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  1. Likely to be last post for a while. Rooting thru the junk box, a few things were found and figured i'd have some fun. "Biff's trading of the Volvo for a new 300 series diesel with whitewalls and tucked leather interior fails to impress Muffy. "
  2. It seems there is or was a very similar building front in the model railroad kit world but marketed as a hospital if that is of any use to you. Perhaps walthers or one of their suppliers offered it but amnesia takes hold.
  3. Price mostly. I repurpose, salvage, and rack my brains searching for and developing alternatives. Time i got...money not so.
  4. You pulled off another great piece. I seem to vaguely remember their "new" day cab road commodes. I think they had cats which really surprised me and thought it odd how half the engine was exposed. Ahhh...amnesia alley. Your interior detailing and ability to work with resin kits are personal favorites.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. I'm still working on a base surround and trying to make a better net out of small diameter solder.
  6. Wow! The art deco styling fits! I never would have guessed RR incorporating it into anything they had a finger in. It seems almost paradoxical yet they pulled it off very well in my opinion. Quite an undertaking you are starting but know its in capable hands.
  7. Just out of curiosity...any recommendations on where to find fancy wrought iron railings and ornate hanging porch lights? My eyes aint what they used to be and prefer to not scratch build if reasonable alternatives exist. Thus far nothing remotely close found in the g scale or dollhouse world but don't know the best places to look.
  8. Thank you. I like valejo and the other kinds as well but treat them like fine spices due to price. More and more i'm using the cheapest acrylics i can where there is a chance of getting away with it. Genetically modifed paints are increasingly the norm in other words. Recently the celiing in my lair received a much needed repaint with so called "ceiling paint". Its thick and snow white designed to cover a multitude of sins as well as fly turds . At $20 a gallon and with half a gallon left over, it will be showing up in alot of places in this and other builds. Add a drop or two of strong color, ink, wood stain, food coloring, beet juice, or a pulverized eye of gnewt and tongue of yak will and it covers a lot of foam and wood pretty good...fast and cheap. Longevity and interaction with atypical substances are uncertain but i do know this...ceiling paint seem to go everywhere and stick to everything. Now if i was just as smart as tom sawyer.....
  9. Impressive. I tried to "wreck" a kit like this in my youth. My method involved gasoline and matches. Desired results were not achieved. Explaining to my dad about the ruined bbq grille lead to negative feedback not so easily dismissed either.
  10. Driveway complete. It's foam board scribed with the edge of a coin. I then applied a paper thin coat of extremely watered down spackling. I then dabbed it with a wet sponge to further thin it and create a texture on the pavers. Painting followed with the whole thing painted tan then mixing a few different shades of brown to do the pavers. Pavers were painted in random fashion, unmasked, without cleaning the brush during the process. I used very cheap craft paints with a little bit of vallejo paints mixed in to achieve desired colors. For the price, it seems to be okay. Its always nice to be able to spray with a water hose to try again or use as target practice without the wallet shedding tears. If an ounce of ambition strikes, i will try again and stagger the pavers.
  11. Doubtful but will contact a buddy who might know a buddy kind of thing. Nice time of year to visit edmonton. Just show up on their doorstep bearing gifts. Thanks for the carriage info. It looks like a neat build .
  12. They are amazing to watch...and the operators. You must work with it and "listen" to it. It proves, to me anyway, when strength, brains, and good dose of humility are put into action, amazing and beautiful things can happen/appear. The arrogant and willfully ignorant show their true colors in a matter of minutes....and lose.
  13. Very nice job on the windows. I probably missed it but where did the carriage come from?
  14. Outstanding! Where did you get the loader?
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