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  1. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Well done! Stick with it. Taking a different twist and going back to our writing and books, this resulted as potential cover art for book 4 in my series which centers around a truck driver. All items in the pix are from the "great gatsby scene"
  2. Thank you. The whole great gatsby scene has nothing to do with my writings and is only a test. The building and holt tractor do however. My writings are a mixture of ayn rand and mark twain with a little cs lewis thrown in. The idea of creating a combination novel/coloring book for adults has been bouncing around lately with audiobook. Videos were tried but run into too much legal hoopla and drama. I'll look into create space and your works. Give the tiny stuff a try. Until this, anything less than 1/16 didn't seem doable anymore for me. I rarely use a magnifying glass, shake like a leaf, and don't measure worth a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. Peace
  3. Testing the waters. Stained glass has potential with this method though thick. Also, this is my first attempt at building furniture. 1/87 is rough on the eyes and hands, that's for sure. Not perfect by any means. Amateurish and crude but both seem to be headed in the right direction and wanted to share my elation. As stated in the classic movie, bride of frankenstein, "it is alive!". As a writer, the goal of creating illustrations for my books holds promise. So, hop behind the wheel of your peterbilt and pay a visit to fixx motors in mospan, south dakota. Behind the desk sits warner fixx. Now 80, he has a lifetime of stories to tell selling the first crawler tractors in 1912, then home light plants, then specializing in massive highway snow plow construction and repair. It is the late 1960's. Welcome to the world of Mac Fixx. Btw, the picture of the gentleman is a cut and paste into a shot taken through the office door. Being so clos e up like that, 001 off or a gap on anything sticks out like a soar thumb. This bit of photo magic converting it to a sketch evaded that issue pretty well as I want people looking at him...not so much the gaps in the trim, crooked windows, or crappy paint job. Peace.
  4. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Thanks. Stay tuned. Peace.
  5. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Question for you (and landman). How do you create your signs and paintings? Do you use a laser printer and photo stock paper, make decals, or ???? Perhaps your technique might work for the for stained glass on the Robt. E. Lee if I slop over it with clear coat. Peace.
  6. Brains over bucks! I admire the re purposing and resourcefulness greatly. You remind me of Mcguiver but actually make stuff that I can believe. No temptation to eye roll or call bs...just wows and applause. Peace
  7. Hooper & Co Diorama

    That looks great. The b&w photos are stellar...but admit bias. Peace.
  8. BDA Escort - Australian Rally Scene

    Great job. Very resourceful, clever, and original. Keep it up. Peace
  9. Progress update on the boat. The lower 3 decks are basically complete less cargo and what not. The upper most deck is receiving considerable attention as it will be scrutinized most. There are no railings in the kit and the steps supplied, well, stink. Fabrication has begun and you will see my cheap method for spacing the the uprights. Window screen. Things are just set in place at this point to figure out where to go next. Question. I want replicate simple stained glass in the little windows currently painted green. Suggestions on how? The search for a model to go between the peterbilt and the building has been found. It will be built as a civilian version and undergo some modifications. A car or biplane may yet appear but this model looked very interesting and has other uses down the line. Peace
  10. Marmon Conventional

    That chrome/run issue is horrible. At least it is in capable hands to fix. I've considered building a Marmon using the ih 4300 or paystar cab since it seems closer to the real thing . Fyi There was a Marmon owners association at one time. Aths.org may have a lead or link but I haven't checked. Rare birds anymore with a cult like following it seems. Neat little operation with a very interesting history.
  11. Sox and Martin cuda barn find

    Great job. Check out boulder creek railroad for some excellent scenery tutorials that aren't all hype or ads. Most of it isn't railroading. Peace
  12. Hooper & Co Diorama

