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  1. Oh man, if we could get this reissued, it would be awesome! I'd likely buy another one, just for the decals. I was surprised to see it going for as much as it is. I got a real deal on mine. That means I don't have to worry (as much) about something if it goes wrong! I'm glad a lot of folks are excited about this one! I'd rather Round 2 reissue the California Sunshine or, be still my beating heart, the "Grand Superfly". I'd buy like three of those...
  2. Well, the results are in and the people have spoken! Of the kits I managed to snag in London (Ontario, Canada) during the model show at the end of September, one has been quite overwhelmingly chosen as the “king of the losers”! The winner of this dubious title was the AMT BRAT, that awesome little bundle of tax-evading passenger un-safety! The margin of victory was considerable, with 71 votes, the Brat managed 17. Sure, that’s only 24%, but in Canadian politics at least, that’s more than enough to win! Given that the BRAT is also one of my top purchases (since I stupidly passed one up years ago) I was more than willing to dive right in and get you guys an Out of Box report on this fairly rare little beast. So check it out below! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/amt-matchbox-1-25-1978-subaru-brat-oob/

    Oh man, that van!!! I'm very in for that one. Not sure what I'll do with my Phantom Van of a few years ago now; isn't it the same base kit? Oh wait, if it IS the same base kit, then maybe I can use up BOTH decal schemes! So many van kits to go, but this is a good step down the road!
  4. Mike: At the sale where I got the KR200, I actually saw the above kit as well! I immediately regretted buying the High-tech one, since I love Isettas too. I did notice that it was all clear. What in the living... anyway, I thought "Maybe my brother will build the other 'Schmitt, or I could make a "zwilling" (German for a 'twin', a fetish they had in the war)". However, when I saw the person wanted $55, and I know they are not a good bargainer, I gave up and was glad I'd bough the High-Tech version for much, much less. Now, if someone could do a PROPER Isetta, maybe in 1/16, that would rock!
  5. Since the Messerchmitt is unwrapped, I took a look at it. YIKES!! There's so much PE and white metal in there... I don't even know how to put it together properly! I'm not going to say I'm going to disagree with you about the relative easiness of the kits!
  6. A bit of both. I actually started writing something about a "rabbit hole" of awesome car kits, but then forgot to change the "hole" when I changed my mind. :0
  7. There's a poll at the bottom of the post (at the Sprue Lagoon). I can't go and vote, since I made the poll, but if you guys vote on that poll, then I'll know which way the wind is blowing for sure. The Lil Red Express is winning so far, but the voting's for a week.
  8. I’m sure everyone’s heard of an embarrassment of riches, right? Well, what happens when the riches you have are embarrassing, and they’re so plentiful that you get paralyzed by choice? Well, for one thing, you get what happened to me! At my local show just recently, I hit the vendors hard, and got so many amazing kits that I am a bit stuck for which one to open up and review first! When you’re weighing things like a Firebird station wagon, a four-door Corvette, a BRAT and a Messerschmitt cycle car, it’s not easy to come to a quick decision. So, I’m doing what anyone would do, when staring down the Magnum PI Vanagon and a Suzuki Samurai… I’m asking for help! Check out my awesome score of total automotive oddballs, and give me a hand with a vote for what you want to see as the next out of box car on the Lagoon! Just follow the link below, but be ready… awesomeness awaits! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/scores-and-collections/london-model-show-haul-2018/
  9. Sunset - the night is coming!

    Yes... Yes you should! Maybe, in the cold dark days of the winter, when light and warmth seem forever away, we should start a "sunset group build". Is that something you guys do here? As for Bear Bait, I had fun building it stock, but I would love another one to build full custom. C'mon Round 2, you can do it!
  10. Sunset - the night is coming!

    It's funny, I did leave out Bear Bait and Gold rush - they weren't present when did the photo shoot because they're already built! I use their boxes for spares boxes and forgot all about them! That 78 Chevy Sportback is awesome!!! That's one kit we need reissued immediately. Mostly because it's not even real, I don't think. That package wasn't available on a Monza, so it's an awesome Automotive What-If. I think. I remember researching it a while ago and finding something wrong with it, like the Pacer X from '78, which also never existed. So much sunset... so little time. I hadn't seen a lot of these kits before - totally awesome! I was also hoping they'd reissue California Sunshine at some point. I've seen one, but the decals were pooched, which is half the kit. P.S. What is with the side "pie chart" on that Monza??? WTF?
  11. Sunset - the night is coming!

    Nice! There are so many of these things! It really was a big thing, wasn't it! What else to people have in their stashes??
  12. Since it’s the end of Summer as I write this, and the days are getting shorter, I thought it would be appropriate to put up a display of my “Sunset Stripe” cars. Unsurprisingly, most of them are MPCs, since that was right up their alley! Check out this collection at the link below, and get your time machines ready! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/scores-and-collections/sunset-stripes-car-collection/
  13. That's really weird, Mike, that yours was a Crusing Wagon but without the graphics. I've never seen one in the flesh like that, but you could get it! An amazingly rare car! Awesome!!! As for the carpet on the panels, I've noticed that in the brochure I've seen, the '80s have it as carpet (although the shot in the brochure showed red on a red interior) and I've seen a pic of one with red vinyl on the panels, likely a 79. Since I was using the old inset panels for the job, and they were smooth, I just "vinylized" them and left it at that. It is an interesting change, though. to be honest, the carpet looks weird, but more appropriate. To be honest, I'm surprised you could get black carpet on a non-black interior's panels. I wonder, could they have come from a Rallye package, maybe? I know that consistency was not a hallmark of '70s car ordering. You are so right about the cat. The problem is, I can't find any good pictures of the cat, so shape and size were completely beyond me. I decided just to leave well enough alone. Same thing with the underhood lack of detail. There are no bottles, no master cylinder, nothing. I was getting to the point where I didn't want to drag out the build any more, so some things I just left as they came in the kit. The lack of cat was one of them! Good eyes, though, and I appreciate the detailed inspection of my work! It's not only '70s Cats that do that. My dad has a 2002 Mazda Protege 5. Great car, but since it was about a year old, you get a bit of rotten egg smell in it if it doesn't run long enough.
  14. Even if it’s a loser car, with a loser engine (which it is), I still like to try and make the interior and chassis of a car kit look as good as possible. Of course, when you’re talking about the make-work-project that is the MPC 1979 Pinto “Pony Express” reissue, that’s not exactly an easy chore. Thankfully, the chassis and interior on this kit are fairly simple, and require less reworking than the body and engine! Check out my progress at the link below. This little beast is edging further towards completion! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/2018/09/12/pinto-update-3-inside-underside-tnt/
  15. MS-08 Efreet - Norris Packard Custom

    Thanks Ray! That's one of the best parts of building Mecha. Giant robots are just cool, even if you don't know anything about them! In the pre-internet days, I'd buy a kit entirely on how it looked; it had nothing to do with what it did or didn't do in the anime it came from. I figured I'd never get to see the animes anyway! Well, that's changed, but my buying on "cool factor" alone hasn't!