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  1. Thanks! This build is roughly a year and a half old though haha
  2. Well, I had more pics but my phone is acting up so here's what I have for now on my Stepside. I started it a looooonnnggggg time ago and gave up. The frame ended up breaking in 3 places and a lot of parts got slightly warped. Most of it is actually a ACR Viper. The only thing that is the actual truck is the body and the main frame rails under the cab. That's it. I have a lot of work ahead of me to fix it...but I can do it.
  3. I'm not sure if it's too late, but I'd like to join this with my 53 Ford Flipnose. I'll snap a few pics of what I'm gonna use after school.
  4. Honestly, I would go the x275 route or outlaw drag radial. Don't see those too often and it would be totally bad ass to see one from you
  5. This would be an amazing outlaw drag radial car, or even a x275 car! I'm going the x275 route with my foxbody with a single turbo small block.
  6. I have the wheels and tires from the Revell 379 Peterbilt kit. I was gonna put them on my dually but I don't have low profile tires lol. If you want them just let me know and we can talk about it
  7. It actually wasn't the usual thing haha. He was all about jokes and stuff like that. Sadly he had to step out of racing due to a motorcycle accident.
  8. I have no idea why, but I absolutely love these 2 pics.
  9. Beautiful! I miss seeing this car. A buddy of mine, Paul Athey, used to drive this car back when it was orange! He always says that it was the most fun to drive/have. He even says it beats out his most recent 41 willys! Haha
  10. If you aren't going to use the spoiler would you be open to a talk bout maybe me being the next owner? Lol
  11. I have a can of VHT Nite Shades and I used it on my 1:1 cobalt tail lights and it is nice. I can try it on some spare model class and show you how it comes out
  12. Personally I would lower it. But you don't have to take the springs out. Just cut them like in a 1:1 that way it'd still realistic lol. I did that to my s13 and it worked.
  13. Hey guys, this is my sunday track car. Took about 3 weeks to build. I'm running out of materials and paints so this one has its rough spots...mainly in the paint but I'm out of clear and at only 17 I can't legally buy any... So I'll redo it in a month when I turn 18. But here's the finished car! Paint color inspired by my friend Tim's S13. Not stickering up yet due to the clear issue. Enjoy!!
  14. Here's an update! I got everything painted. She is done now but I'll post the pics in order of completion. The rest of the pics I'll post in the under glass section
  15. I built the RX7 FC version of this kit. Most of the parts in these D1GP kits are interchangeable so I would recommend checking the fit. Also, I have the headlight chrome pieces to the Aoshima S15 kits if you need it for some reason.
  16. I would think that you can start with a Duster body and modify it a little to resemble this but I'm not sure if you're up to that.
  17. I was just looking at this and it hit me with what the interior is missing! You should add a delay box and a few other electronics on the passenger floor. That's just what I would do though. Looks amazing nonetheless
  18. Here's an update! I'm thinking of adding a little drift damage and making an ebrake with a drift button.
  19. That would look sweet! Yes that's the car I'm talking about. I've only seen it once in person at the Shakedown @ ETown a few years ago.
  20. The cross bar on the firewall right behind the valve cover seems to be at a small angle down sloping towards the drivers side. But it might just be the pic. Other than that its great so far! There's a red ae86 out of P.R. that you could ref if you need to. Just look up "pro import ae86"
  21. No editing of any of these pics...
  22. Beautiful build so far! I know you probably have tons of detail pics of pro mods already but if you ever need interior or engine bay pics of a blown pro mod let me know. I spent an hour getting detail pics for my corvette I started. I can always send you some. Pete
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