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  1. I like it. Almost bought a Crosley station wagon 30 years ago.
  2. Think we did 😀. Mark
  3. Thanks. They are "sheltering in place" at our house;. One is a 5th grade teacher, and is teaching her class online from home. The other is a nursing assistant at our local hospital. Mark
  4. I like it. My favorite gen of T-birds. Mark
  5. Thanks. I did give advice on how to glue, and paint, but they did all the building. The idea was to make the theme/base as different as possible. The surfboard was a souvenir; I haven't been to the Redondo Beach pier in many years, but they probably still sell them. There were several gift shops that had them at the time. Mark
  6. Thanks. We all tend to get rid of things we wish we'd kept, but these I've held on to. Mark
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