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  1. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne   

    And now you are topping it off with "mismatch" flap to boot..  WONDERFUL!  This thing keeps getting better every day!
    Since this wonderful work of art predates (and far surpasses) the  "Road Commode II" era, to dare use such a term borders on an insult.  A more fitting name seems in order  So below is a link to a list of 101 other names for commode.  Lots of good ones and most are suitable for all ages. 
    To spare a few the time and inconvenience of following the link, I am partial to  - #37  "House of Ease" emblazoned on the back of the cab in fancy script and  a few jugs of SAE 40 resting between the fuel tanks and frame rails.  Airbox drains  slobbering like a Saint Bernard on a summer day and flames coming out the stack. Rock on brother!
    It is a truly great work.  Thanks for sharing.
  2. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne   

    Well there ya go my friend.  You could probably sell them not only to us old vintage trucker modeler sorts but the 4 wheeler modelers as well.
    I place my order for Cledus Maggard and the Citizen Band...(song - White Knight) in 1/16 scale for the Bison project. 
  3. olsbooks added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    1/16 KW or Pete seats needed or other high back buckets
    Need 2 new, used or slightly molested 1/16 seats. Ideally from Revell/Monogram 1/16 KW/Pete kits.  Don't know what is out there cars or military but certainly willing to consider as long as high and straight...not "leaned back" like in a Vette or Mustang. 
    Could also use 5 cab roof clearance light lenses to really push my luck.
    Could offer scratch building type stuff for trade.
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  4. olsbooks added a post in a topic wheel help   

    And should you really decide to run yourself into a mental abyss on this whole issue, do a little digging into what is called "bridge formulas".  Especially in California and Florida in the 1970's and 1980's.  While it is still "bad" even today, it is nothing like it was. Remember...no computers or smart phones to do the math.  Inmates running the asylum utilized more logic.  
    I am convinced it was a mandated apprenticeship for once intelligent minds brainwashed and drugged into desiring employment with the IRS writing US tax code.  "Let us see just how complex you can make this.  Pay is based on word count and ensuring the inability of the common man to every truly be compliant no matter how hard he tries too."
  5. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne   

    Now THAT will be one to watch. 
    Below can be your "prototype" for its stereo system mounted in the sleeper? Trying to keep the needle from jumping might be a problem but hey, just throw in an 8 track when rolling.  It would make long layovers at Big Bob's Truck Stop entertaining.  I found it headed to the landfill and have been refurbishing it for the past month and after seeing your old phone, thought you (and some other analog fans) might find a bit humorous.  No disco allowed.

  6. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1/16 GMC General/Chevy Bison update 44 getting close   

    Getting closer.  It is still a loose fit at this point but the sleeper is roughed in. The CD cases worked well for the front and back walls.
    The luggage compartment will hold the batteries and (hopefully) a sound chip.  Plans are for the speaker to go on the underside of the cab floor,  The search is still on for a smoke generator that (hopefully) will also fit under the cab floor.  It will be a "single stacker" not only for fuel tank/battery box configuration I chose early on but in an effort to only need one smoke generator.
    Maybe the next post will have it "done" but it is going to take time as all these little bits and pieces seem to take the greatest amount of time.
    The single biggest and most visible OOPS remains the mismeasure due to the front frame drop early on.  As a result the front bumper winds up sitting about 6" too low but there is no way to really "fix" it now.  I might go and "shave" a few scale inches off the bottom of it but that is a battle for another day.

