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  1. This brings back memories. I learned to drive stick in one of these. Amazing job on the build!
  2. Great build! All black with just the right amount of chrome!
  3. Great job! My favorite car and one of my favorite Anime/Manga.
  4. This was my favorite band and car when I was a kid. This came out great. Now I need to find one.
  5. I really like this build. Great work!
  6. Looks perfect. I need some practice.
  7. Here are a couple of mine.
  8. These cars are soo cool. Great build. I really like the color.
  9. My father had one of these when I was growing up. It was a cool car. I have one in my stash I'm going to build like his. His was Burgundy with black interior. I like it in black though. Great job.
  10. Nice to see someone this skilled this young. Great work!
  11. All these engines look freaking amazing. Man I have a long way to go. Now I'm depressed. LOL!!
  12. Love these old turbo bricks. The paint looks pretty good to me. Great job on a cool kit.
  13. That looks good! It is cool to see someone doing a swap like this in a model. It is a pretty common thing in the drifting world. I agree it looks like it was supposed to come that way. Nice and clean!
  14. Will be watching this intently. Ive always wanted to build this. So cool.
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