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  1. 1965 Buick Riviera Extended Custom

    After careful inspection, something about the profile shot of the car was bothering me. If you look at the front fender profile at the front, there is a rather significant diagonal angle downward from the top to the bottom which gives the car a more aggressive look to it. But looking at the back, the rear end of the back profile, especially at the bottom, does not have a similar diagonal slope to it but more of a vertical line. I think the front and the back should have a similar line to it. So I added some polystyrene to the back edge and built it up. Then I added some putty to fill in the surrounding areaI also added twin recessed antenna openings in the rear quarter panel. Here the door is in the open position and I have ground down much of the rear section and removed the molding which I will rebuild later.Now the slope on both the front and rear fenders have the same diagonal slope and the front and rear look like they belong to the same vehicle. The rear fender still needs a little more work and I have to rebuild the trim line, but I like the continuity of the fenders.
  2. Chopped Top 1965 Riviera

    Very subtle chop.... looks very nice, I have to really look at it hard to see any evidence of the work. Love the color..... what we have come to expect from your workbench. Sharp.
  3. Princess de Rethy Ferrari 330 GTC Speciale

    Keep going, looking great.
  4. Testors 288 Ferrari GTO

    Impossible to find fault with anything you have done here. Really well done!
  5. Chevy Nova Race Car

    Very nice..... this is coming along great. I am very impressed with the roof adjustment you made turning the coupe into a post car. This will turn out great now that the hard part is over.
  6. 1986 Porsche 961, the 24 Hours of Le Mans build

    Considering the limits of the kit, nicely done. I just can't wrap my head around the 959 or the 961 Porsche models. I know exactly what they were all about, but the body just looks too "heavy" for my taste. Regardless, nicely done.
  7. 36 ford sedan, cut up a vantastic kit, 38 pickup

    Interesting color choices on the coupe.... well done. The pickup looks really sharp in yellow, very, very nice.
  8. Tamiya 1994 Opel Calibra

    Looks great.... built that also, many years ago. Sharp looking race car.
  9. 36 ford coupe, my chop

    You gotta' love it, very nice. Even the color is period correct.... very well done.
  10. 71 charger

    Very nice, the color combination works very well on this car. keep it up.
  11. Supercharged Roush 427 powered 67 GT 500

    Nice build, sharp interior and engine..... off to a great start.
  12. Revell '41 Willys Street Rod

    Very nice build, love the metallic brown. One small point that will improve the look with very little effort. See if you can add a flat black wash to the front grille. By filling in the gaps, the chrome bars will stand out better and the grille will have a better 3D look to it......... just a thought, but either way, it looks beautiful.
  13. 1970 Ford Torino GT

    Nice, I have this kit, one day I will have to build it, I will be happy if mine comes out this nice. Very well done.
  14. Up From the Ashes: The Green Phoenix '65 Riviera

    nice save, it took a lot of work, but worth the effort.
  15. 1965 Buick Riviera Extended Custom

    Thanks Bill. All too often I look at a new car model from car makers and wonder how many designers worked on it...... no continuity, no flow and no balance. I really appreciate your comments.