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  1. The Battle of the BRAT rages on! I’ve been hacking away at the original AMT BRAT for a while now, and am making good progress. Thankfully, the body seems to have the highest number of flaws, since I was able to get the chassis and engine done without major issue. Of course, that doesn’t mean AMT still didn’t find ways to disappoint; that would be unthinkable! From poor location to just plain old forgetting to finish the job, the BRAT has some interesting quicks in its lower half. You can check out the chassis and engine at the link below, and if you’ve got a reissue of this kit, let me know if they fixed the issue on the motor. https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/2019/07/16/brat-update-2-topless-on-bottom/
  2. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I haven't seen a stock Vega since about the end '86. There were a pair in the townhouse complex I grew up in. One was (of course) a brownish gold, with woodgrain; it was clearly a wagon. the woodgrain tried to hid the hideous amounts of rust. However, it failed. The other was a green wagon. Also a woody. There had been a Pontiac Astre for a while, too. I think it started as silver, but so much primer on there I couldn't be sure. I don't remember seeing it after I got G1 Metroplex though, so I guess the winter of '85-'86 killed it. The other two made it until the end of summer, at least. Yes, Vegas and Hoovers did have the "uck" in common.
  3. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    See, I have to say, I'd rather have a later vega; the ones with the "vacuum cleaner grate" front. I call it that, because when I was growing up we had an old Hoover that reminded me of a Vega. Well, in looks. It ran for 25 years, so it was UNLIKE a Vega in other was. However, I will not turn down an early one. I know there's a promo of the "cool" later ones; my brother has it. I bought it for him, and almost tore it down so I could build it like a kit! Vega Army: RISE!
  4. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Hey now!!! There are three of us that want a stock Vega!!! If they can give me a stock Vega, I will weep. For so, so many reasons, I will weep. Truly, despite all the Pintos, Pacers and Gremlins, EXPs and Cavaliers I have, the lack of Vega is a travesty. To make up for it, I had to resort to buying three Monzas (and had a fourth at home)!!! C'mon everyone: Chant it with me! We Want Stock! We Want Stock! No Stock, No Peace! What do we want? Stock! When do we want it? As soon as possible, thanks! (Well, I AM Canadian...) 8)
  5. My Michigan Car Haul!

    Hey Ray! Yeah, living that close to them would be great, and dangerous! Only 80? Bah... I bought more than that last year, and that was the lowest year on record in the last 10 for me!!! You're still okay! I have a modelling centre in my basement, too. It's a little oasis of styrene... love it. I can never tell when I'm going to be there, but I appreciate the invitation! Adam
  6. My Michigan Car Haul!

