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  1. olsbooks added a post in a topic ConventionalCO.....E   

    Well, I am hijacking this thread. This just has to be built! What an absolutely wonderful way to throw away what would amount to a million bucks today! In my time with the General, I surely don't recall ever hearing a peep about this thing. Probably did second hand and dismissed it as a bad joke. .

    25 years too late for Woodstock but would blend in nicely still in Sausalito, Roswell, and that other "weirdo" town in NM that slips my mind with all the hippie burnouts.

    If he had built this thing available in the mid 70's in the golden years of trucking, you can sure bet it would have been in a movie. Hollywood would have loved this. Convoy's Pigpen would have lost the Cruiseliner to this for sure.

    If I ever thought there was not a single cell of discernment left in that fried gray matter remaining between my ears, it has just been validated it still exists and works. "Not even I would do this". Thought about similar? Absolutely. Now maybe I do bounce back and forth between genius and insanity but this guy crossed the line and never looked back.

    But hey, he created "something" (potentially) useful and engaged the brain and hands. Far worse things have been done with that much time and money.

    The call will go out soon for hopeless glue bombs and cleaning out of your scrap boxes! Meanwhile, I might just see if this dude is still around. He might like a 1/25 version of it. Then again......

    Oh, did anybody notice what appears to be a double bunk IH 4070 beside it?

  2. olsbooks added a post in a topic ConventionalCO.....E   

    Being a former GMC guy and junk scrounger to boot, I just got to try and build this one day. I thought my Aero Astro project was a morphidite! .

    Can anybody make out the area code of GIA Equipment/Truck Undertakers on the pic or know where this thing actually is?

    Don't know how old the pic is, but its days look numbered and would fun to chase it down if has not gone way of the dodo bird. Though that would be a mercy killing.

    Heck if I had some money, what a perfectly wonderful way to flip off those that insist on conformance and go bankrupt at the same time.

    SURELY it has a Detroit..maybe even a 12V with straight pipes and dripping diapers wrapped around the bottom half of the engine with bailing wire.

    It has absolutely nothing good going for it and probably has driven more than 1 owner to ruin. Like the 3 legged, blind, dog with the mange and incontinence problems named "Lucky".

    Yes, I REALLY like this thing. Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1/16 GMC General update 34 - cab and hood teaser   

    Just a brief progress update. Starting to take shape. Really need dimensions of seat cushions from a 1/16 KW or Pete if someone can. Lugnut is getting to the point of wanting to have a place to sit. Dont need base dimensions as a functioning suspension is planned.

    For what it is worth, the trick of ultra thin superglue over balsa works great.


  4. olsbooks added a post in a topic all White - Autocar here   

    Must admit a partialness to the "true" White Western Stars. Growing up in the southeast US back "in the day", to see one of these was a definite "WHOA!". Even more of a treat than Brockways, Diamond Reo's, or Marmons. And that black/rainbow scheme was just so cool. WWS had some truly original paint jobs on the conventionals and COE's. Well done pulling off a very complex scheme!

    We had a huge construction company that had scores of White "Construcktors" in dumps and mixers. About the same as the above Autocars appearance wise. Anybody ever rebrand an Autocar into one of those?

    Thanks for the memories and sharing the great works. .

  5. olsbooks added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    1/16 seat dimensions needed
    Don't need the actual seats, just the dimensions on the cushions so I can fabricate some. A KW or Pete kit will be fine. Not worried about the seat base as plans are to build a working suspension.

    Could also use mirror head dimensions if handy.

    Please PM me. Thanks.

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  6. olsbooks added a post in a topic AMT Peterbilt 359 California Hauler Wrecker   

    So sharp and crisp one could cut themselves looking at it!

    VERY nice job.

  7. olsbooks added a post in a topic amt peterbilt 352 pacemaker cabover   

    Looking good!

    Trucktrader.com usually has some good pix. Be sure and look at their "auctiontime" section as well. Hanks Trucks also is a good ones. Or just spend some time looking at some of the multipage posts on "workbench" section here.
    Don't get hung up too much specifically looking for a Pete COE. The basics are the same regardless of make/model.

    One thing I noticed. Might want to double check your exhaust manifolds. Looks like they may be flip flopped.

    Keep it up!

  8. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1/16 GMC General update 34 - cab and hood teaser   

    Well, curiosity killed the cat. It was back to the cab and seeing if Lugnut could hang a door without hurting himself in the process. Door panels are just laying in place for paint later on. "And how did curiousity kill the cat?" you may ask? Look close at the outside of the door. Seems someone forgot to cut the hole for the exterior door handle before mounting it. Nice to be able to blame it on Lugnut. Raggafraggabragga......

