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  1. Faust added a topic in All the Rest   

    GM II Cannon - some more bang for the buck!
    If there’s one thing that Build Fighters has taught us, it’s that it’s cool to customize Gundam kits. Of course, many of us knew that already. For a good number of us, the more generic types of MS kits (like Zakus, Doms and GMs) are sometimes even more attractive as canvases for our imaginations than the more famous mecha in the Gundam universe. 

    A perfect example is the GM series from both the original Gundam, and it’s barely-upgraded Z Gundam follow on, the GM II. I was surprised when Bandai bothered to make a GM II, and I was even more surprised when I bought it. I don’t really like the GM II at all, but like all of its cannon-fodder  ilk, it had potential to be so much more!

    Check out my GM Cannon modification to this otherwise hapless suit, giving it not only more punch and personality, but also making it harder to pin down in the UC timeline!


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  2. Faust added a topic in All the Rest   

    Boulton Paul's Turret Fighter - done!
    When I was learning about WWII planes, a long time ago, I was fascinated with several aircraft that just seemed strange compared to what I’d seen before. One, of course, was the Boulton Paul Defiant; it was a part-Hurricane/part-Spitfire concoction WITH A TURRET!! I grew up with the 80’s GI Joes, so I had a Rattler, which was a VTOL A-10 ripoff with a turret on it. So it didn’t look  out of place because I wasn’t used to turrets, it looked out of place because I didn’t realize anyone had ever done that!

    I, of course, wanted a kit of it, but the only kit at the time was the old Airfix one, and even 25 years ago I knew that kit was a piece of, well, “history”, shall we say. I’ve had to wait a long time for a decent, affordable Defiant in 1/72, but now that Airfix’s new kit is here, I can say it was worth it! Check out my completed Defiant, and be amazed at how far Airfix actually has come from the old days!


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  3. Faust added a post in a topic Palmer '70 Vette - what to do?   

    From what I've seen on a couple of other posts, it's something akin to a bar of soap with a vaguely Corvette outline. 
    You KNOW I'm going to have fun with that!
  4. Faust added a post in a topic Palmer '70 Vette - what to do?   

    I think it's too late anyway. I'm either immune or already infected, so I think I'm safe!
  5. Faust added a post in a topic Big-Scale T/A Pace Car - OOB   

    I've got the Stealth, the '94 (?) Z-28SS, the Z-10 pickup, a Police Grand Cherokee and a Jimmy. They all look decent enough. I've passed on the Explorer, myself. I've got a much nicer AMT in 1/24. 
  6. Faust added a post in a topic Big-Scale T/A Pace Car - OOB   

    That is largely true, at least for the Monograms and MPCs I've seen.
    I've got a bunch of Lindberg 1/20 kits from the mid-90s, and they seem to be pretty nice, with good detail, but certainly no more complexity of build than a 1/24 or 1/25. Even the large scale Japanese cars are pretty much just pantographed up.
    That's not quite true of that Toyota Sport van, though, and certianly not true of the Heller 1/20 Renault 16. (There's one I should set loose on the internet world...)
  7. Faust added a post in a topic Palmer '70 Vette - what to do?   

    Well, I am very surprised to see how many people are for me opening it and letting this plague out upon the world!
    I have to say I'm really thinking this could become the basis for Chia-Vette after all. Man, I didn't know these were this bad. I mean, the box art is cool, as Mike said, but I didn't think it would be worse than, say, a bad old Revell or something. Man, now I'm almost ITCHING to open it. Of course, the itching could mean there's a leak in the containment plastic, as it seems to be suggested! 
    Of course, if I open it, I'll have to slaughter it in a review. I guess that's okay, eh? 
  8. Faust added a post in a topic 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird   

    Oh, I wouldn't argue that at all. People constantly say "Smokey and the Bandit!!" when they see my Turbo '80; it's just what is associated with that big hoodbird!  I just don't think we need another '77/78 until we get more balance out there. 
    I've never seen the big MPC, but I do like their small kits just fine. However, I do know that the small MPC '79 is kinda poor on detail compared to other kits they make, which is an eternal disappointment!
  9. Faust added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Palmer '70 Vette - what to do?
    You know when you’re going through a hobby shop, and you find something so weird, you have to buy it? It’s a bit like wanting to rescue the runt of the litter, I guess, and it happens to me all the time. Well, this time I’ve come across something that seems to be fairly uncommon. In fact, I can find almost nothing about it on the internet!
    It’s a Palmer 1970 Corvette, and I think it’s 1/32. It doesn’t actually say. Anyway, I’d like to know anything you can tell me about this kit, as well as your opinions as to what I should do with it!
    Check it out at the link below, and let me know what you think, both about the kit and what it’s fate should be, with the poll at the end of the article!
    Thanks, all!
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  10. Faust added a post in a topic 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird   

