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  1. Good looking build. I like the exterior color. For the decals try Walthers decal solution. It's stronger than Micro Sol and Micro Set. It works very well.
  2. Trying to upload more but even though I've resized them the site still won't let me. Not sure why, normally, nor a problem.
  3. Looks great. I recently rebuilt one. I really liked the kit
  4. I like old school lead sled Buicks. I've built the 225 and 1970 Wildcat. A buddy of mine had a 66 that had an engine unlike my 70 that's curbside. I had to have so some trades were made. This one of my first attempts at putting a pattern on. For this one I went with lace. What started as doll house curtains ended up in my model supply :-) I stripped call the chrome and went with black chrome and flat black interior with some areas semi glossed and the dad and package shelf body color. Wired the motor and drilled new holes to change the ride height.
  5. It's the Police 1990 Mustang 5.0 LX that was released not to long ago. The drag version just came out a few months back.
  6. Rack and pinion plumbed, kit molded springs swapped out, brakes plumbed
  7. Decided to start on this kit finally. As with some of my kits I decided to open this one up and throw a Fer details at it. So far I removed and filled in the area of the tank, opened the doors and trunk. Since I wanted to go the street racing direction I swaped out the stock for a Ross Gibson 429 Sidewinder. Formed up a tachometer and shift light, PE pedals, and 5pt. harness. The paint is nail polish with a pearl clear coat followed by 4 more coats, now waiting to be polished
  8. Admin, please move, put in here by mistake.
  9. Recently finished this kit. My wife chose the colors and some of the details, the rest was left for me to put my twist on it.
  10. The kickin` it old school. Looks great. I like me stretched but what you did really for the truck. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like with the trailer.
  11. Outstanding work and great details. I really like how.they are coming along and the work that's gone into them.
  12. I've always loved Petes. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
  13. I accidently got tape on part of it. Haven't been able to source another. Rather bummed out about it too...
  14. Gonna call this one a wrap minus the CB antenna (I'll put those on before the show). Gotta say it was a fun build. A number of inaccuracies, but heck it's plastic and it came out looking decent. The decals came from a club member in Germany, the driver figure from Fujimi. The rest were plastic and resin bits I had in parts boxes.
  15. Thank you all for the kind remarks!! I'm going tontry and get pics in the sun light tomorrow.
  16. For gluing in the glass on my car or truck builds I use clear E6000 or Shoo-goo. I put a tooth pick in the tube and put on small dabs, smear them flat just a touch and install the windows. I use light duty masking tape to hold the glass in if needed. If any oozes through the seams when pressure is applied I let it set up (50 to 60% dry) then come back with a sharp x-acto and gently cut through it and pull it away with tweazers.
  17. Thanks. I love old iron myself. If I could restore a truck it would be an old COE for sure.
  18. Thank you. I used to drive until recently. Took a job in the office to be with the kids.
  19. @Bigtruck, I spent a few weeks painting it. I waited days between coats and colors sons not to have adhesive from the tape mar the finish. I wish it were perfect....I forgot to fade the bunk doors before doing the fade. :-( and the paint mask left a horrible adhesive residue. (Really pi $$ed me off!) I've talked to other builders who have used the same mask. Some with great results and others with the problems I had. I took one shot next the ruled line on my build mat to show how long the truck is. The air and 7 way line came from one of the members here who makes them.
  20. Finished this a month or so back and forgot to post pics of it until yesterday when doing pics with my other trucks. I stretched the frame about 5+ scale feet, can't remember the exact math. The base is Model Master Diamond Dust topped with Modelaster Pure Gold followed by Alclad Candy Blue for the fenders and flames. Over the Pure Gold I sprayed 5 coats Alclad Candy Purple and got a nice burgandy/brandywine color. The frame is Metalic Blue from Model Master. The figure is from a discontinued line call Locsters Riders, mostly used for my low rider builds. I lit the sleeper with 3 leds and made the bunk doors functional so I could a 9v battery underneath.
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