  7. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne   

    Surely one of my favorite builds to watch!    Original and VERY well done!  The "mismatch" tag axle spokes are just perfect!
    I am still going to hold out for the poor man's belt drive on that tag axle. 
    Besides the model, the old telephone on your workbench is pretty cool too!   .
    It is a great piece of work my friend. Thanks for sharing.
  8. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1/16 GMC General/Chevy Bison update 44 getting close   

    Apologies for the dust and horrible photographs but just wanted to do a brief update.  Steering wheel is done and is next to go in.  I might try whiddling seats out of balsa or ????? though matching two exactly will not be easy.  The cab and hood are still "loose" but mounts have been put in place and the hood hinges applied with room for some final adjustment. 
    If you look closely you will see a chunk of coat hanger running visible through the access holes in the bumper.  The hood is easy to apply and remove.  It results in a bit more gap between the fenders and bumper than desired but is durable and adjustable.  The drop on the KW frame rails has made this little part far more of a challenge than anticipated.
    The front bumper is a bit large and lower than the real thing.  At some point it will be redone as I have lost the ability to install a set of Perlux fog lights due to the hood hinge.   I will take the blame for the oversize due tor bad measuring and put the remainder once again on KW's frame rails with the "drop"  in them though in truth it is my "oops" for not calculating for this a year ago. Now it is coming back to bite me.  Oh well.  Rome was not built in a day and "rework" on some things was necessary.
    Hopefully the next post will have the cab roof, wipers, luberfiner, hood side emblems and turn signals applied.  It will definitely be dusted off and photographed outside if nothing else.

  9. olsbooks added a post in a topic Trailer Brakes   

    Seems air discs are an on again/off again trend of late.  Kelsey Hayes tried HARD HARD in the late 80's/early 90's to go this route.  The size of the contact area of the shoe obviously matters but fiction, heat dissipation and (obviously) performance vs cost matter most.  Airplanes immediately come to mind as well as railroad passenger cars.
    Even if disc brakes on semi's was/is better, it is going to be a tough sell.  "Everyone" knows and is set up for  drum brakes on big rigs.  Tools, parts, quirks, etc are in place meaning a huge learning curve/tool up costs.  It is like the size of trailer kingpins or glad hand connections.  There may be better things out there but the cost/benefit simply is not there in the grand scheme of things......yet. 
    If/when we get point of using electric motors at the drive wheels, 3 phase motors not only can handle stalls (hill holding) but take a vehicle down to virtually 0 mph.  "Freq drive" meaning frequency modulation drive is just around the corner and already common place in locomotives, cranes, mining and heavy construction/farming equipment.  Siemens, GE and Mitsubishi are a few big names that have solid track record 20+ years and supply the components to outfits like Caterpillar, Deere, Kubota, etc.  The point being, brakes would be probably about 1/10th the size and used only below 2 mph and parking
    One thing for sure..the drive lines/brakes that have been around for so long surely do seem on track for a major change in the next few years.
  10. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne   

    "Frankenstein" is really taking shape well.  Truly original.  I can just imagine some "hard luck/newbie" bed bug hauler back in the 70's with such a creation.  The poor fool bought some womped out piece of junk and is just pouring good money down the tubes trying to make it into something it was never was....but I digress and speak far too personally. 
    "Yeah it is an aerodyne with a 8V71 turned up to 2800 RPMS" he boasts....meanwhile every pothole causes the electrics to go out and lets not discuss the leaks that result in a occasional waterbed.
    Making it all about ME - it just needs need belts on the tag drive them ala Winn Dixie and other bottom feeder fleets back in the day and the air deflectors that were common on the front just above the headlights on these things....chromed.....of course.
    Really great work.  This has got to be one of my favorites. 
  11. olsbooks added a topic in All the Rest   

    SS Poopdeck
    Thought I would share a few pix of my first boat kit.  From a Lindbergh kit.   Normally I do weathered big rigs and a buddy challenged me to give it a whirl as he dreams of having an old shrimp boat which he said would be named the SS Poopdeck.  So.....the challenge was accepted.  For those ship builder experts out there that fight with rigging, my respect for you has been (further) kicked up.