    There are more than enough '77/'78s (Gen 2.3) out there. I don't really care for '76s either, but at least it's something different. I, personally, am ecstatic to see the Gen 2.4 birds getting more love again. They were heavily kitted back in the day, but then fell out of favour and it seems like for ages all you could get were Gen 2.3s. I've had enough of them to last a lifetime! I would be crushed and, quite honestly angry, if they'd reworked the beautiful Gen 2.4 into the Gen 2.3, knowing they had the moulds to do the Gen 2.4 the whole time!
    I say Kudos to Round 2, and Bring on the Trophy Turbo Bird!
  11. Faust added a post in a topic 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird   

    The link to my car should tell you quite a bit about them, actually!
    The biggest difference is the hood. Good luck replicating that simply. There are a lot of compound curves on it; trust me, I've waxed every inch of one enough times to know it intimately. Also, there's a couple of big differences. The Turbo T/A's blower isn't quite like others, and it doesn't have any blow off valves. It's all vacuum actuated wastegate that does the work. Also, the crossover pipe would be interesting to make correctly. The biggest difference, is that the intake is modified so that the air cleaner/carb is off to one side, under the bulge, not on centre like a normal 301. That would require some work, I think. 
    Interior-wise, the Turbos all had the deluxe interior, I believe, and that means the fancy cloth. Not much else different, though. Technically, all Turbos are WS-6 cars too, so they'd need the bigger stabilizer bars, etc. However, that'd be hard to tell, even at 1/16. The Turbo Rims from the '79 pace are the standard Turbo wheels. you couldn't get Snowflakes on a Turbo, I don't believe. 
    That's what I can think of off the top of my head. 
  12. Faust added a post in a topic 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird   

    Gack! Don't desecrate a T/A with a 305!!! That's heresy! 
    Keep your Poncho ALL Poncho. if you're going to make it an '80, make it a 301 '80. 
    Or, you know, lobby Round 2 to make the Trophy version again, with the Turbo 301. And this time do it with red bird decals. Because, you know, that's sexy as all get out!
    On that note, I don't know if he still does, but I think someone told me J-Bot decals used to make decals for T/As. That's just word of mouth, mind you, but it's a possibility!
  13. Faust added a post in a topic Big-Scale T/A Pace Car - OOB   

    It's not that bad. Not once you know what your'e up against. I mean, it's not a new Revell Germany, and it's no MPC, but it's no worse that other Monograms of that era. 
    Sadly, that tinting thing seems to have been a big deal, and I agree too many kits used it. 
    Still, until Round 2 reissues the Trophy T/A with red bird decals like on my car (MASSIVE HINT!!! ANYONE?), this one will have to do me for big-scale Turbo T/As. 
    Making decals for it is going to suck, though.
  14. Faust added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Big-Scale T/A Pace Car - OOB
    Normally, I can be found gushing over the latest loser car or automotive oddball that comes into my collection. However, even I have an appreciation for cool cars; it’s just that there aren’t that many I’d like to model. That, mind you, does NOT apply to Trans Ams. Being a fiercely proud T/A owner, I love Poncho’s fire-breathing ‘Bird in most of its guises. Of course, it’s no surprise that my favourite is the black sheep of the family; the 1980-81 Turbo Trans Am!

    Now, it’s not because that’s the kind of car I own (well, okay, it IS, at least partially) but also because the Turbo T/A was supposed to herald a new era of performance, but instead was a short-lived, now-largely-forgotten experiment. It was Poncho’s last strike at the demons of efficiency that soon engulfed the enthusiast motoring scene.  It failed, but it had potentinal.

    While most people don’t even remember it today, the Turbo T/A was a huge deal, and there were a tonne of kits, toys, etc. of the car. It was futuristic and classic all at once, and it was cool enough to be a pace car twice – once in each year it was alive! Thus, it seems fitting to remind people of this forgotten road warrior with a look at a somewhat forgotten kit: the Monogram 1/20 Turbo Trans Am!

    Check it out at the link below, and get ready to relive the end of an era!


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  15. Faust added a post in a topic Arii's classic J2M3 OOB - better than you'd think!   

    Man, that box art is awesome! The Japanese really got dramatic box art, didn't they? I have one for the LM Ki-109 that has a B-29 going down hard with one wing literally torn off. That's pretty dramatic too!
    Having a Shoki to go with the Raiden would be nice, I will admit.