice job.
  10. Great execution on a unique design. Very cool.
  11. I have a number of favorite builds. Here in no particular order.This car has a remote control sunroof that opens and closesThe rear section of this one opens and closed by remote control
  12. Chevrolet was getting great reviews in the early 50s when they showcased the new Corvette. Looking to build on the great press, and kind of, spread the excitement around other GM brands, the Corvette chassis was "loaned out" to the other design studios under the corporate umbrella. Buick basically took the rear three quarters of the Corvette with minor taillight changes and dropped on the front end styling from their road cars, and presto, they had a sport roadster to showcase. In the early version of the car, it has a very unique feature in that the headlights were mounted next to the windshield. On the replica versions build well after the original version, the headlights were moved to a more conventional location in front of the front wheels and next to the parking lights. Also, the hood ornament from the original car was dropped. My plan is to build the original version. Looking at the picture with the lady in yellow with the green scarf, it seems clear to me where the inspiration for the two "Dagmar" bumperettes on the front of the car came from.
  13. Beautiful paint! Super clean and crisp. I did one in metallic red, personally, the Miura is my favorite Lambo since it has the cleanest and most flowing lines. Todays Lambo's are amazing, but I find the angular lines rather "off putting" compared to the smooth lines of the Miura.
  14. Completed Testors (early Fujimi kit) Impulse. See WIP post if you are interested in the plan and early build with body modifications. Painted Rust-oleum Matte Citron. Top layered with Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigment Interference gold mixed with Tamiya gloss clear, then topped with Tamiya pearl clear with a final topping of Tamiya gloss clear. Carbon fiber hood decal material is a sheet of Scale Motorsport cut to fit. Window were sprayed with Tamiya smoke on the inside surface and black marker used for the window borders. Hood scoop is to bring in fresh air to the turbo intercooler. Interior is Tamiya Matt Black with brown inserts which were then topped with Scale Motorsport Leopard Hide decals. As the rear hatch is opened the truck cover lifts up with it. (Hard to see with it all being black). Decal markings came from various left-over Japanese race car decal sets. the net 2 builds I have begun will be: 34 Ford Coupeand 1954 Buick Wildcat roadster
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