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  12. olsbooks added a post in a topic Road Boss 2 Integral, photos 03/08/17   

    GREATLY enjoying following this and the Western Star cabover. 
    Outstanding work and as others have said, thank you for taking the time to explain.  It surely encourages and provides valuable help for dunderheads like me.
  13. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1/16 GMC General/Chevy Bison update 44 getting close   

    Thank you all for your very kind and encouraging remarks.  They mean a great deal.
    First attempt on the side emblems are underway. I stumbled across what can only be called metal duct tape. It has a near chrome like appearance and is quite thick. An HVAC installer gave me a left over on a roll and is good stuff. It is almost like heavy duty aluminum foil with a VERY sticky back. It is made by 3M and might be in hardware stores though I have not looked. It is being used for intake and exhaust clamps.
    Anyway, like tin foil, it can be easily made to have some texture with a toothpick or a mechanical pencil. In experimenting I stuck some on a strip of very thin plastic and free handed it. Once reasonably close, I then went over the low spots with black paint and allowed it to dry. A dental pick afterwards easily scratches off any excess. Trying to replicate ANY font style will take many many attempts to get right and one “goof” on the impression stage means scrapping it and starting all over. You will get an idea of the process with the grossly over-sized first attempt at a bison in the pix. This technique was used on the hood ornament and suffices. While FAR from perfect, it has the desired effect, passes the arms length rule, and cost virtually nothing other than a bit of time. The solder blob idea for the side bisons is yet to be tried. If this does not pan out, I will go that route and post the results.
    Headlamps have been applied. The only power source laying around was a weak 9V battery so they are dim. If anyone has a little HO scale train set transformer laying around, feel free to send it my way!. These bulbs are rated for 12v and want at least 10V and plenty of milliamps going through them to look right. The roof marker lamps and tail lamps are 1.5V. Plans are to hooked them in series so a common power source and just 2 wires can be used for everything. The uprights in the grille still need to be blacked out which will help “Chevyfy” it. While the grille remains stationary when the hood is tilted in the real world, that was going to introduce far too many assembly and alignment problems. Since there is no PTO or other junk up front to worry about, a bit of liberty was taken. Turn signals will be underway as soon as some deep orange transparent plastic or perhaps glass is found at the grocery store, Dollar General or ????. The steering wheel is nearly finished with a CD drive doo dad mentioned earlier as the spokes and baling wire wrapped around a paint bottle for the rim having good potential.
    PS - still welcoming (low cost) suggestions for OEM style muffler shields and seats.  Any ideas anyone?

  14. olsbooks added a post in a topic Freuhauf dump trailer   

    You nailed it!  NICE job.
    Look forward to seeing more pix.
  15. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1/16 GMC General/Chevy Bison update 44 getting close   

    Well, after JT's prompting, a couple of old CD cases have found their way as the front and back walls of a sleeper.
    The major engine “plumbing” is in. Most of it is various drinking straws. Circle K straws are just right for intake piping. Pilot/Flying J straws are just a tad smaller and work good for exhaust. The “elbows” if not the bendable kind of straws, are chunks of sprues heated and bent and then wrapped tightly in wire.
    One feature that has been scrapped is the plans for the lighted instrument panel like that done a couple of years ago on the 1/16 Gold Nugget W900 that worked so well. The 3 different angles of the GM instrument panel were just too much of a challenge and it was not until just moments ago a solution was figured out.  Too late now.
    Plans are to start on the steering column soon with it having the “sport” model steering wheel. Those had 4 aluminum spokes and a black leather wrapped wheel. A chunk of baling wire wrapped tightly around a paint bottle and a little plastic “doo dad” I think from inside a CD drive just might work for the center and be a good starting point for the spokes. It is promising but those are famous last words.
    The joys of black paint are obvious with every little speck of dust, fingerprint and scratch showing up. Oh well. Those that know my works know I dont build “show” rigs but usually go for a few years old/used but not abused. 
    Two MAJOR challenges and I welcome advice on.
    seat cushions – want OEM style
    exhaust heat shield (the elongated style GM used)
    Until next time.......