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  1. Kennyboy added a post in a topic FOUND! Please delete.   

    Thank you for the response Steven and the offer as well.
    Ben is a good guy and he is local to me too so I should be good to go.
  2. Kennyboy added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Great trade with JC Reckner [afx]......would trade with him anytime! Fast shipping and quality packaging.
  3. Kennyboy added a post in a topic FOUND! Please delete.   

    Cool, thanks Ben.
  4. Kennyboy added a topic in Wanted!   

    FOUND! Please delete.
    Doing a custom 2014 Mustang for a local challenge build. Looking for a Mustang "horse" grille emblem from the 94 Cobra kit (Pace car or otherwise) or the Saleen Speedster kit as long as it is just the horse.
    Thanks for the help!

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  5. Kennyboy added a post in a topic A Source For Plastic Sheeting.   

    The other plastic sheeting that is usually free and most people just throw them away is the SMOOTH license plate blanks from when you buy a new car. The smooth ones are indeed sheet styrene that I use for a lot of my scratchbuilding and also gluing to the backside of a joint to strengthen.
  6. Kennyboy added a post in a topic Large Lot of Complete Kits   

    PM sent
  7. Kennyboy added a post in a topic 62' Vette Gasser + 63' Vette for Hardcastle Coyote - Traded, yea boyeeeee!   

    Just a little friendly advice Brian......check out JeremyJon's thread on the REBUILDING of this very very bad kit (The Coyote) before moving on. The bodies are well known to be VERY warped as well as very poorly made compared to the 1:1.
  8. Kennyboy added a post in a topic 1951 Cunningham C1 Master 1/25 scale for resin casting   

    Would be pretty easy to build that barchetta using the front end of a cobra and the back half of this resin casted Cunningham, a little nip and tuck and voila! 
  9. Kennyboy added a post in a topic 1951 Cunningham C1 Master 1/25 scale for resin casting   

    It's my pleasure Greg. Take your time and enjoy your mother's company.....the casting can wait.   Best wishes my friend
  10. Kennyboy added a post in a topic 1951 Cunningham C1 Master 1/25 scale for resin casting   

    Thank you Bill! I will be sending it to Greg with the hood closed (due to the massive amount of seams under all the body work) I figure that it should be a relatively easy task to cut open the area for the hood when the body is in resin....or it will make a nice little curbside as well. Either way, the AMT 289 Cobra kit will make this car a rolling reality. Forgot to state, the reason for not cutting open the hood is this is the first of several masters I am working on......the next is the 1954 Kaiser Darrin.
  11. Kennyboy added a post in a topic 1951 Cunningham C1 Master 1/25 scale for resin casting   

    Where I am at today on this build is REAL close to completion.

  12. Kennyboy added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1951 Cunningham C1 Master 1/25 scale for resin casting
    Hey guys, been working on this body for some time now. The reason for not posting was because in the past, I would start something up and never finish it (for some reason), I figured if I kept vigilant on the build without any interuptions I would be more apt to finishing the build. Turns out I was pretty spot-on with that assumption. Below is the the hopeful end result or a reasonable facsimile.....

    Ok, so this idea was posed to me by my friend Greg Wann......thru PM's we decided it was worth a try to produce this body. After much research and measurement, I came to the conclusion that the AMT Shelby 289 Cobra was the closest to the design. I obtained one of these at a local meet and dug close is just a relative term, it turned out that the wheelbase was different, the side body beltline-to-sidesill height was shorter, the body rear shape was wrong, front clip shape, on and on and on.....1 month in on this and the body rear quarters were swapped out for '37 Chevy rear fenders (with Bugatti front fender spare tire indents for the lower curvature on the front of the '37 Chevy rear fenders.....hard to explain much better than that.) The '37 fenders brought in that much needed outer contour to the trunk section but the '37 fenders were lacking in the lower rear pan curvature.....they just ended abrupt. Ok, so I dug thru the pile of donors and realized the contour I needed was in the rear of the Shelby Series 1 (thank you yet again Mr. Shelby!) Attached those and ended up with what you see below......rough but closer.

    I failed to state earlier in this story, that Greg had sent me a 1/32 scale Aurora Cunningham Phantom to work from. While being quite helpful, the Aurora Cunningham was not quite spot on when it came to the proportions of the body. Therefore I used it for rough dimensions to convert up the scale but body shape and contour came solely from the pictures obtained on the internet.
    Ok, so after dealing with the body shape in the rear it was time to deal with the front wheelwell placement. On the Cobra the wheelwells are so far forward they almost fall off the front of the car! Moving the wheelwells was a large undertaking, I ended up going back to the Series 1 again for the front wheelwells from it, after which I cut and sectioned the front fenders on the build and installed the new wheel arches. In the pictures below you can see the difference in size between the 1/32 Aurora Cunningham and my build (I have decided since these pictures were taken though to remove the hood was too Shelby.)

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  13. Kennyboy added a post in a topic Indy Pace Car decals   

    Yep Craig, I have the 1/25 scale Stealth kit but the decals are too small for the 1/20 scale Lindberg Stealth. I want to build the lindberg kit as the car above but need the decals to be in the correct scale for this. Got the paint, got the detail stuff down, just need the decals.
  14. Kennyboy added a post in a topic 71 Cuda Resin Hood   

    PM sent
  15. Kennyboy added a post in a topic Indy Pace Car decals   

    I would REALLY love to have a set of Indy pace car decals for the 1/20 scale Dodge Stealth.