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  1. Faust added a post in a topic MPC's '75 Vette on the road again!   

    I didn't realize there might be a difference in the nose cap between '74 and '75. 
    What IS the difference? Is it just the bumperguards? 
    Given that this thing has such a sad engine compartment, I'm thinking I'll just make it a curbsider; close the hood down and glue it shut, make up the vague-looking engine so there's something to see, and take it from there. 
  2. Faust added a post in a topic MPC's '75 Vette on the road again!   

    I didn't mean to offend anyone. Heck, just because a car can be labelled a loser doesn't mean they aren't cool to look at or own. My brother has a '77 Cougar with a 302; not a rocket nor most people's dream car, but he absolutely loves it! Most sports car and muscle car people wrinkle their nose to my face when I tell them that I still have the 301T in my '80 T/A, too. That engine was largely regarded as a loser, but I love it too. There's nothing wrong with supporting the underdog.
    That's part of the reason I love building "loser" cars. It wasn't the car's fault it got stuck between immature technology and over-zealous government regulations. It's the victim!
    I do see a tonne of potential in the vette convertible, though. Heck, get 2 and make an earlier version of the Corvette America! (PS - I need to find the Monogram Corvette America some day!  Maybe a reissue, Revel?)
    Chris: That's awesome about the tape! Great way of doing it. You're right; it was a lot more fun when you didn't worry about every tiny detail. That's why I kind of tread the middle line: Good work on the finish and interior, but no super detailing, just working with what's there!
    The simpler times were more fun for a lot of reasons, and if we're going to get people to get into this hobby, we really need to bring them back!
  3. Faust added a post in a topic MPC's '75 Vette on the road again!   

    That is an awesome story! I love it! 
    My uncle also built car kits, and he used them to teach me all the parts of a car and engine. Thus, when I was 3, I could pop into our neighbour's garage when he was working on his Vega hotrod, and name a bunch of parts. It was pretty cool. He doesn't model any more, but I still strive to be as good at it as he was. I think I might be better now, but the thought keeps me motivated.
    I love that kids got to have fun with kits. They weren't the gold-plated, fidgety detail-overkill monsters we all pay too much for today. They were simpler and more fun. No wonder a lot of us still do it! I just turned 40, and I've been modelling since I was 12. One of my first cars was the HOT ROD edition of Orange Crate - that was a disaster, but it got torn down and repainted like 4 times in its life! I hear you!
  4. Faust added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    MPC's '75 Vette on the road again!
    I know that most of us have our comfort zones. We like certain kinds of planes, or cars, or whatever, and we tend to focus on subjects in those categories. For me, when it comes to cars, I’m probably most well-known for, and most comfortable with, loving the losers. Chevettes, Citations, EXPs and Omnis – these are what make my world go around.

    Still, every now and then a kit comes along that encourages me to branch out. One perfect example of this is the MPC (Round 2) ’75 Vette convertible. I know, I know… you’re thinking “Why would he build a Vette?”. Still, you have to admit that the ’75 convertible is one of the slipperiest automotive shapes to come out of Detroit, pretty much ever. I find it very attractive, and I was very excited to get a hold of one just the other day.

    So, while it doesn’t have the cachet of loserness that some of the other Round 2 reissues do, I was compelled to buy one. It doesn’t hurt that ‘75s are also pathetically slow, too.

    Check out this newest offering from MPC, another interesting “back from the dead” offering that proves you can have your Vette and build it too!


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  5. Faust added a topic in All the Rest   

    Want old? Check out this ancient Shiun from Fapro!
    Sometimes, my love of esoteric subject matter and my almost perverse addiction to old, cruddy and more-or-less-completely-undesirable kits intersects in a cool, but ultimately painful way.  A perfect example of this is when I encountered, and proceeded to snap up, a whole mass of Farpro Japan kits in a (now defunct) local shop.

    These are the ancient Aoshima kits, but without the cool box art. That means they’re just dogs with mangy coats, I suppose. Still, the part of me that loves a challenge and roots for the underdog can’t help but want to see these 50+ year old gems built. I’ve already built one, and another will be underway soon. To get a feel for this next project, check out my Out of Box review for the Farpro 1/72 Shiun (Norm) recce floatplane.

    Regardless of the badness of the kit, the Norm itself is a cool looking plane, and is rare for Japanese aircraft in that it has a counter-rotating propeller! I could have bought the newer, better and I’m sure less troublesome RS kit, but why, when I have this gem on the shelf!

    Check it out here, and then survey your own stash of more modern kits and thank the modelling gods they don’t make ‘em like this any more!


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  6. Faust added a post in a topic Some box art - just for fun and memories!   

    That looks amazing. I'm blinded by the shine, Tim! Fantastic work on a great car!
    Jeff: I'm an MPC addict too. I see an MPC and I'm immediately enthralled by its potential, like a Matchbox kit!  I have nicer, newer kits, but sometimes I ask myself why. MPCs are THE BOMB when it comes to cars. Of course, that won't stop me from collecting or building others... that would be wrong...
  7. Faust added a post in a topic Some box art - just for fun and memories!   

