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  1. Great Traders List

    Just completed a great trade with 440 Dakota. Will gladly trade with him again. Great guy to deal with!
  2. Great Traders List

    Yet another great trade with Rusty92. Will gladly trade with him again and again.
  3. Lots to trade

    I am interested in the hot wheels scca car(s)
  4. Revell 1/12 Scale Mustang GT500

    Yes it was......thanks guys did not mean to hijack this thread, just wanted to show a picture of a builtup for those interested in the trade.
  5. Revell 1/12 Scale Mustang GT500

    This is my custom Super Snake build of this kit.
  6. 2019 Motorcraft Ford GT

  7. Shelby Honda S800

    Yes yes yes.....and a resounding h_ll yes!
  8. Looking for two red side marker lights decals and two amber side markers for a 1972 Torino build I am working on. Thanks, Ken
  9. Thank you guys you are right Casey....those would work. Never thought of those Jolly.
  10. DELETE.....found elsewhere

    Still looking
  11. DELETE.....found elsewhere

    DELETE........found the decals elsewhere
  12. DELETE.....found elsewhere

    Thank you Tom, will do.
  13. Tamiya Porcshe 959 1:24

    I'll be watching this.....I have the 1/16 scale Fujimi enthusiast version sitting in the stash
  14. DELETE.....found elsewhere

    Will post up pics in on the workbench soon Scott.
  15. Hey Greg, I could really use a set of the Eleanor wheel centers. PM me and let me know. Thanks

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    2. Kennyboy


      Thank you again Greg.

    3. Kennyboy


      Wheels came yesterday Greg. They are amazing quality! Thanks for the extras too.

    4. Greg Wann

      Greg Wann

      Hi Ken,  Glad you like them, you are welcome.

  16. Great Traders List

    Completed a trade with Scott8950. Scott is a great guy to trade with and sent his side of the trade first being that he was a new guy. Would not hesitate to trade with him again. Stand up guy for sure.
  17. Great Traders List

    Just completed my trade with Rusty92. Great trader, awesome deal, and fast shipping. Would trade with him again anytime
  18. This is my build of Bo Zolland's digital rendering of a new age Jaguar E-type, he referred to it as the Lyonheart. I started with a builtup of an original Monogram Jaguar E-type that I purchased at a local meeting for $2. I stripped it apart which was quite easy and put it in the pond for a few days to strip off the paint from the 70's. Next task was to take all the body parts and glue them together to create a one piece body that would be the starting point for the long road of cutting, gluing, filling, sanding, etc. I made a 1/24 scale printout of the sideview of the digital rendering of the Lyonheart and realized the E-type was 10 mm too short on the total length....sigh here we go. Cut the body at the front of the doors and added 10 mm of plastic from a Nascar body (which had the exact contour I needed) carefully sanded the mating surfaces, squared up, and glued the body back together. Next step was to add the necessary height to the side profile. Added in the center pieces from the beltline to the rocker from another Nascar kit (nice smooth sides). Next, on the rear quarter I had to pie cut and add in plastic to match up with the center. After all that dried I sanded smooth and got ready for the next step....had to widen the body 8 mm. Cut the body down the middle and added 8 mm of plastic on the hood, trunk, and front and rear valance. Amazingly (!), it sits dead level on the table and is now a scale 1/24 which is correct for my plans.
  19. Thanks bud! See ya Saturday
  20. Thanks fellas, got the wheels centers painted silver to dumb down the bling and put my machined washers for rotors with brembo calipers painted gold. Stance will be slightly lower but hey, its sitting on the suspension....finally.
  21. Thank you yet again guys.... The absolutely beautiful Aoshima wheels came today...they are magnificent, the tires that came with them are not. The set of wheels came with stanced out rubberbands that are equal to putting a 205 width tire on a 8.5 inch width rim. Sidewall is around a 20 series height. Fortunately though I had a set of tires in the parts box that will save the day.
  22. Where I am at today....the chassis fitment. I will have to section the interior tub heightwise 3 mm. Should be easy, cut out the floor and sand walls with beltsander and re-attach floor. Pictures show modified exhaust and chassis pan....both were lengthened by 10 mm just like the original body.
  23. Thank you Tom. I appreciate your support, and you are right....almost everything has a use.
  24. Thanks my friend 😎