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  1. 1972 Pontiac Ventura

    This is cool to see. I have had two Venturas. I can't wait to see more.
  2. 34 Rolls Royce Rat Rod - Italeri - 1/24

    Very cool! I never liked the looks of rat rods when I was younger but they have grown on me. Great work. Jerry
  3. 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

    Great subject to build. It is nice to see and such a great job too! Jerry
  4. 79 Camaro - Revell - 1/25

    Nice! Great color. Jerry
  5. 70 Mustang Boss - 1/24 - Monogram

    Very nice! Love the color. Your other builds are nice too. Jerry
  6. The winner! 1979 Chevette Out of Box!

    Lol! I will be very careful when renting Avis, one scare is enough!
  7. The winner! 1979 Chevette Out of Box!

    I had a 79 scooter when I was a senior in high school in 87. It was an automatic and did have carpet. It was a black interior with body color steel in most places it wasn't cardboard and plastic. It did have silver painted bumpers, as well as an AM radio and no globe box door. I found a set of for lug Cragars I put on it to be funny. It was a great car...and gas station stops were to check the gas and fill the oil. It leaked oil from everywhere something fierce. The no door glove box almost got me in trouble. I had a bag of plaster of Paris for an ecology assignment and was pulled over for a cracked windscreen. He saw that bag and almost had a cow. Ohio staties have been very good with me and once he found out we had a good laugh about it. I was one scared seventeen year old though! Jerry
  8. 64 Ford Galaxy (new pics 10/30/13)

    Very nice! The engine looks very real. The whole thing looks great so far. Jerry
  9. Monte Carlo SS

    Not my style of car but it definitely caught my eye. Very nice work! Jerry
  10. Mazda Rx 7 Group B

    Very nice Vitan! The RX7 has always been one of my favorites. Jerry
  11. 48 ford coupe update 04/12/2012

    Very nice Stu. Excellent color choice. Jerry
  12. 77 Mustang Cobra II from Charlie's Angels

    Awesome Mustang II! You just don't see these very often. For a moment I thought you had posted pictures of a real driver. Great job. Jerry
  13. Opel GT

    Excellent build Lee! Very nice. Jerry
  14. Very nice! Great job. Way more fun than the basket weaving the shrinks would have you doing! . Keep up the good work. Jerry
  15. Mustang II

    Very nice mj! It looks nice in red. Horsepower, I would loved to have seen the full size builds of both the II and the Pinto. I have seen a few of the v8 Mustangs here, both stock and built...but I have only seen one built Pinto. I saw it driving and so didn't get to actually check it out. I bet both of them were a blast to drive too. You rarely see them with the built up 6 so I bet that was cool too. Jerry