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  1. erikwst added a post in a topic Super Clean ?   

    Also, don't ues a tin pan to soak it in. It will eat the tin.
  2. erikwst added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    What's the best thing to use to "tack" parts together for fitting purposes. I tried to hold a rear suspension to gether with strips of green masking, took 15 minutes to get the tape off. There must be a better way .

    thanks erik
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  3. erikwst added a post in a topic 55 chevy 4x4   

    Very nice, I've managed to get 3.25 out of the suspension and found another 4 in a body lift

    thanks for you help and input

  4. erikwst added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    55 chevy 4x4
    I want to build a 55 chevy 4x4 pickup, I saw a 1:1 years ago and liked it. I've been through most of my parts kits and some of my unstarted kits and can't seem to find the axles or springs to raise it aprox 3 to 4 scale inches.
    Anyone ever build something like this? What kit will have the best running gear?

    thanks Erik West
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