  13. Never considered yacht varnish. Hmmm. I tried using gloss paint (I use mostly acrylics) and Molotowe didn't want to play nice with it. This will be revisited with lacquer or enamel in the future. Well, we gotta go for perfection on a Rolls....that's for sure. I always dreamed of working there or at Bentley but is one of those things they and I are probably better off having never happened. The chrome tape is actually "DUCK" brand. While not knowing what is available on your side of the pond, maybe this will help. Autoparts stores also have similar products though what I have found so far is a bit thick. https://www.duckbrand.com/products/craft-decor Peace.
  14. This simply a fantastic project. The ideas and inspiration you are providing are fantastic. Thank you. Unrelated, but as I push forward on the Great Gatsby project, how would you suggest posting pix as I am already bumping against space limits. Peace
  15. Let me try this post again as the website or something crashed earlier. Update 5 The Peterbilt and “Mary Elizabeth” The truck is a box build Revell “snap” 1/25 scale kit available for many years. This kit (along with their Kenworth W900) are personal favorites for the price, quality, and potential. The major “add ons/changes” are the air cleaners, exterior visor (made from scrap plastic) and white walls made of thin plastic. A great deal of time went into the headlamps and headlamp buckets. They are one piece solid chrome affairs molded as part of the grille with a single “snap” in headlamp lens for each bucket in the kit. I stripped and cut apart everything then reassembled in attempt to improve realism. Time wise, there is as much in these as anything on the kit. Much to my disgust, the pix reveal that despite my best efforts, the drivers side lamp has a bit of a list. The front bumper was stripped and redone with chrome duct tape with BMF on the sides. I'm pleased with the results and will continue this practice where possible in the future. Anyone tempted to try this chrome tape, it only works on a perfectly flat surface. Also, you get only “one shot” per piece of tape. If not perfect the first time, peel it off, clean the surface and start over. Cutting out the tow hook slots and fog lamps was no pleasure even with a brand new exacto blade and resulted in a few more “re-do's” before getting it right. Other than the grille, front wheels, and roof top items, all other chrome was redone/added using a Molotowe chrome pen. The quality in the kit supplied chrome parts left much to be desired on most pieces. Having no success with Alclad or BMF on large or complex surfaces despite dozens of attempts over the years, Molotowe chrome works well for fools like myself. It takes a little practice to get the hang of, but by the second or third try, its tendencies and flow become predictable with good results without the fuss and frustration. The surface should be bare plastic, perfectly clean, and allowed 24 hours to dry before handling. Be aware this stuff is a dust magnet during the application process and in early stages of drying. Should dust make its way in, brake fluid removes it easily for a “re-do”. A few details were added under the hood made of wire, though minimal. The dual Vortox air cleaners (made from wind chime pipe and fuel strainer screen) were surprisingly easy to conjure up. For those considering making large air cleaners like these for this or the Kenworth kits, be mindful of the hood tilting. Honestly, I got lucky. If the air cleaners were located 0.001 more forward or lower on the cab, the hood wouldn't clear. Ductwork to them and associated underhood piping is made from flexible drinking straws. The cab/sleeper is designed for easy removal for cleaning and potential addition of interior lighting. The air cleaners and stacks are glued to the cab with connector pipes “straws” slid into place. The tanks and battery boxes are so called “chrome” spray paint. Tank straps (along with air cleaner straps) are made of the same chrome tape used on the bumper. Primary paint is enamel: Testors spray can lime green and Krylon forest green. Stripes are Microscale HO scale 1” gold stripes. There is no clear coat. My attempts at clears usually do more harm than good. Once the paint dried for many days, cheap liquid car polish and polishing out with a microfiber cloth and Q tips followed. Minor orange peel remains but I can stomach that easier than blowing a finished paint job with a botched clear coat attempt. Trying to achieve “showroom” paint jobs like this has never been a priority as weathering or lower gloss are my norm. The instrument cluster is detailed using the same techniques as the wood decking on the Robert E Lee on the dash board. Actually this was the training grounds for that process. Ditto the “mahogany” steering wheel. Gauge rims, switches, and levers were touched with Molotowe chrome. Gauge faces are black and scraped with an exacto blade to call out the numbers and needles in white. Overall, the interior is painted in Krylon semi gloss black which has a respectable vinyl/leather like finish. While unable to get a decent picture of it, the sleeper is detailed (somewhat) using a chunk of a paper towel soaked in mixture of water and white glue then placed over the “mattress” to represent a blanket. The colors and pattern in the paper towel remain detectable. With the naked eye, one can almost catch a glimpse of it. As stated, lighting on the inside would help and might happen at some point. Other details that help (in my opinion) includes adding of the additional mirror brackets (made from the molded in CB antenna's that come on the mirrors) and painting inside the horn bells black then swishing around a clean Q tip to remove the excess. Glazing is made from a food container lid...a Wendy's salad container. The kit comes with a horribly thick windshield with incorrect placement of the wipers molded in. Amber lights are painted with a blend of Valejo yellow with a touch of red then gloss varnish. The lady in the picture, let's call her Mary Elizabeth in keeping with the setting, is from the Peterbilt ad somewhat being replicated. The picture was cropped using Microsoft Paint in several “slices” then pasted into the model truck picture using Open Office's drawing program. Once done, the picture was saved as a PDF then converted to a B&W JPG. This is all open source/free software and quite simple to use The idea behind using the slicing method was to minimize “digital painting/touchup” of the truck model. Being a first attempt, there is much room for improvement but for an experiment, it passes. By the time the rest of the models are complete and entire scene set up, a bit of precision and proficiency will hopefully develop and fewer pixels needing “repair”. If you look close, you will see an abundance of “touch ups” to the truck though B&W minimizes and this picture is not meant to be examined with a microscope. The search for scale model people continued to come up short leading to this approach. To me, the characters I'm searching for and realism aren't available without a big budget and painting skills of a master artist. Lacking both, “photo-shopped/cut and paste” people via this technique will likely be the practice going forward. Ultimately, the goal of creating illustrations for my books and cover art now seams possible without shelling out big bucks, compromising, or dealing with anyone else's BS other than my own...for which there is a sufficient amount already. Work on the boat and buildings continues with some interesting discoveries. More on these in the next post. Peace