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  1. See, that's a problem... there's never enough sixes and base fours around. I think the aftermarket needs to start taking "base" more seriously. We need more base wheel covers, lower-end wheels and smaller engines so we can get some variety! Think about it; you could have all kinds of coolness with 6 cyl Caprices (They did make those, didn't they?), 4 cylinder Gen 3 F-bodies, etc. Now I'm getting turned on! The Pacer's engine would be one of those things it'd be nice to have a handful of, that's for sure!
  2. Thanks! It is not an easy kit, and that's not helped by the mileage that MPC got out of that poor Dodge van! It's probably my favourite small-scale van, just because the IMSA flares are so ridiculous, yet cool, at the same time.
  3. There’s nothing quite like the unknown to get the old imagination cranking. One facet of this from a modelling perspective is to embrace sci-fi subjects. However, there’s another way to go about it, and that’s “What-If” or “whif”-type subjects. Of course, for some of us, both are equally as much fun, and my stack of anime kits and Luft ’46 creations attests to this. One of the cooler Whifs that’s kind of real, but still not really known, is the stealthy Blackhawk (?) derivative used in the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound. Sure, the raid left a tantalizing souvenir in the form of a tail rotor pylon, but even after that, little has come to light about the chopper, and the entire program remains rather closely-guarded. Amazingly, only Dragon (so far as I know) has bothered to try to kit this famous “boogeyman” of an airplane, and sadly only in 1/144. Still, as far as Whifs go, it’s a pretty cool subject, and the small scale only helps hid that not a lot of detail is known about the bird. Check out my out of box review for it below; make sure you’re wearing a tinfoil hat, though, first! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/out-o[f-box-reviews/dragon-1-144-stealth-blackhawk-oob/
  4. Thanks David! Yeah, the palette of brown/orange and yellow screams late '70s almost as much as the studded naugahyde and fin-mags!
  5. Man, that's "great minds think alike" made real! I was just looking at those two kits after watching the Battalogue episode on Saturday! I've yet to build one of the "girl" kits, although I have a bunch. I'm not sure how to treat them; as MS kits I don't mind the joints, but as figure kits, they drive me nuts. So, do I pose them, then glue, putty and paint, or do I build them as is and assume they're models, like in the show (which is weird)? Or, am I overthinking it? I can't help but wonder if that's the case here... I didn't know that big Fumina was that much! I am amazed Wheels and Wings had one - I remember a time a few years ago I'd go in there and they'd have only a couple of Gundams. less than 10 years ago, and they didn't even know what an MS was! Now they've got tonnes. Kudos to them for recognizing a growing segment of the modelling world, and kudos to Bandai for just continuing to push until Gundam kits are everywhere! I've never paid more than $100 for a kit. Of anything. Ever. However, I'm likely going to have to when the Penelope comes out. FML that thing is huge!
  6. Man, a BRAT and a bustle-back? Those are the two ends of the weird extreme, that's for sure, especially in Sweden!! That's hilarious about how the BRAT could just shrug off the failures. It's like the A-10 of cars! It would be nice to have a replica of a family car like that! I hope you can get a copy of the reissue!
  7. Summer is a great time for road trippin’, and nothing makes a trip better than getting some good sprue along the way. I did well on a two-pronged trip in August, and I just got the stuff organized. I thought it would be fun to share my haul from Michigan to Hamilton , Ontario! Check it out at the link below; if you thought I had eclectic tastes before, well… just think that now I’m going from Barbie Vette to nuclear missile, and all points in between! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/scores-and-collections/2019-end-of-summer-haul/
  8. Randy! You survived owning two Vegas!? Nice work! I personally have always liked Mustang IIs, especially the notchbacks. For some reason "Mustang guys" hate them. However, stylistically, they use all kinds of cues from the '64.5 Stang, like the side coves, general proportioning and even grille shape (although that's from a bit later model year). I mean, they really ARE Mustang 2.0. They were even gutless secretary cars, just like the originals! There's nothing there for purists to hate on. I personally hate four-eyed Fox-Stangs, though. That '79 Cobra is just SOOOO weak-looking compared to a '79 T/A. I mean, turbo four vs. 400 four-speed? Yeah... not even close.