    Ray, Ed: You guys weren't kidding! I stopped in at Great Lakes yesterday during a business trip to Novi. I was running really late and knew I'd end up fighting traffic, but I took the detour anyway. SO worth it!! That shop is crammed! I'm going to have to go back when I have some time. I think Wheels and Wings in TO is about the only place I've seen with more kits, and there's a shop in Oakville that might be more diverse, but it's hard to say. It was certainly worth the trip, since I managed to snag one of the Takom G6 Rhinos. I'd wanted one since it came out, but it's too expensive up in Canada. However, GL had it for a great price, even with exchange! So, I bought myself an early B'day present and didn't even mind getting home later! Thanks for the tip, guys!
  7. Jim: I was at a toy show on the weekend. You'll never guess what I found. The Escii Renault 5 police car. It's not QUITE a LeCar (has better, flush headlamps) but other than that, it's awfully close! I was pretty pumped, as you can imagine. Despite what the auto press of the day said, I still think those are horrible, ugly cars. Being in Canada, we got them a few more years than the US, and I can rememer always thinking they were just the grossest little automotive ticks I'd ever seen. True to this day. So, the loser list is getting fuller!
  8. Wow... I thought only the Brits and Japanese had Three-Wheelers! Impressive, though! Darn.. that's a heck of a list! I have a Toyota Vitz (which is the domestic Echo/Yaris), as well as that brown Civic I did, and a couple of Kei Cars. I would LOVE a Fuego!!! I think those are cool looking. They do suck, though. Maybe there's a Burago in 1/43? I do have a Burago Renault 9 I could do as an Alliance... By Tercel, I hope you mean one of those ugly 4WD "station wagon" ones. You forgot the Fire Arrow!!! I know it's a Dodge, but it isn't... I do have a Trabant, if you're looking for Euroloser.
  9. If I didn't have the old one already, I'd be kicking down doors to get this one! It's not the best kit, but it's miles and miles better than their mid-'70s kits, and the interior detailing is quite good too. There are issues, of course, but hey, it's a BRAT! What else do you want?
  10. Jim, Jim, Jim... You're very close!! I would, of course, build all of those, but the Rendezvous isn't nearly horrible enough. Now, you replace that with a Renault Alliance, and the Fairmont (which is lame, but not terrible) with a Stallion Package Maverick, and we've got something going ON. My only question is: HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HEAD!!! Oh, and how are you going to get out... it's messy in there!
  11. Hey! I love green cars. You think that's bad, though? Yeah... it can be worse. It can have a vinyl top!! WTF?? On a Pinto? But it is legit! A sad kit of a worse car. It's a true epicenter of automotive failure.
  12. If you know me, then you know my thing is weird cars, the everyday and what I call “loser cars”. One of the most recognized, reviled and joked about loser cars of the Automotive Dark Ages was the Ford Pinto. With a reputation for blowing up like a stick of Looney Tunes dynamite and a design that was a weird mix of practical and impractically underpowered and underbuilt, the Pinto has long epitomized how low things could go. It’s no surprise then that I was beside myself with excitement when Round 2 anounced they were going to give us our SECOND Pinto reissue. First, there was the Pony Express wagon, followed now by the AMT 1977 hatchback! For Pinto-philes (even sounds gross) and loser-lovers like me, getting a chance to own the second-ugliest installment of Ford’s incendiary blighter was something that had only been hoped for. I managed to snag one a week and change ago, and I’m really surprised to see that no one else out there seems to have jumped on this one. Of course, that might be because, unlike me, they knew what to expect! Check out my out of box review for this new stain on your modelling display at the link below, and bring your fire extinguishers! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/1-25-amt-round-2-1977-pinto-runabout-oob/
  13. Since I'm still in the middle of mine, I can tell you that kit looks exactly the same. Even the tires look identical to the original. Even though they're not pad printed (a shame), they should be good. They are a TINY bit too narrow for the rims, but I've seen way worse. That new Decal Sheet is awesome! However, that's a later striping style. I am not sure, because I've been focusing on late '70s ones, but that's more like into the '80s. I'm not sure if that's correct for this kind of BRAT or not - it's closer to the decals on the second series. Still, they're going to work better than my originals will! I hope you enjoy it, man! I'll be posting an update on mine in a couple of weeks. Things have gotten a bit stalled. Let me know if they put anything on top of the engine. There's a clear alignment rib, but nothing goes up there on mine. Fixing that would be awesome!
  14. My Michigan Car Haul!

    I figure if they're going to make me get up early, drive 2.5 hours for a meeting that's less than a half hour long, and useless (like I predicted) then I'm bloody well going to get a good lunch and a new model kit out of it! Oh man... Great Lakes is on Van Dyke? I'll definitely try to stop in there next time! Thanks for the pointer, Paul!
  15. My Michigan Car Haul!

    Yes, I did get them at Ashbrook's! Good call Paul! I see you're in MI as well - how close is Richmond to Highland? Ashbrook's was pretty neat, my brother got some Hot Wheels there too. The best part of Richmond, though, has to be Ken's Country Kitchen. That place if amazing! I've never seen so much food, so good, so cheap! I just ate there on a business trip to NOVI on Tuesday! Went about 1/2 hour out of my way, and turned down a free lunch just to go there! Oh, and I got a Ghost Rider Vette at Ashbrook's too.