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  1. Fujimi Enthusiast Series Lamborghini Countach

    On the flares Bob, line them up where they look the best and if you don't already have some....get some flex-I-file with the glass tube for precise metering of the liquid solvent. Stuff works amazing for joining body panels and flares. BTW, you should see this exact kit in 1/16 scale. I have the 25th anniversary Countach Enthuisiast in 1/16 scale. Great luck to you on your build here, I will be watching.
  2. I am wanting to build a model of the WRX wagon that I once owned. To do this, I would need the Hasegawa Impreza wagon kit, and the Revell WRX STI kit. I have plenty of JDM model kits to trade. I realize that finding the Impreza wagon kit will be difficult but hey I'll give it a shot on here. Thanks! Ken
  3. Fuhimi Koenig 911 twin turbo

    Lee, Looks great! Love this kit and you did it justice. I have two of these kits on the shelf....I agree with Aurf about the front end, I am going to cut off and match in the slantnose front end to this to give it a more Gemballa feel.
  4. Need a Corvette Indy Concept kit

  5. Need a Corvette Indy Concept kit

    Looking for a Corvette Indy kit (or a built model would be fine too) by Revell. I have seen these many times in the past at swapmeets for little to no money, but I do not get to the swapmeets that often anymore. Hopefully one of you has this sitting on a shelf and would be willing to trade it for something. Let me know what you would like to do....this is the kit below....so you know, I basically need just the body parts to cut it up for a bigger concept vehicle.
  6. Pay It Forward

    It is yours Jesse. Send me your info and I will get it out and on it's way asap.
  7. Pay It Forward

    Happy belated Birthday David! Ok, it is on me.......I will offer up this kit, it is only missing the sidepipes (got it that way) somebody pulled the pipes from the chrome tree but everything else is sealed. Any self-respecting motorhead would probably build it with straight headers anyway.
  8. Pay It Forward

    I will take the Jeep Carl....... will put up some stuff later after work.
  9. Pay It Forward

    Ok, got it thanks.
  10. Pay It Forward

    Dave Branson, I will take the Bre 240. Will put up some kits after work.
  11. "Bad Boys" Updated 7/5

    No problem Jason, I agree....great looking car
  12. "Bad Boys" Updated 7/5

    The Centerline wheels you are looking for were real common in the 1980's kits. 70's Z28, Trans Am, etc. You could throw it out there in "Wanted" section.....somebody here probably has a set or two.
  13. "Bad Boys" Updated 7/5

    Love the movie....love what you are doing here. One thing, the movie car Cobra had Centerline type wheels on it, you can see it in the screenshot above. Only brought that up because of your attention to the other details.
  14. Some Fast & Furious Supra modding (Help Please)

    First of all Rob, I have built the orange kit in the past.....you have to paint pretty much everything on it to create a real nice car. If you do not have the paint to do this then the gold car will be quit a pain to produce....you would definitely have to scratch build the spoiler and the wheels would be from Aoshima. (ebay)
  15. Pay It Forward

    Thank you Tom. I will box it up and get it ready to send out tomorrow after work. Sorry I did not see this until now (before bed.)