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  1. Sounds to me like you need to check your hardware, Harry. His voice is coming through loud and clear on my end; heard every word he said. If you're listening through cheap headphones/earbuds/computer speakers, that might be the problem. He's got a fairly deep voice that might not come out so well through equipment with limited bass response.
  2. This looks fantastic! I greatly look forward to seeing it completed. If I may put in my own 2 cents, my only suggestion would be to scavenge a set of headlights from the Revell kit if you can get your hands on one cheap.
  3. I agree that what you did combines the best of both styles. Converting to a '98 front end was a very popular modification, so your model is in no way an inaccurate representation. A lot of people who owned '98s also went the other way and installed the '94 style tail lights. My first car was a '98 RS in Cypress Green and boy I loved driving it! I just recently got an '07 Civic simply because I couldn't pass up the deal, but I will soon be giving the Integra to my sister just so I know it will still be in good hands. I can't help you with the LaFerrari, but my first suggestion would be to see if there is a copyright date molded or printed somewhere on the chassis or on another large piece.
  4. Any particular reason you're calling this a '94? This Revell model is of the '98-'01 front end style, though I noticed you painted the rear turn signals amber as they were from '94-'97. I suppose it could be a '94 with a '98 front end conversion?
  5. The mold line on the fuel pump is accurate. Here's a link to a picture of a real one, if that's allowed. http://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/331443800283-0-1/s-l1000.jpg
  6. The gold color on the carbs is a mix of Testors 1144 Gold and 1146 Silver. The transmission and intake are either 1180 Flat Steel or 1181 Aluminum, all Testors enamel.
  7. Thank you very much. I see you're doing yours in the same color scheme. Well, the exterior anyway. I look forward to seeing how yours comes out as well. Maybe it'll give me a kick in the pants to start working on mine again!
  8. I think you did a fantastic job with the design and execution! I think it fits the car better as well. I get that the Rolls is the epitome of comfort and all that but honestly, in that reference photo it looks like someone just shoved their living room sofa in the back of the car, which I think looks a little ridiculous. I most definitely prefer the seat you made.
  9. You said early on that you were planning to make a kit. Do you have any idea at this point how much you might end up selling them for?
  10. I appreciate your humility, as I think there is not nearly enough of that trait going around these days. However, I do believe that anybody who can face a mechanical problem and can conceive and execute an effective solution is an engineer. You, sir, are an engineer. Don't let your humility hide that from yourself.
  11. Why do you say that a screw with a finer thread would create a stronger bond? Wouldn't a finer thread be more liable to get stripped, especially in plastic? In my experience, fine threads are only good for machine screws, whereas coarse threads are best suited for wood, drywall, and plastic. Or does the courseness of the threads really matter anyway, since most of the work is being the done by the nuts clamping it together? I'm sorry I've never commented before, even though I've been following this thread for months. Your reengineering (hey, it's not often you see two double 'ee's in one word), scratch building, and detail work are just incredible.
  12. This looks amazing! The hood hinges say 1:25 but the rest screams 1:12!
  13. It was VERY tedious, I must admit. I was also glad I had two sets to work with, since I messed up one of them. I used an x-acto knife and 150 grit sandpaper to get the majority of the material off. I wish you good luck
  14. I didn't do anything to the tires, but I had to trim about a millimeter off the outside circumference of each rim. Left is before, right is after.
  15. I just remembered a limerick I made up a few years ago: There once was a car named Camaro Whose speed surpassed that of an arrow. Any Mustang it faced It could beat in a race By a margin that was by no means narrow.
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