    Overall, certainly not as clean as many of the precision works shared by others, it has the much sought after PRIMARY objectives. DURABLE and CHEAP. The "drip rail", like the weatherstrip, is a piece of baling wire and while hopes were to run it down lower in the front, due to hinge placement and resulting door swing, interference became a problem. Hopes of an external "fake" piano hinge to help hide the resulting cutout also fizzed as it would result in a door bind. Geometry was never a strong suit.

    As this thing is pretty largely a free hand, hack job full of hip shooting, it might come down to having a dark color "stripe" or something to help cover the exposed portion. On the good side is that if the door is "open" it is not visible.

    Thoughts are to use some magnets to help keep the doors closed if dreams of having it an RC come to pass to keep them from bouncing open. We certainly would not want Lugnut to fall out and suffer further traumatic brain damage.

    And more brainstorming on the fenders continues seeking something to "repurpose" as a starting point.. A stroll through second hand stores and "kitchen plastics" in the dollar stores are getting us closer to finding something. Some kitchen utensil storage trays (like those used to hold forks, spoons, and knives) might have potential. Or possibly some funky looking shampoo bottles. Getting closer........


  9. olsbooks added a post in a topic All K-Woppers, let's see them K- Dubs   

    Great works! Here are couple of KW's done over the past few years.


  10. olsbooks added a post in a topic Autocar memories   

    VERY sharp. The "shop" looks great too!
  11. olsbooks added a post in a topic 1/16 GMC General update 34 - cab and hood teaser   

    Thank you for all the kind comments.

    Moving forward, managed to get a bit of paint on the instrument panel so now it is on to putting in some lighting and gauge faces.

    In bigger news, giving the cab and doors a rest and trying to hack away on the hood (less fenders and grille surround). Closer look at the 1:1 hood reveals a long forgotten taper. So I took the existing sides (just sheet plastic), plopped a second layer on top and went in with a piece of balsa to try and recreate the taper. A model airplane buddy suggested slobbering the balsa in ultra thin superglue and then sanding for better paint finish. I may go back and do that but will do a bit more before getting to that point. Anyone ever done this? He is definitely a high end RC flyer with some nice works so who am I to poo poo it.

    I think you can figure out where we are going on the air cleaner. The cap is a frame bolt cover picked up at a truckstop for such a time as this. It is a little "big" compared to the chunky little thing standard on GMC's, but works just too well and does not look like the ones used by KW or Pete. JC Whitney air cleaner perhaps? It may not fly as the fenders will have to clear but it would not be too hard to make a bit shorter.

    Meanwhile, Lugnut is dumpster diving and calling in favors trying to find something to repurpose for use as fenders.

  12. olsbooks added a post in a topic GFLF Simba 8x8 (Wheels 08-22-2015)   

    This is really neat. Was unaware of such a beast.

    Look at the bright side. Fishing a toy out of toilet beats the typical alternative..

    Kids and cars.....groan. Yes indeed, pray we must that they will heed some advice, engage the brain, and turn off the cell phone.

    Look forward to seeing this come along.

  13. olsbooks added a post in a topic Baby girls' Peterbilt   

    I must ditto Sean's comments.

    It is a rare treat to look at some fantastic work, be able to oooh and ahhh over the workmanship AND get warm fuzzies and a smile on my face.

    The "WHY" behind any build seems to be seldom told but usually the best part. And we surely could not ask for a much better one than this could we?.

    And so with that I offer my cheers, throwing flowers at the stage, waving the cigarette lighter, assorted fanfare and an unofficial attaboy..

    So will it get "Hello Kitty" or "Strawberry Shortcake" mudflaps?. Would be tickled to try and whip you up some if you want.


  14. olsbooks added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    1/16 spoke wheels anyone anyone?
    I am working on a 1/16 GMC General largely scratch built and want to see if anyone can help me with some spoke wheels in 1/16. Front and rears. High end resin is out due to budget unless someone has botched or prototypes needing lots of rework.

    OR.....if anyone can think of a low priced "toy" that might have something that could be made to work.

    Thanks. PM's welcome


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  15. olsbooks added a post in a topic Mack DM600 roll-off truck 11-08-15 update   

    This will be really neat and original. Look forward to your fab'ing the dumpster. That will be no small project in itself. Far beyond my pay grade.

    Definitely one to follow and a guy surely could have a lot of fun with garbage, graffiti, dents, drippings, rust, and all that on the dumpster (if so inclined).

    Hmmmmmm.....don't know if that is a migraine or an idea coming on.