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  1. I just wanted to update everyone on here that I have to take a break and im not stopping these builds(gmc & nissan)..my best friend of 23 years passed away and I just dont have the motivation to do this right now..its hard enough getting through work right now,but when the feeling of loss passes i'll be back in full swing...he was a car guy so I lit the tires bald for my boy
  2. yes it is and I looked into those resin blocks,but im just gonna add turbos to the v6 now,but thanks for the info
  3. lol..almost forgot..I bought a nissan 1/10 s13 r/c drift car,so it will get some attention too
  4. probly gonna leave it in its sanded base coat for while and back to the gmc
  5. yea the d21 is massive compared to the syclone...glad I listened and bought all those jada wheels..lol
  6. those wheels were solid chrome,but I took a sharpie to them..Ive ordered more rims,but ive chosen the black n chrome also..I also found a sonic blue I liked too
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