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  1. fordahaulic added a post in a topic 1970 Chevelle (built by my Wife)   

    very nice job
  2. fordahaulic added a post in a topic Mustang LX Notchback outlaw drag car   

    no images downloaded.
  3. fordahaulic added a post in a topic Slicks Size Comparison Charts?   

    a chart like that would be useful. to bad this turned into a math lesson and caliper discussion.
  4. fordahaulic added a post in a topic 1971 Roadrunner   

    the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was, WOW. very nice build.
  5. fordahaulic added a post in a topic 197...5?...Ford Pinto?...Sedan Delivery?   

    it looks like it says zombie racer to me also.
  6. fordahaulic added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    a nice site
    i was roaming the net and found this sales site that has alot of nice cars and trucks up for sale,and the real sweet thing about it is that there is alot of pictures of the vehicle. here is the site www.rkmotorscharlotte.com i hope every body can find something usefull here.
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  7. fordahaulic added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    grain trailers
    i've been looking for a kit of a grain trailer and thety don't seem to exist. is there one that i overlooked, or is this a project that i need to sit down with a pencil and paper and design from scratch? thanks so much for any input.
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