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  1. My Grandfather had an '85 Cougar. Just basic, with the 6 and no options, and even it was a nice car! I really like that class of car - shame they still don't make anything like that.
  2. I agree, the T-Bird is awesome. I loved those when they came out! Did you guys go and vote on my website? I noticed the T-Bird has a lot of love here, but only two votes on my page, which is where I tally the votes. As for "Pinto Popper", it's the '77 with the Pinterra parts. NOT the same body shell, though. I tried to put the nose on, and there are a LOT of differences. For one thing, the '76 headlight bezels are hexagonal, and the Pinterra nose fits to that. They're squared on the '77. Also, the front "chin" rolls under differently on the '76. It's more vertical on the '77 and the nose won't fit well.
  3. What's the point of the separate hood, if you don't have an engine under there? I do like those, though. I have the Tamiya. Wait... did I see seat-backs on that kit? Man, it's already whooping the Tamiya's backside if that's the case!
  4. I think comparing that repugnant little toad the Renault 5 to the bloated bullfrog that was the Pacer is an egregious insult. The problem is... I don't know who should feel worse! Sorry... can't buy in. So much gag reflex when I see many different French cars, but the 5 has always given me the creeps.
  5. With Christmas truly over, all the decorations long down and the new year proving to be not yet much better than the last, I thought it would be fun to show that it wasn’t all bad news. I thought it might be nice to see that even in the midst of some of the worst times something simple like model kits can bring a lot of people together, even if they can’t be right there. What better way to do that than to show you guys the rather eclectic mix of models that I got for Christmas, and for you to help decide which one you want to get reviewed first. Check out my haul of cars, bikes planes and tanks (oddly, no robots!) at the link below, and let me know which one you like best! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/christmas-haul-2020/
  6. Wow! Now THAT is some French ugliness!!! You know I love Hellers, and I love to hate French cars, and this one... that's so disgustingly ugly that I'm going to be getting one if I can find it. I truly don't get the Renault design philosophy. Some of their cars are okay. The rest.... like the 5, the 14, 16 and lots of others are just hideous. This thing looks like a constipated puffer fish. You know that makes me want it.
  7. If you want to see some car kits and engines, you can check the reviews on my site. I generally build kits with full engines, when possible. Cars | The Sprue Lagoon (wordpress.com) You can see I have mostly US stuff, but the Ford Sierra from Tamiya is nice, and fully engined. I have the AMT Capri II, Scirocco and of course the various Revell Escorts and Golfs to recommend if you want Eurpoean full-engined cars. MPC made a great, GREAT '82 (I think) Supra, and if you like Euro trucks there's the AMT Courier and MPC Dodge D-50. The BRAT kit, recently reissued, is a cool kit, but the engine is incomplete, as you can see from my articles on it. For some more JDM, the Tamiya NSX and 280Z have opening engine bays, too. For something different there's the 1/32 EXP/LN7 (see my Out of Box Reviews | The Sprue Lagoon (wordpress.com) page). The Revell Germany Golf Mk.1/Rabbit is insanely well-detailed, as is their line of Trabants! If you want something else, the Transporter/Joker has a full engine I think. Don't forget the Bandai 1/20 Piazza - it has a full engine and is quite a cool looking kit of a largely forgotten car! Hope some of these suggestions help!
  8. Nice! I'm really pumped, because I got this one for Christmas myself! I remember friend of mine riding his much older brother's old Krate when I was younger, back in the early '80s. I love the spokes... I don't have the guts to tackle that, but you, sir, have done a marvellous job! Good on you!
  9. So, as for most of us, I’ve pretty much had it with the dumpster-fire that is 2020. It’s been exhausting and worrisome and just plain stupid, and I’m more or less over it. It is fine for it to pizz right off and never make its kind known again. Of course, I’m sure it’ll only get worse from here, but that kind of positivity is something for another day. In the spirit of 2020, that Grand Conjunction of Murphy’s Law and Sisyphus’ landscaping chores, I thought it was a perfect time to show how the Pioneer 2 Flagon G was coming. If there’s any project that really wallows in the spirit of this past year like a pig in its own manure, then it’s this thing. Check out all the “fun” below, and really, really… don’t try this one at home. Have a safe and profitable 2021, everyone! Happy New Year! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/2020/12/30/flagon-g-update-1-take-it-in-almost-throw-it-out/
  10. Yeah, that's what I mean. I am looking for brand new, shiny but chromy too, brass. I've found that Alclad II Chrome (And Molotow, to a greater degree) get dulled SLIGHTLY by the Alclad II Aquagloss, but are still okay. Anything else, though, and yeah, the chrome goes to complete poop. I didnt' know Alclad made a Brass. Now all I have to do is find a hobby shop that sells the Alclads. London (Ontario) doesn't have an Alclad dealer that I know of. Of course, it's academic, since everyone's now locked down for COVID again, so no more hobby shop runs for a while. Thanks for all the awesome ideas, though, guys!
  11. I love the Matchbox kits, not jus the armour, but the planes, too. I have found lots of uses for those "M" stands over the years - I have a couple on my website that are used to support some Sci-Fi craft. Those stands were great, and the gimbal at the top is brilliant. While they require a lot of work and are nowhere near as fine as today's kits, I still love building Matchboxes. Simple and fun, they have the advantage of allowing tonnes of customization while at the same time being very solid and transportable when done. Not only that, but until just recently, you weren't going to find a Skyknight, a two-hole lightning, viggen or Hunter in many other 1/72 places. Still don't think anyone else has made a 1/72 Heyford since them. I love esoteric subjects, simple kits and great box art. No wonder I'm all over the old MBs.
  12. I find the Rustoleums aren't that "chromy". The polished brass looks like whitish-gold chrome, usually, when it's new and shiny. Is that how the Rustoleum looks, or does it look like antiqued, patinaed brass? Same question for the MM. Is there an Alclad, or AK that's polished brass, or something you can do to overcoat Molotow?
  13. My question is, how DO you do the brass on a brass-era car?
  14. It's a Pyro? I thought it was a Kaysun! You're right, of course, about the time thing. I've noticed it too. For me, it's when people talk of 1995 like it's a quarter century ago, and I'm all like... wait... it IS! Shoot.
  15. We all know that “retro modelling” is now a major force. We’ve seen the reissues and the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia have never been put to more use than now. There’s a lot of demand for repops of old, hard to get kits of weird, not-kitted-since subjects. I thought this was a new trend. I was surprised to find out just how “not new” it was when I got my big box of models in the mail from Alan. In that box, among all kinds of cool stuff, was a Hawk Hupmobile Runabout. This is certainly a subject you don’t find kitted today, and I wasn’t surprised to see it was from the mid ‘60s. However, I was surprised to find out that even then, the model and the subject were both retro, being issued in the mid ‘50s by Kaysun. Thus, you could say that this unusual model really is an early example of a retro-repop! Check out this ancient replica of an even more ancient relic at the link below. It won the poll I put up, but I’m glad I did. I find Brass Era cars fascinating, and this kit is pretty awesome. https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/hawk-kaysun-1-24-1909-hupmobile-model-20-runabout-oob/
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