  9. Oh, no offense taken! I just wanted to let people know that the BRAT isn't quite a loser, but it is an oddball! You're darned tootin' I love my losermobiles! Nothing too much more fun than flogging a very dead horse (or Citation)! You're welcome, and there's still lots more to come. Imagine the fun I can have with a Trabby Wagon, that MPC '79 Cobra and some of my Monzas... Of course, I have a lot of non-loser weirdos too. Oh, then there's my Corvette America... It's all just too much fun, and I'm thrilled you guys are along for the ride!
  10. Thanks guys! I do agree that the BRAT,. while weird, isn't really a loser. The kit is, but that's a different story! (As you all know by now!) I agree that it was a simpler, likely better time, and I'm sure there's no way in heck those seats are legal now. You're right, too, that I do love the "mutts"; everybody likes to build the good kits of the good cars... can't forget the dogs! That's true for the real cars and their styrene equivalents! I've always liked BRATS in real life, though. I think they're pretty hot looking little trucks. Yes, there should be a tire under the hood. I do mention it in my article; the firewall isn't even contoured right for it. Oh AMT...
  11. I think this might redefine “labour of love” for me; the BRAT is finally done! It took a lot, and there were so many big and little things that had to be done to get the darned thing together, but I have to say it was all worthwhile. Since turning one down at the dawn of my interest in car kits, I’ve always wanted a chance to build one of these lovably oddball machines. I got my chance when I picked one up about a year ago, and now it’s done and on my shelf. Check out my original AMT BRAT, with custom-resized decals in all its chicken-tax-evading glory at the link below, and let me know what you think. Who out there is building the resissue? I’m interested to know if it has the same issues! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/amt-matchbox-1-25-1978-subaru-brat/
  12. Yeah, it is. I'm still amazed I have on in my collection. Talk about one man's junk being another's treasure, eh?
  13. When it comes to the Cold War, there’s little more iconic, at least in Europe, than the Avro Vulcan bomber. With an advanced design and powerful engines, the Vulcan was the bomber that looked like a space ship and handled like a fighter. I remember seeing it when I was very young at the London (Ontario, Canada) International Airshow. It was amazing then, and it’s still amazing now, even though XH558 is no longer flying. Of course, this symbol of British achievement makes a natural subject for a toy from a top British maker. Dinky thought so too, and thus undertook to develop and sell a Supertoys-sized replica of the silver, dart-like bomber in the mid-1950s. Space, jets and all things fast were all the rage, and Dinky thought a Vulcan would be a sure seller. They were right. However, due to a serious oversight, only 500 or so of this mould were ever produced. They were so awesome they LITERALLY broke the mould. Amazingly, I have (thanks to my brother) managed to get one of these for my collection. If you’ve never seen one before, I’m not surprised. I hadn’t either until I got mine as a Christmas gift. Check out Dinky’s biggest example of “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” at the link below. https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/dinky-toys-supertoys-no-749-992-avro-vulcan/
  14. Thanks Ken! Yeah, Bandai just knows how to make kits. When you consider the amount of engineering to make a snap kit that good, that can move the way it does, has the detail it does and still be a great kit for hardcore modelling, it's truly amazing! What ones have you been working on?
  15. For me, building models is an equal part of artistic expression and attention to detail. It all depends on the kit itself, and how I’m feeling at the time. When it comes to Gundams, though, it’s a toss-up, in most cases, as to whether I’ll build it box-stock or customize it. One thing I do love to do, though, is make non-canonical MSs fit into their respective (although usually it’s the UC) universe! As if reading my mind, Bandai’s excellent “Build Fighters” series kits walk the perfect line between canon and fanciful, and there are many great designs that improve on their originals rather well. One example of that is the fanciful, knight-like “Gyancelot”. With a plumed headdress, cape and Zeon Crest-shaped spear, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just not UC-able. However, that’s just what I did – reworked the mech’s colours and backstory so it made sense within the UC timeline! Check it out below, and let me know what you think. Have you had any other ideas of what to do with your Gyancelot, if you have one? https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/bandai-1-144-yms-15gc-gyan-crusader/
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