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  1. Just completed a great trade with 440 Dakota. Will gladly trade with him again. Great guy to deal with!
  2. Yet another great trade with Rusty92. Will gladly trade with him again and again.
  3. I am interested in the hot wheels scca car(s)
  4. Yes it was......thanks guys did not mean to hijack this thread, just wanted to show a picture of a builtup for those interested in the trade.
  5. This is my custom Super Snake build of this kit.
  6. Yes yes yes.....and a resounding h_ll yes!
  7. Thank you guys you are right Casey....those would work. Never thought of those Jolly.
  8. Looking for two red side marker lights decals and two amber side markers for a 1972 Torino build I am working on. Thanks, Ken
  9. Thank you Tom, will do.
  10. I'll be watching this.....I have the 1/16 scale Fujimi enthusiast version sitting in the stash
  11. Will post up pics in on the workbench soon Scott.
  12. DELETE........found the decals elsewhere
  13. Hey Greg, I could really use a set of the Eleanor wheel centers. PM me and let me know. Thanks

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    2. Kennyboy


      Thank you again Greg.

    3. Kennyboy


      Wheels came yesterday Greg. They are amazing quality! Thanks for the extras too.

    4. Greg Wann

      Greg Wann

      Hi Ken,  Glad you like them, you are welcome.

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