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  1. Thanks a lot, guys! I'm glad that you guys all like it, and that my attention to detail shows through! I really find the white around the grille to be a... strange thing. it's a weird place to just randomly put another colour of paint, but it looks good on a two-toned truck! I'm also glad that you think it looks dealer-fresh, Keith. That's exactly what I was going for!
  2. Well it’s finally done! The Revell 1964 Chevy Fleetside is the first pickup truck kit that I’ve ever built, although I do have many others in the stash. It was similar to a car, which was nice, but it was also a nice break, with some distinct differences in build order and challenges. I was originally attracted to this kit because it was something different from what I normally build, and I figured it would give me a chance to paint something in nice, ‘60s colours and with some chrome on it. I’m not that used to chrome, since so much of my stuff is 80’s-era, wherein all trim was blacked out to be “Euro style”. I have to say I’m very pleased with the result, although it wasn’t as easy to achieve as I might have thought it would be, given how relatively simple the build looked. Still, it’s one of the most eye-catching pieces in my display, and I enjoyed having something with whitewalls and chrome. Check out the build, with more pictures, at the link below. Let me know what you think, as always! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/cars/revell-1-25-1964-chevy-fleetside/
  3. Yeah, they're really quite amazing! I have yet to write them up, but I have a station wagon in two tone brown, that's an Aeroflot "Follow Me" car. I think it might be a Volga. Great, great model. I also have an ambulance and two versions of the passenger van; I think it's a DAF, but not like the Dutch one. I think that's what it's called. I don't have many of these things, but I'm always glad for the ones I do have. My brother has a limo that looks like a '56 Packard; it's a Zil, I think. I believe the model of car is a Chaika (gull, correct?). So awesome - it blows every other diecast I've seen away.
  4. My love of the odd and eclectic doesn’t just confine itself to building loser cars and weird airplanes. No, it goes much further than that, and is increasingly finding an outlet in terms of die cast replicas. Now, I know that there are all kinds of impressive large-scale cars out there, but not only are they big, they’re also expensive and rarely weird. No, I’m more into things like Hot Wheels J2000s and Yatming Vegas to bother with the normal stuff. One thing, I’ve found, though, is that the Russians make darned good, almost impeccably good, 1/43 die cast cars. These are right on part with Franklin Mint issues, with good interiors, engines and chassis, as well as lots of opening doors. One of the most deluxe I’ve found is actually a car most of us will recognize: the much loved/maligned NIVA! I picked this up a while ago at a toy show, and couldn’t resist. While it’s not a model you build, it’s certainly as well detailed as many 1/32 or even 1/25 cars (depending on the kit). Check it out, and then tell me you’re not impressed! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/cool-stuff/1-43-tantal-lada-2121-niva-with-skif-trailer/
  5. I proudly admit that I am a child of the ‘80s, and that growing up my favourite things were giant robots. It didn’t matter to me if they were Transformers, GoBots or piloted mecha from cool shows like Robotech or Voltron. Big robots = awesome. That’s true math. Since growing up kinda sucks, I think I decided not to bother, and I still love robots today! However, there’s something about ‘80s robots and ‘80s mech anime that just grab me and won’t let go. The art style, the character designs and the slightly looser constraints on what was allowed in terms of mech design really combine to make an irresistible product. That’s why I was so excited to not only get to watch Metal Armour Dragonar (albeit with questionable subs), but to get my hands on pretty much every 1/144 kit from the series! The first one I built was the Schwalg, an enemy flying mech known, appropriately, as a Flug Armor. Check it out, and see why these simple but awesome kits are some of my prized possessions! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/mecha-robots/bandai-1-144-flug-armor-ffa-02-schwalg/
  6. Really? Metallic satin beige? Well, that is in keeping with the times, I guess! Nowhere did I ever run into anyone who mentioned that. I did see one truck that had such a finish on the 'net, but so many other things in the cab were customized, I didn't think that would be the original colour! Now THAT is cool! Too late for this build, but definitely cool! Is that the same for Suburbans, too?
  7. Hey Bill! Thanks for the info! I found it hard to get good info on the purely bone-stock versions of these trucks; everyone seems to customize them somehow. Of course, that's why I'm trying to be as stock as possible! I don't have one of those steering wheels, since this isn't my era of kit, but I'm glad to know about it and will keep it in mind should I decide to swap it at some point, or come across one! Hey, don't worry about helping me with correct info! I'm always glad to have it. I might try to correct it before I assemble, but I may just leave it. I don't want you to think I'm being a jerk now, but I'm very superstitious about changing something once it's assembled. I will, however, file this information with the other stuff I collected on the truck so I have it for the next time. I've seen a number of people building '65 and '66 versions of this truck on various boards, so hopefully this will help them, if nothing else! Thanks, man!
  8. One of my favourite parts of a car kit is the interior. Since this is where most of us spend the our time with our cars, I like to make it as authentic as possible within the confines of what the kit gives me. Usuall, car interiors aren’t bad. However, the interior on the ’64 Chev Fleetside I’m working on is, well, a bit confused. The problem is that it has features of both the standard and the “Custom” cab, so getting everything sorted out took a bit of work! Thankfully, I was able to mostly get it looking like it should, and now the Fleetside at least has an “office” to work with! Check it out below; feedback is welcome as always! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/2018/01/03/64-chevy-fleetside-update-2-inner-conflict/
  9. '51 Norton Manx

    Man, I'm not a bike guy, but that looks fantastic! I like that it's been "dechromed"; your metal shade work looks great! Kinda makes me want to try my hand at a bike, now...
  10. Dave:

    If  you're interested in the X Fighter, drop me a PM or email me (you can find the email on my website). 

    I tried to PM you, but it says you can't receive messages. 

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  11. X Fighter - The Lamest Jedi?

    Man, Dave Van, it seems a few people have expressed a desire to own this! I didn't think people would lust after it like they have! I'm likely better to sell it than try to build it!
  12. It’s only human nature to jump onto the bandwagon. When that bandwagon is being pulled by a successful franchise like Star Wars, it should come as no surprise that everybody wants in on the action. However, in the rush to cash in on a name, some companies take short cuts. This is where the wonderful world of “bootleg” or “non-licenced” toys, models and other goods takes centre stage. I’m not here to encourage bootlegs, but when I come across one that’s interesting, I can’t help but show it off. Just in time for The Last Jedi, then, (See how I hopped on that bandwagon? ) I would like to present to you, the modelling public, my out of box review for the Crown Star Warrior X Fighter. Not even Poe’s signature Black and Orange paint can save this outcast from failure! Check it out at the link below! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/out-of-box-reviews/crown-non-scale-star-warrior-x-fighter-oob/
  13. Aerial Abomination - Amiot 143 Out of Box

    I can see that. It has a lot of Maxim Gorky in it, doesn't it. Being smaller, maybe it's the "Minim Gorky"?
  14. Oh Lord... those two-piece tires. The old AMT '77 Monza has those. The only thing I've found to glue them is Loctite Surface Prep and their own CA. It will work, but it won't take a lot of stress. What were they thinking? How did they even make that material. It has the gluability of UHMW Teflon!
  15. Fair enough! I haven't had the chance to fiddle with mine. The good news is, we both win! Either people can use the fairly good rubber, or I can use the fairly good styrene! Still, while they fit the stock rims, those are pretty beefy tires to be stock on this truck.