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  1. enzoferrari added a topic in General   

    Salt Lake City Hobby Shops ?
    Hello All,
    My Dad and I will be in Salt Lake City for a few days and was wondering if there was any
    good - "Real" Hobby Shops worth visiting ? Preferably with good selection of all car and
    truck kits, and some foreign as well as good stock of supplies - paint - tools etc....

    Any suggestions appreciated,

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  2. enzoferrari added a post in a topic 1963 Ford Galaxie 500   

    Very nice ! Like the choice of color, and the foiling looks great !
  3. enzoferrari added a post in a topic amt california hauler   

    Actually 1 case is for my Dad, so I'm limited to just 1 !
  4. enzoferrari added a post in a topic amt california hauler   

    Thanks Tim,
    I thought so but just wanted confirmation before I ordered 2 cases !! Lots of building to do in the next 6 years !
  5. enzoferrari added a post in a topic amt california hauler   

    Great news regarding the reissue of this kit - Can someone please confirm for me that this re-issue
    will have the small day cab window, and not the altered larger window for the sleeper ?
    Couldn't tell from the test shots which window it is 100%.
  6. enzoferrari added a post in a topic French Cafe Street Diorama 1960s ~ Stop Motion Animation   

    Thanks All,
    It was a fun project, I hope to do many more over time, with a larger diorama
    with a few buildings, so that way I can photograph via landscape, instead of portrait.
    Maybe also one featuring my 1/24 built models as well, it would be nice to be able to turn the front wheels !

    This short was more of a test to see how difficult it would be, and it wasn't bad, it took about 300
    images, and I edited / stitched them together on a video editing program which allows sound to be
    edited in. The one tricky thing is to remember all the moving objects in view, where they are headed, and to
    always make sure to move them before each photo is taken, otherwise you find that you forgot to move something
    and it makes the motion jerky or odd It took about 2-3 hours for the complete project beginning to end.

  7. enzoferrari added a topic in Dioramas   

    French Cafe Street Diorama 1960s ~ Stop Motion Animation
    Hi everyone,
    Thought I would post a video of my latest project, a 1/43 diorama of a French café
    street scene set in the 60's, I decided to have a bit of fun and do a stop motion
    animation video for youtube. All models featured are 1/43 diecast, however I do have several
    1/43 Heller French kits to build that will be displayed in future to complete the dio.

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  8. enzoferrari added a post in a topic Why do you build models?   

    For Me ~ it's like a Time Machine

    I'm fascinated with the past, particularly 1890s to 1970s. I Love Cars, Trucks, Planes, Trains, yep pretty much
    anything from those years, and being born in 1984, gives me no personal memories to re-live in my mind from that era.

    I'm very partial to the classic road races of Italy - Mille Miglia & Targa Florio, also Carrera Panamericana, something
    about driving over long distances over harsh conditions just gets to me - adventure I guess. Also like those classic Grand Prix racers !
    I have my favorites - as my screen name suggests ! But I do enjoy almost all cars from all makes, from those years. Today cars all look like trash cans with very few exceptions.

    Sadly I don't have a 1:1 DeLorean Time Machine (my 1/24 will arrive in the mail on Monday ) so the next best thing is creating a
    3D replica, something real and not on a computer screen ! I enjoy the challenge of the build and improving my skills, and I also really enjoy displaying my collection and building small diorama scenes for the models It is an escape from the depressing state of the world which I find totally relaxing and fulfilling.
  9. enzoferrari added a post in a topic Old Gas Stations and Cars   

    Awesome collection of photos ~ Thanks so much for sharing !

    The "Car Parking Tower" is fascinating , don't like its chances in an earthquake - although maybe it would be the only
    thing left standing ! Being only 29 I can only dream of days when service stations were like this. I still laugh when
    I watch the Three Stooges short that features them working in a station, always shouting ~ Super Service Super Service !
  10. enzoferrari added a post in a topic Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B MM Spyder   

    A Beauty ! The paint job is superb ! Got to love those Alfas !
  11. enzoferrari added a topic in 1:1 Truck Reference Pictures   

    Old Trucks in Canada ~ Autocar - Mack - Kenworth
    Hi Everyone,

    Last September I took a brief vacation to British Columbia and discovered some nice old trucks along
    the way, so took some photos / video and made up a youtube video of my finds. Mostly construction / excavation
    dump trucks, but also spotted an Autocar !

    Haven't gotten around to building any trucks lately, but hope to get to a few this year.

    Hope you enjoy and maybe a little inspiration for a future build,

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  12. enzoferrari added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    National Automobile Museum - Harrah Collection
    Hello Everyone !

    Just put together a collection of photos / videos of the remaining cars in the Harrah Collection - otherwise known as the
    National Auto Museum, in Reno. From a Trip in 2010.

    As my Dad says, its only a fraction of what the collection use to have, but it still is a very nice display with some cool pieces,
    one of my favorites being the 1908 Thomas Flyer, and a 1920s Peugeot bebe 6 cv.


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  13. enzoferrari added a post in a topic 2013 NNL West   

    Hi All,

    Second time attending NNL West, '12 the first. I wish to thank everyone involved for putting on a Fantastic show !
    It really is an amazingly fun event to attend, and so many fantastic models on display. Its now one of the highlights
    of the year for me, and the music is great too ! My Dad and I displayed a couple models this year,
    but I hope to have some Prancing horses for 2014 !

    I made up a short (35min) slideshow video for youtube, has some video but mostly photos. No audio track so that way you can play
    the music you like. I tried to get a photo of every model at the show, Really Really looking forward to next years already !