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  1. Well, can you believe it? It’s been 10 years of the Sprue Lagoon already! It was on Remembrance Day in 2012 that I first sent my site live; I really didn’t know how it was going to go or what I wanted to do with it, exactly. Since then, I’ve tried to steer it towards showcasing my own builds, as well as bringing you guys (and gals) out there in the world a look at some interesting, and maybe somewhat offbeat, models. I like to do the stuff that not everybody’s going to cover, and that usually means weird, old or both! To celebrate my 10th anniversary, I thought I’d pull a fairly recent, but definitely odd, acquisition out of the stash. The signpost to mark my first decade is something I can find almost nothing on the internet about, and that’s the Academy “History of Transportation” miniature kit giftset! If you ever wanted a Whitman’s Sampler” of mini-kits, then this is definitely going to be your bag! And, if you think it isn’t your thing, check it out anyway, you might be surprised! Have I ever let you down? https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/academy-history-of-transportation-set-oob/
  2. That old saying about not judging a book by its cover seems to be true! When I got the Sword 1/72 TF-9J Cougar with the Vietnam-era decals and weapons, I was pretty excited. The kit looked decent, and despite being a bit expensive, I figured it would be a fairly easy project. Yeah, well… turns out, it’s not quite as nice as it looked. I’ve been battling this thing for a bit, and while I’ve now got it together, I have to say it’s a lot more short-run than I’d have thought. However, I’ve wanted a Twogar forever, so I’m still glad I’ve got it. I think. Check out how it’s going at the update below, and when they say “buyer beware”, remember that they may have had this thing in mind! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/2022/10/13/sword-1-72-tf-9j-twogar-update/
  3. Looks awesome! I love it when these ancient kits get built and shown off! Awesome job!
  4. If it’s not “what you’ve got” but “what you do with it”, then, unfortunately, the armoured vehicles of the WWII Imperial Japanese Army come up short no matter what you do. As a nation that had no real need of conventional armoured forces, the Japanese never really developed powerful tanks in the vein of their German allies or the Americans and British. However, as the American island-hopping campaign got underway, it became apparent that some new weapons would be needed to counter the types of tank their enemies preferred. Thus, like many other nations, the idea of the “tank destroyer” gained some traction. One such vehicle was the Ho-Ni. This rather pedestrian effort was largely a “too little, too late” effort, and there weren’t enough to make much of a difference. Of course, I love oddballs, and this rather wheezy attempt at anti-tank artillery grabbed my right away! Check out the old 1/76 Fujimi kit of this understandably forgotten tank killer at the link below! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/fujimi-1-76-ho-ni-type-1-tank-destroyer-oob/
  5. I thought something looked off on the side view. Now I'm really wondering how this is going to work, decal-wise! Good idea about a mid-engine conversion!
  6. What’s black and white and red (and yellow, orange and purple) all over? If you said “A newspaper!” then you need to share whatever you’re putting on your Cheerios in the morning, because hogging that isn’t cool. If you answered “oh heaven's to Betsy! are you talking about?” then you KNOW you’re on the right track for something crazy. What uses that palette? Well, here are some hints. MPC. Harry. Bradley. Minitruck. If you guessed the “California Sunshine” kit based on the Datsun 620 mould, then pat yourself on the back, because that is correct! I received one of these classic beauties for my Birthday, so let’s all share the fun and check out this as-yet-to-be-rereleased classic, at the link below! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/mpc-1-25-california-sunshine-oob/
  7. After some messing around with this, I can guarantee you that the pic on the box side is not a built kit; it's way longer, and the front wheel arches are far higher. As far as I can tell, the decals on this kit were made for some other truck and kit completely, the fit is that abysmal. In fact, I think it's far beyond my abilities to save them. I may have to go with a completely custom paint job, and just use this as a "cool custom truck" vs. the actual "California Sunshine". I'll have to get into it some more, but you can imagine there's an article forming about this for my website already! It seems like the real Cali Sunshine was a lot different than just a Datsun with some flares. This isnt' the first time MPC has botched something royally...
  8. I likely would have built it, but someone wanted to give me money for it, and that just means that I can fuel my obsession for more weirdness, so I had to let it go. I got a Matchbox Victor K.2 on the weekend, if that helps at all (likely doesn't, but you know, I tried...) I can't get over how much nicer (relatively speaking, of course) the kit is compared to the ancient Revell F-94C. Now THAT.... that's a dog's breakfast! All things considered, it's not the worst kit I've seen or built. The Airfix Trimotor is worse in some ways, and the Pioneer 2 Su-15 is more crude, despite being 20-30 years newer, at least!
  9. Um... I resemble that remark! Nice picks! I have built the Cavalier, and the Escort is in the stash. I'm pretty honoured that my name gets attached to such Malaise-Era awesomeness! Thanks for the shout out guys!
  10. Wow... how did I miss this? That's looking awesome! It's the same colour I tried to get on mine, and I think yours looks better! Great work on another Malaise-era underdog! Gotta love that stuff!
  11. The ‘50s were an exciting time, with airplanes improving, performance-wise, in leaps and bounds, and with new, futuristic shapes taking to the skies in increasing numbers. Swept wings, delta wings, rockets and afterburners… it was as if all the sci-fi serials had exploded into life overnight. For aviation-minded youths of the time, it was only natural to want to build the “latest and greatest” of these new aircraft as soon as possible. To that end, the modelling companies of the day often tripped over each other to be the “first out” with kits of new and racy planes, sometimes to the detriment of accuracy. In North America, Revell, Renwal, and Aurora battled fiercely in the styrene arena (Styrena?), while in Britain it was Airfix vs. FROG. Recently, I had a chance to get some of these ancient gems, and I asked which one people wanted to see first. The winner was the FROG 1/72 Javelin, which represents a prototype, not even the initial service marks! Check out this classic beast at the link below! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/frog-1-72-gloster-javelin-prototype-oob/
  12. Yeah, it does look white, doesn't it. Since it's moulded (ostensibly) in white, that's what I'm going with. Oh crud... that kind of decal, eh? that's a shame. Maybe I'lll make some extra myself and then I have them when I need them. I'm not sure I want to have that much painting to do on this thing. However, if I have long strips of orange and red decal, at least, I can do some work on it. I might paint the purple though. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. The Javelin is one I love, because it's such a ball of crud. I mean, it's so fat, and thick, and it takes all the "high speed, space age"-ness of the deta wing and turns it into a caricature! I hear on on "cool factor". I too love the Cutlass and the Demon. The Demon is so, sooo slick looking. Then you realize it has hardly any air intakes... that can't be good. Voodoos? Hell yeah! Loved them as a kid at air shows, still love them now! Ugly French bombers... can't not love those! Nothing wrong with the flying Dustbuster that is the Hun, either!
  14. I'm amazed that there's not more information out there on this thing. I'm also shocked at how badly that Sunshine got... uh... baked? If it was important enough for MPC to kit, I'd have thought there would be some kind of information on it out there, like in old Hot Rod magazines or something. Does anyone even know the real colour? Is it white or silver?
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