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  1. Winning Corvette

    Very nice... different subject that you don't see every day.
  2. Ferrari Bollo (Bubble) Up dated Dec 7th

    I have made a bit of progress with this build..... originally I was planning some sort of red for the color, unt at the last changed my mind to a gun metal with a micro gold flake high lite. . This is a far cry from done... the interior is not complete and the body is just resting on the chassis, the doors are taped into place and the lights are not complete yet. The body paint needs some work and a solid polishing once it is fully dry.
  3. Ferrari Bollo (Bubble) Up dated Dec 7th

    Sorry, I do not remember where, exactly, it came from.... we found it on line, some guy in Texas, if I remember correctly makes them.... I think , about 18 years ago we paid just under $100 for it... I would just google "Vacuum form machine" and see what comes up. Shouldn't be that hard to find one.... and thanks for the kind words on the build.
  4. Ferrari Bollo (Bubble) Up dated Dec 7th

    I was not familiar with that car, just googled it.... yeah, a little in the front, but that car, the Howmet, reminds me of the Chaparral coupe more than anything else with a little Porsche 956 front end thrown in.
  5. Obviously, the Ferrari Enzo, since introduced in 2002 is a fantastic car, even by today's standards, but to be perfectly honest, the shape of the body always left me a bit cold. It is too "truck like" for my taste. Too angled and not smooth enough. Remember the 330 P4 from the mid sixties? It always got my attention. So rounded and sensual. Sexy by anyone's standards. Well, a few years ago I got, for free, a Revell Enzo kit. I have the Tamiya kit, which one day I will build, along with the LaFerrari and FXXK. But the Revell kit was expendable, so is offering up its engine, chassis and the interior tub for a car of my design. My inspiration for the design of this car is the a fore mentioned 330 P4. I did a quick side elevation rendering of the Enzo and the P4, and then my design, borrowing much from the P4, but adding a bubble top to the design. The chassis of the Enzo is used without any modification to the engine mount, placement of the interior and the wheelbase. I was thinking about how, back in the day, Ferrari would build a chassis and have a custom coach builder craft a "one off" custom designed body. That is basically my thinking here. I sketched out the basic design and then carved the shape out of sign foam. I then vacuum formed the body and the clear bubble top. Here is the side elevation of the 2002 Enzo, followed by a quick side elevation of the 330 P4 and then the Bollo that I designed so I think you can follow the progression of the design. The 330 P4 And then the Bollo design. Here is a 3/4 front view I worked up The plan is to have the back part of the bubble tilt up and the front section to tilt up and forward, then the doors slide into the body and under the seats to allow easy entry into the cockpit. Here is the mold buck for the vacuum formed body Here are the buck and the "raw" formed body Here is the buck, body and clear body that will provide the bubble top (and my big toe), once tinted darker. Here is a side shot of the clear body and the molded body the molded body Here is a very early under construction shot On this you can see I was experimenting with a few different designs for air scopes and exits. This shot gives you a better idea of how it will look as it gets closer to the finish The headlights will have multiple LED lights running from the top of the fender forward and the amber turn signals are the on the bottom from left to right Rear shot without spoiler And finally, a shot looking down on it..... there is a ton of work to be done to this, the rear spoiler and lower extended body panels are not added yet.so it will be in the "shop" for some time, but I wanted to get this on the forum so I will be forced to finish it.
  6. 1978 Dodge Monaco Brougham 1/25

    Wow... insane!!!! Great conversion of a car that I have never seen modeled before. Too many great details to call out, so we'll just leave it at, "perfect" all around. Not a car subject that I would ever consider, but you got one very unique build there.Superb! erstaunlich!
  7. Audi A4 DTM

    Pat, nice build... I did a different version of this car, it was a fairly challenging build with all of the "crazy" front winglets and "ladder" fins around the rear wheels and you got everything straight and proper..... the one I did is white, but the black livery looks so much more menacing and aggressive and you have a nice clean shiny finish on it.. Very well done. I really like the DTM race cars and series. Better, in my mind then F1 and Nascar.
  8. Mustang GT - Stellar Blue

    I just don't get it..... you did a great job on turning a basic snap kit into a convincing replica.... I did one also and it turned out very well also.... so it begs the question, why has Revell not given us a "full detail" kit of this car? They gave us countless detail versions of the two previous model body types but only a snap kit of what I think is the best looking Mustang, maybe, ever? I would love to see a GT500/Gt350 version, even an eco/boost 4 cyl. version would be a very interesting car to build. I have driven one with a manual trans and it was a blast..... so where is the detail versions in kit form of these cars? Anyway, your build is beautiful... the headlights look great too. Nice job.... I am going to have to get another snap kit of it... I was holding out for a detail version, but I think the time for one has past.
  9. Revell 1969 Camaro SS/RS

    Very well done.... the paint, wheels and roof are all "period-perfect" also the engine bay is superb... very clean.... nicely done on all accounts.
  10. 1970 Torino GT

    Yeah, I really like it... paint, as everyone has said, looks great.... the green is a perfect color for this car... either green or teal works best in my mind. The open grill is also a very nice touch... you are right, relatively easy to do and worth the effort. The lower stance also makes a huge difference. nice work!
  11. 1969 Plymouth Satellite

    Very nice built, and it is not your basic built, I love the variation from the standard with the "mod" vinyl top and interior.... I remember those cars well... not big with the "guys" but they sure were popular with the ladies. Really well done.
  12. 1967 Cougar - Modelhaus

    Oh yeah, it is a beautiful built... always liked that car, it was, to my eye, the perfect size and elegantly bridged the gap between sporty and personal luxury . Great color too!
  13. Winning Ford GT's

    Great to see the other GT40's you guys have posted....I always loved the roadster version of the car and the "Sebring" winner prototype just looks great. Anyone with any GT40's, lets see them. Rex, very nice work there.... the white car looks like the early version of the GT... is that the Revell kit? I have that kit but have not decided if I should give it a go because it is so "wonky" Your version looks pretty good, I may have to rethink starting it. Great job on the 1969 winner too!
  14. 1962 Corvette

    Looks great, I really like the interior.... colors work so well together. Very nice.
  15. '50 Olds

    super clean and period perfect. Very well done mild custom. Spotless.