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  1. Yeah, it is. I'm still amazed I have on in my collection. Talk about one man's junk being another's treasure, eh?
  2. When it comes to the Cold War, there’s little more iconic, at least in Europe, than the Avro Vulcan bomber. With an advanced design and powerful engines, the Vulcan was the bomber that looked like a space ship and handled like a fighter. I remember seeing it when I was very young at the London (Ontario, Canada) International Airshow. It was amazing then, and it’s still amazing now, even though XH558 is no longer flying. Of course, this symbol of British achievement makes a natural subject for a toy from a top British maker. Dinky thought so too, and thus undertook to develop and sell a Supertoys-sized replica of the silver, dart-like bomber in the mid-1950s. Space, jets and all things fast were all the rage, and Dinky thought a Vulcan would be a sure seller. They were right. However, due to a serious oversight, only 500 or so of this mould were ever produced. They were so awesome they LITERALLY broke the mould. Amazingly, I have (thanks to my brother) managed to get one of these for my collection. If you’ve never seen one before, I’m not surprised. I hadn’t either until I got mine as a Christmas gift. Check out Dinky’s biggest example of “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” at the link below. https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/dinky-toys-supertoys-no-749-992-avro-vulcan/
  3. Thanks Ken! Yeah, Bandai just knows how to make kits. When you consider the amount of engineering to make a snap kit that good, that can move the way it does, has the detail it does and still be a great kit for hardcore modelling, it's truly amazing! What ones have you been working on?
  4. For me, building models is an equal part of artistic expression and attention to detail. It all depends on the kit itself, and how I’m feeling at the time. When it comes to Gundams, though, it’s a toss-up, in most cases, as to whether I’ll build it box-stock or customize it. One thing I do love to do, though, is make non-canonical MSs fit into their respective (although usually it’s the UC) universe! As if reading my mind, Bandai’s excellent “Build Fighters” series kits walk the perfect line between canon and fanciful, and there are many great designs that improve on their originals rather well. One example of that is the fanciful, knight-like “Gyancelot”. With a plumed headdress, cape and Zeon Crest-shaped spear, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just not UC-able. However, that’s just what I did – reworked the mech’s colours and backstory so it made sense within the UC timeline! Check it out below, and let me know what you think. Have you had any other ideas of what to do with your Gyancelot, if you have one? https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/bandai-1-144-yms-15gc-gyan-crusader/
  5. An old adage is “If it looks right, it flies right”. This implies that a well-designed, well-flying plane is one that is aerodynamically sound, and that this translates, on some subconscious level, to a perception of beauty. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but by and large it is pretty true. (I think the A-10 is hot, so don’t bring that as a counterexample!) Of course, beautiful planes are one thing, but just like how I like loser cars, I have a thing for making pretty airplanes ugly. I absolutely love it when a plane gets all kinds of lumps and bulges, be it for EW purposes, or some other reason. One thing above all that I love is a big spine! Taking an otherwise lithe and athletic aircraft and putting a MASSIVE SPINE on it just works. OA-4Ms, Thunderstick II Thuds, Sufas… you name it, if it has a big spine or a hunchback, I’m on it like… well, a fat spine on a lithe plane! Thus, I was pretty pumped to get my hands on the Zveszda Mig-29SMT. Nothing takes the “Russian-chic” of the Fulcrum and junks it up like a massive hunchback of a fuel tank! Add a centreline tank to add a belly, and the poor SMT’s just got “fat and slow” written all over it! Check out Zvezda’s take on this last of the original Fulcrum family at the link below. You can’t like to yourself anymore; you know you want it! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/zvezda-1-72-mig-29-smt-oob/
  6. Say... I would love to be able to get a full set of the base Pinto hubcaps for my Brother's kit. He always likes to build "base-mobiles", where as I like the high-end loser cars. We've got two (mine and his). Is there any chance that there are a couple of anybodies out there doesn't want their spare one, and could send it to me? Thanks!
  7. Awesome. I'd like to know, though, why that's not discrimination on the basis of vehicular choice...
  8. Thanks guys! I was absolutely shocked when I saw how badly the decals were off. I mean, it's like they never even tried them! Of course, since there's no built model on the box, maybe they didn't? I know that the BRAT's in heavy stock at Great Lakes Hobbies in Sterling Hts. MI. When I was there, two and a bit weeks ago, they must have had 7 or more! The Brat is the quintessential Charlie Brown Christmas Tree; it's got what it takes, but it takes a lot to bring it out.
  9. The BRAT keeps on rolling! Well, not physically, since I haven’t done the wheels and tires yet, but it’s metaphorically well on its way! One part of cars I really like is the interior, and while it’s simple, the old AMT Brat has some nice detailing. The texture of the carpet and the detail on the door panels and seats is great; it’s a bit too bad it isn’t going to be more visible! Still, I’ve had a good time building it, and I’m glad that I cut the bucket separate from the bed. Best move ever. I’ve also got the paint on, and that meant it was time to look at the decals. Since this is an original BRAT, not the reissue, I don’t have that super-nice looking new sheet to work with. I had a scan of it, but that’s cheating, and I wanted to make the originals work. WOW… that’s quite a fight! Check out the ups, downs ins and outs at the link below! Despite what it looks like, I think things are getting close! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/2019/07/31/brat-update-3-sit-down-dress-up-and-hold-on/
  10. You guys didn't get Ladas Tom? Man, there were two of those in my townhouse complex growing up. One was blue (dark blue, with rust) and the other was bright yellow, with a bit less rust. Canada as a passion for crappy, supposedly 'economical' cars. Cheap doesn't always mean economical, but many in Canada don't get that...
  11. Looks fantastic! Now, do a '77 Cougar and you'll have a set. And some money from either my brother or me. Or both. I have always preferred the Cougars to the T'birds of this era. Much cleaner and prettier. I also hate hidden headlights. So how about it?
  12. No car prettier than a Gen 2.4 T/A, if you ask me. Great job!
  13. Darn it! That's almost EXACTLY how I was going to build mine! Great minds, I guess. A very nice job, and it so totally captures the era. Always great to see a "civilian" car - not an unaffordable classic, muscle or supercar. rock on!
  14. Faust

    Blown '79 Camaro

    Nice! If I said "Pick up your toys!", would it mean anything to you? My brother would get it... Love the flame technique. May steal that sometime.
  15. Mega awesome! A. Maze. Ing. Beater Stealth is awesome, Pace Beater is better! I love to build loser cars pristine. It's nice to see a "collectible" car beaten. Say, what's this about the union and the pace car kit? I've seen these at shows all over the place. Never bought one because I have the red, non-pace version.
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