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  1. Errr....uuuuhhh.....yeah. To wit: Using a mirror to see the underside in public wont land you in the slammer.
  2. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Thoroughly enjoying working my way through this thread. With regards to the video production, consider this a "for what it is worth" kind of thing. Apologies if I have missed or not read yet and therefore spoken prematurely. An inexpensive way to "pull" vehicles can be found in model railroading. Motorizing kits for locomotive turntables and drawbridges are slow, smooth, and inexpensive. I don't know about on your side of the pond but in the US, Walthers is by far the big name distributor of this kind of stuff. Besides those, there are what are called "slow motion switch machines" used to operate track switches. They are incredibly smooth from start to stop. While designed for limited travel, a little engineering and modification might multiply that exponentially. People are going to be an issue for me on my project...at least the characters in the foreground. Thus far, nothing remotely close and of acceptable quality has been found. Painting people is NOT in my skillset but may have to take that plunge. Seeing some of works done on military figures by others (and sci fi), it CAN be done. I would welcome suggestions from any and all. Peace.
  3. What was the name of the group Al Bundy had for men on Married With Children? Seems like this is a modern rendition now that I think about it...or right out of the classic Red Green show. I nominate Ace Garageguy for President! Back to the issue at hand. Rust and weathering is dished out....not the other way around. One more....an M80 going off underneath it always has the desired effect.
  4. spraying them in the face with oven cleaner or soaking them for 2 days in brake fluid carries minimal legal ramifications.
  5. Plastic surgery is cheap, done at my insistence, and my airbrush is being used for what it was created for. Oh, and it doesn't care if I leave the toilet seat up or re purpose kitchen utensils. Best of all, it is always the model, paint, or glue that are in the wrong. It's never my fault.
  6. Just want to read some of the clever wit from this crew. Here is a starter 1. It is okay to openly gawk at other models.
  7. Great Gatsby Peterbilt scene update 2

    Thank you very much and I shall. Yes, your current project is amazing. What I may attempt in effort to keep the perspective correct is to use a scale ruler and build a 3d grid of sorts during construction and placement. It would be easily removable. String perhaps...or those cheap pocket lasers. Then, measure 10 foot cubes in 1/25 in front then 1/160 or so on the rear and erect string or beams accordingly. In short a way to chop the whole thing into correctly proportioned cubes. Nothing like making things more complex than necessary. Hip shooting might work too and be lots more fun. We shall see. Peace
  8. Finished at last! (almost)

    For those old enough to remember...is it live or is it memorex. Nice Peace
  9. Kenworth SAR Double Road Train

    Incredible job in so many ways. Peace
  10. What Irked You Today?

    My only Internet choice was frontier. Savages. While it took some adjusting, I cut the cord. All internet stuff now completed at Dunkin donuts during morning coffee. The savings pay for my coffee. Now, should dunkin be out of my favorite donut, well, it gets ugly. That's not savagery or indifference or even a rip off...that's cruelty to animals. Peace.
  11. Great Gatsby Peterbilt scene update 2

    Thank you. Its been 35 years plus since trying something like this but I want to try. Some of the works I see here are incredible and inspiring. Got to do something constructive. Truck is now pretty much done. Boat about half complete. Boat is lit but even wrapping the led's about 3 times with masking tape, they are still too strong. Should have wrapped them more. Didn't realize this until it was too late. To human eyes it's tolerable but horrible for the camera. Heavy emphasis is going on the front staircase to give it a grand feel and trying to make it look like mahogony. Work on detailing buildings further is underway. Haven't decided yet on a car or biplane to transition between the truck and buildings. Peace
  12. Wanted to post 1 pic with color before this thing makes its way to the diorama table and therefore the diorama section. Peace