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  1. Awesome, no it doesn't have to be this version. What are you looking for in trade? You can PM me.
  2. Kennyboy


  3. Desperately searching for a Revell 93 Cobra unstarted and or sealed. Have a lot to trade but not a lot of old car kits. PM if you have one and hopefully we can work it out. Thanks
  4. Absolutely Scott, wouldn't hesitate. Very happy with my trade and the communication throughout. A+ trader
  5. Nice clean build! I recently finished this exact kit myself! Used Fujimi wheels/tires, painted scripts.
  6. Thank you for the reply and acknowledgement Cameron. I admit I did not understand what was going on ( it was the "not knowing" more than anything ) I am sorry to hear that things are a little rough on your end at this time. I have made trades with you in the past and things have always gone smoothly....I eventually came around to thought something must be going on. I look forward to receiving the kit....going to build a SV edition Modena Spyder. Thanks Cameron Ken
  7. Way to downplay it. That whole story was built on complete speculation....its not totally about the kit..... Pay it forward is about honor, you claim something and in return you offer something, and in a timely manner the individual taking part does the honorable thing and actually sends what they offered. If you aren't going to be a part of the process, dont claim anything. Simple as that
  8. Wow, tomorrow will be 1 week with no communication from QuickGMC.....incidentally tomorrow is also my birthday so maybe he will finally contact me.
  9. I have traded with him in the past, he was always good on communication and up until now never had an issue. Will wait and see what happens.
  10. Thanks for the heads-up. I guess when I claim a kit/offer I make sure I see it through until the transaction is complete on both sides. Common courtesy
  11. Great. So far it appears I got shafted on the Ferrari from Quick GMC. No response from him at all after claiming it. Wonderful Sent out my offering to JC today though.
  12. This is open but just to check parts....it will also include a L88 hood.
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