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  1. mustangman03gt added a post in a topic Aftermarket 99-04 Mustangs?   

    I do actually have a few in die-cast (as well as a Saleen S7, which I've only ever seen in 1/32 for plastic kit form - shame, as it's my favorite car), and I have seen that hood on ebay (I'm about to buy one... ).
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    Aftermarket 99-04 Mustangs?
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and figured I'd start out by asking a question. As you could tell by my username, I'm something of a Ford Mustang guy. I've owned two so far in my life, a 2000 V6 Convertible in Lazer Red with a white convertible top, and my current ride that I've had for almost exactly 10 years, a 2003 GT Premium, black and black, which I've converted to a mashup of a Mach 1 and Steeda (Mach 1 front bumper, essentially ,with Steeda hood and spoiler, and aftermarket quarter panel window scoops, and 99/01 Cobra rims).

    I was going through my collection of Mustang kits the other day. While it's not an extensive or comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination, it does have a fair amount of examples of kits. However, one thing I noticed, and then confirmed after a bit of internet research, is that there is all of ONE Mustang from the 99-04 body style. That is a 99 Cobra. There are no GTs, no 2003-04 Cobras or Machs, no 2001 Bullitt, no convertibles. There are a LOT of examples of different variations from all of the other years of Mustangs (even including a 98 Saleen and 97 Super Stallion, of all things). So, I'm wanting to know if there are any aftermarket resin kits of them? I'm fairly new to model car building, especially when it comes to aftermarket stuff, so I figured I'd ask for suggestions where to look.
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