    Yeah, I'm not that big a fan of the Vette Van's box art. Especially when you consider how wild it is, it's a pretty sad box. At least the Pacer and Pony Express are a bit more interesting. , even though they are in fact, just a car on a white background. Heck, Bear Bait works, but then again that's because IT'S INSANE!
  8. Faust added a post in a topic Some box art - just for fun and memories!   

    Those Supras are really pretty, Bill. My grandmother's neighbour had one for a short time in the 80's. I think it was a midlife crisis kinda thing. They really are the Japanese take on, and answer to, the F-bodies. 
    I live in southwestern Ontario, right in the Rust Belt, and it's called that for a reason. Heavy road salting and bad winters combined to make sure those early Japanese cars have all but disappeared here, too. There's a black one of those around town, though. It's a slightly later one, but it's in good shape.

    Still an amazing looking car, even now!  I like them more than today's Camaro, that's for sure!
  9. Faust added a post in a topic Some box art - just for fun and memories!   

    I hear what you're saying about the Supra, John. I was shocked when I found it in a shop in Toronto. It was expensive, and it was resealed, so I didn't know if there would be tire melt, but I took the chance on it anyway. It's a great kit,a n d I got away pretty clean on the windows! I like it a lot more than a Tamiya kit; the detail is far, far superior to anything the Japanese made or make for normal civilian car kits. As to your question, I don't think ANYBODY was making Japanese subjects back then, although the Brat and LUV got a bit of kitting from Monogam and AMT, and their Japanese at their roots. Does that count? (P.S. I need to get those LUV and  Brat kits. Soooo cool!)
    Bill: That Fiero GT has been on my "Grail" list for a while. The '88s GTs are my favourites; like little mini Trans Ams. So great an evolution from the dorky '84s. 
  10. Faust added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Some box art - just for fun and memories!
    As you guys likely know by now, I do love my MPC car kits. There’s something about grabbing onto an MPC, whether original or reissue, that just gets my engine turning. One thing that’s for sure, they really had distinctive box art. It was so much better, even at its blandest, than some of the Revell and Monogram stuff of the same era.

    Just for something fun to do, I took a few more pics of some of my newer MPC kits and put the box art up on my website.  If you want a retro blast, check it out. Do you remember building any of these, back in the day?
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  11. Faust added a post in a topic MPC's Gold Rush Street Van - Finally finished!   

    I hear you about the decals. They weren't in register on my kit, either, but I decided just to say "F'it" and get what I could out of them.
    As I mentioned in the article linked with the photo, they did want to break up on me, though! MPC decals are a scary thing in this day and age! 
    Glad you guys liked it! 
    How would you have handled the shingle alignment issue?
  12. Faust added a post in a topic MPC's Gold Rush Street Van - Finally finished!   

    Thanks Jesse!
    I love the classics. I just got my hands on one of the 1/20 Laser Vette kits. SOOOOO lame it's awesome! I'll have to do an out of box on it someday, too! 
    Glad that  you enjoyed it! The old ones just have a charm the new ones can't match!
  13. Faust added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    MPC's Gold Rush Street Van - Finally finished!
    You know that old saying that “Nothing worthwhile comes easily”? Well, I guess it’s true, because I consider MPC kits to be a fun and worthwhile use of time, but man, the sure can be a pain in the posterior. The particular kit I’m referring to in this case is the Gold Rush Show Van!
    Yes, I finally got it done, but it didn’t come easy. That having been said, it certainly looks like the wild vannin’ creations I remember seeing around in my younger days, and having one on display is pretty darn exciting, especially if you love vans or MPC’s crazy over-the-top customs!
    Check out this fat-wheeled shingle-and-Naugahyde-sporting monster at the link below. Let me know what you think and if anyone else has built this thing, let me know how yours went together!

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  14. Faust added a post in a topic Dinky Military - custom gift set!   

    Thanks, Scott. 
    You're right, people likely see the one photo and don't go to the link. it's one of the reasons I'm not always sure I like to post photos on forums. You're definitely correct that the one photo doesn't tell the whole story, so I hope that others will follow your advice. 
    That was a very awesome gift though, eh? 
  15. Faust added a post in a topic A Gundam with a Tail! AGE's Legilis out of box review   

    The Hardgraph kits are really cool. Probably the hardest-core Gundam stuff ever made. It's more for armour modellers than it is for Gundam fans! Of course, if you happen to be both...
    The 1/144 Gundam Ground War and Zaku Ground War sets are cool. They come with an MS, and lots of extras. One set has a pair of hover trucks and some guys, another has some Zeon recon units and the Feddie Tanks, I think. A great mix of armour and MS building all in one box!