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  1. Thanks Brian, in fact it's the basical structure of the blue styreen plate itself... I only put 2 layers of acrylic paint on it mixed with a little bit very fine sand.
  2. Thanks Rob, nice abandoned building. impressive...
  3. Hello, a few weeks ago I finished this diorama. With this I won a first prize during a contest here in Holland It represents a flour factory from Hayden with in front an el camino 1968 from AMT I hope you enjoy it... Greet Eric van Wanrooij
  4. Hello, Today I finished my El Camino SS '68. I'm intending to make a small diorama for it. Hope you like it. Grtz Eric
  5. Hello all, I want you to show my most recent diorama i made for a client who ownes this car. The fence and waste container are also an exact copy of the real thing.. Everything built on a A4 sized plate. Little wheatering on the car. I used a resin body of a '73 charger with a '71 Charger AMT donorkit to finish the built. I hope you like it. Eric fb: https://www.facebook.com/tukkerkustoms/
  6. Today i finished my diorama for my latest build, a Ford 32 Tudor. This is an excisting footwash place at the bonneville salt flats UTAH. Hope you like it... Eric inspiration
  7. Tukkerdax

    57 Ford

    very nice build. !!
  8. Today i finished my '32 FORD Tudor " bonneville " I made a simple decor of the salt flats. I put some salt on the body, in fact crushed glass.. hope you like it.. My facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/Tukker-Kustoms-1507874509448247/?ref=hl
  9. You did a great job on this one. Like it a lot. !!
  10. Hello Mark, Thank you for your comment, i appreciate a lot. It's an amazing car. I've seen the car in the Hotrod Magazine before i built this one If you want to see more....you can look at my facebookpage; https://www.facebook.com/Tukker-Kustoms-1507874509448247/?ref=hl gr Eric
  11. Hello Ken, It's a detail of a diorama i made last year... put some pictures. more on my facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/Tukker-Kustoms-1507874509448247/?ref=hl
  12. Finished my studebaker this week, made a topshop, lowered the frame, opened the grill, made wheelskirts and custom hood. and a rattlecan logo "TK" . Hope you enjoy... inspiration : kit:
  13. Thank you all. Answering some questions: The sign is completely scratchbuild. I only used a blueprint 1:25 from the sign. I ordered somewhere from the internet. some pictures:
  14. Hello all, I want to show you my latest diorama with a cadillac eldorado 59, which build i posted earlier in the car topic. Hope you enjoy....
  15. Nice work Yuri, I recently also made this Ford, only i did not find the chrome 'FALCON" letters into the kit for the backside !? was it the same kit like below? Just wondering..
  16. Insane, very nice. Looking better than my own cobra.....
  17. thnx all , now i'm busy to make a little diorama for it. It will be posted in section dioramas in a few weeks.
  18. Thanx Harry, i'm a big fan of dr. Crancky. I've a signed book of him with some of my models in it....
  19. Thnx Dave, The side trim only exist at the 62 series cadillac. This is eldorado type. The patina i made with mainly the salt method...
  20. Today i finished my 59 eldorado in patina look. This is a 1:25 model from revell. The plan is to make an additional diorama for it, with the big "welcome to las vegas " sign along a road. Hope you like it.
  21. Hello, I want to show my latest diorama i made for a friend who owns a Ford Falcon 64. The colors are similar like the workshop where the Falcon was build up. I hope you enjoy.
  22. It's indeed the hairspray and salt method. grtz
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