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  1. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic The 24   

    Is anyone doing kits of modern road racers?  I'd love to build a few cars from the last couple of years of LeMans.  
  2. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic Steve Kinser's T-Bird   

    I too forgot Kinser drove in NASCAR... briefly. Great looking build. One missed point is nearly every racing organisation requires driveshafts to be painted white. The scuffed tires look especially good.
  3. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic Just a "Nit" to pick: "Cobra" VS "Mustang"   

    My understanding is Carroll Shelby built the Cobra but Ford owned the name. After some years of not producing Cobras the name was coming up for free use again and most car manufactures wanted it. Ford unwilling to let it go slapped in on a Mustang and once again they are producing Cobras and the name is safe with them. This was right in the time frame Carroll was working with Dodge and I think there might have been a Dodge Cobra concept car. Carroll did try to get the Cobra name for Chrysler.
  4. JordanFordF1 added a topic in General   

    How long before model cars arrived without any printed instruction sheets? Have you noticed more and more items arrived without any instructions? I was reading about a new remote control truck last night that only comes in kit form and it does not come with assembly instructions. You have to go online and download them. AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Honestly how much more would it have cost them? Well they saved money and I'll be saving my money by not buying from them. Print your instructions and included them goofballs!
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  5. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic Branson MO   

    Meeting this Sunday night at 6PM. We are meeting at the Godfather's Pizza in Ozark, MO. Get there about 5PM if you'd like to eat. Everyone interested in all kinds of plastic models are welcome.
  6. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic 70's Ford Econoline Van - "Phantom" (Vantom)   

    Makes me want to break out a van kit and start building. I take it the interior isn't overly detailed? Great work.
  7. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic 1997 Ford F150 Conversion- Updated 9/26/16   

    That wasn't what I was expecting. Awesome. There just aren't enough 4WD model trucks out there.
  8. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic 93 Ford Ranger   

    Aw the Ranger, my favorite truck of all time. I currently own three 1:1. Great looking build.
  9. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic F350 Custom   

    At first glance my hair stood on end. The more I got to looking at it the more I liked it. Most definitely has some interesting body lines going on with that roof. I'm with Belugawrx, how about engine shots? Excellent work!
  10. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic NEW BUILDERS   

    Welcome and awesome builds.
  11. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic New guy from Colorado   

    Nice to have you here. I send out a salute to you.
  12. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic Strada Sports   

    You won't ever see me going near his website ever again. Same problem so many here have had. After a three months wait I still had nothing. His response to my email came but only after two or three days. My biggest problem with him and it is huge is his website clearly states he has this stuff in stock. It doesn't say hey folks I'm a little guy working out of my one bedroom apartment and I don't have this stuff ready to ship. I could understand and even tolerate that. If I press a web button that says you have it I expect exactly that not three months wait so I can get an email back saying you are still waiting for the supplier to ship. Boils down to he lied to me and for that you'll never hear me say anything good about his site. Someone already posted it but in this day and age there is no excuse for having a website run like that.
  13. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic #46 Superflo Lumina from Days of Thunder   

    Great looking builds. Makes me want to go home and watch it again. Days of Thunder a bad movie? And this from a generation that thinks the snooze-fests Bullit and Grand Prix were good movies.
  14. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic Zakspeed Ford capri   

    How can you not love that car! Excellent car and excellent work.
  15. JordanFordF1 added a post in a topic Zingers! Buggy   

    I've always liked the Zingers but never tried one before. Your's looks great.