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  1. Very nice, that is such a great kit to build. Interesting photos, "Black on Black" Looks great
  2. super clean, very nice build.
  3. Very nice, love the bright yellow on it.
  4. Looks great....... not an easy build, but worth the effort......... very well done........ I have the kit, yet to begin it, but the other Ebbro kits I have done confirm the difficulty in fitment. Love these black and gold Lotus's.
  5. Intereting headlights..... question, isn't P.R. a lefthand drive island? Diffeent and nicely done.
  6. Great paint on both and beautifully finished.
  7. Looks great.... nice job. Love that car.
  8. Beautiful build, highly detailed and perfectly finished..... never cared much for the front-end treatment on this version, I know why they did it, but still, it is too bland for me, but having said that, you did a great job on it.
  9. Super clean and well done. The color is understated and fits it perfectly. Nice.
  10. Nice build of a rare race car. cool.
  11. Great looking paint............. built that car many, many years ago, and yes, I still recall that the masking for the paint was tedious.
  12. Superb builds, they look to be flawless and complement each other perfectly. Nicely done.
  13. David, it is rather easy to explain. The roof is a vacuum-formed roof that I made using a "buck" I formed out of sign foam. I used a version of this roof on the '62 Buick Electra 225 And on the 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix And on the 1965 Riviera that isn't quite finished yetNow on the 1962 Pontiac CatalinaAnd now on my 1962 Chevy Impala.On the Electra 225, I was able to lay back the "A" pillar to accommodate the new lower roof..... same on the Grand Prix and the Riv because on these two cars the "A" pillars were straight upright , But on the Catalina and the Impala, the "A" pillars are curved and did not suit the new roof design, so I had to fabricate he pillars out of 3 pieces of plastic stock one flat, one larger half round and one smaller half round for the trim with a metal rod on the inside to get it the support necessary. Does that explain it better? I varied the side window shape and the rear window treatment to make it look like slightly different roofs.
  14. Really, really well done...... I love the cab details. Just add a few more vehicles and it is ready to arrive at the dealership.
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