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  1. Tom I love the rounded glass that is so cool
  2. Chuck Im not sure what those are but im referring to the clear thing that is just Bearly in frame and yes I know the pic suks and is small im sorry about that
  3. Chuck Im not sure what those are but im referring to the clear thing that is just Bearly in frame and yes I know the pic suks and is small im sorry about that
  4. Oh if sumbody can guess what that thing is on the far right you will be rewarded with........ an actual pic of it...................lol
  5. I've been wondering how you guys display or keep your cars safe from the little ones or even worse that evil little thing called dust. I bought a rather cheap bookshelf installed some rope lighting and screwed some plexi to the front. Ill try to post a pic for some reason I have problems uploading
  6. Very cool builds but I have to ask a stupid question, are u afraid their going to roll away? lol or is there another reason for the makeshift wheel chocks (the lil stones) in front of the tires
  7. I have bouts of severe insomnia I meen like 4-5 days with no sleep at all, when that happens its not a good idea to do anything at all cause you start seeing,hearing, and feeling some strange stuff but back to the question yes most of my build time is in the wee hours of the morning
  8. Casey I actually been "puting models together" for probably twenty years (wow now I feel old) I found this site because I found a 39 delivery that I has stashed away because I messed up the paint and wanted to learn how to strip it safely but then I stumbled onto that all aluminum cuda, that wip made me join just to tell bill I was amazed I had no idea all the things people do to these lil toys lolan I have been blown away by nearly every build I have seen here David, BYOB is my favorite by far
  9. Yippee I see it now sry its a crappy pic but ill get it down lol
  10. I just tryed to post a pic of my 64 impala and I was gona ask if that would fall under OOB cause all I added was the shot from a shotgun shell to get it to stay up in the air lol
  11. Thanks dog ill try once again to load pics for some reason I have problems
  12. Yes the first state not a town I can't find any info on a club in the lower slower part
  13. Im not sure if this was already posted but if anybody else has access to glycol ether DPM it seems to be the chemical in dot3 that works to strip the paint I work in a chemical/aerosol plant and not only can I get the raw material but I can extract it from the dot3 as well. It works wonderfully. There is a company called lab supply that as far as I can tell anybody can order small amounts of almost any chemical. Now don't order certain combos cause obviously the fbi and or home land will be banging on your door. I hope this helps you guys out. OH IF YOU DO GET ANY TYPE OF GLYCOL ETHER WEAR GLOVES AND KEEP YOUR PEEPERS COVERED AS WELL certain types can realy mess you up
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