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  1. Faust added a post in a topic Citation X-11 Bone Stock   

    There were a lot of cool kits made back then, Mike. 
    Here' s hoping that you can get back to those projects soon. It'll be fun to see them!
  2. Faust added a post in a topic Toyota Street Van   

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking!
    What is this thing? Is it a HAM Radio thing, an aircraft fanboy airband scanner van, a Pirate Radio station or a mobile repair dock for Johnny 5? 
    It's curious, cool and creepy... all at the same time! Well done Nichimo!
  3. Faust added a post in a topic Toyota Street Van   

    The way in which the Japanese interpret the use of vans as Street Machines is so wildly different from that in North America! It makes these customized vans really something else to look at. I think the Helicopter is neat, too, but from a custom van point of view, I really don't get it.

    It's a shame these aren't repopped so that more people could get their hands on them!
  4. Faust added a post in a topic MPC Vette Van!   

    I think a neat rear window would be a stained glass one. I don't know how you'd do it, but man, it'd look cool!

    Either that, or those beaded curtains like they had in the '70's.
  5. Faust added a post in a topic MPC Vette Van!   

    Ah, so that KISS one is yours, Allen! That is a fantastic use for that kit! It makes it just that much more period!

    Nice work, and with new decal paper, it would be even more amazing, you're right!
  6. Faust added a post in a topic MPC Vette Van!   

    The "van" part is moulded in.
    Check out the link in the post I made and you can see the whole kit and its parts. Some look like they're from the '74, but the body is completely retooled or just new, I dont' know which. Also, it's a hard roof; no removeable panels, which is interesting!
  7. Faust added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    MPC Vette Van!
    I love MPC’s kits, and I love crazy street vans. I also grew up in the days when there were Show Rods all over the place at custom car shows. I could never wrap my head around how some of the customizers came up with the stuff they did. It was wild! That’s why I was really excited when I got a chance to get my hands on MPC’s old Vette Van kit!

    It’s everything I remember about those old car shows! It’s a Vette, with altered headlights (Of course it is!), fin mags and best of all, it’s also a Van! The kit wasn’t cheap, but I sure as heck wasn’t going to say no to something this wild!

    Check out the out of box review for this hybrid from the past at the link below, and make sure you have plenty of twinkies and mountain dew on hand!


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  8. Faust added a post in a topic Matchbox Skyknight OOB review - a Classic Kit!   

    I'm going to do mine in the black, I think.

    I love that Skyraider! is that the Matchbox 1/48? I have that one in my stash, if it is!

    Great tatstes in kits, my friend!
  9. Faust added a topic in All the Rest   

    Matchbox Skyknight OOB review - a Classic Kit!
    If it’s one thing I love, it’s a two seater, especially if it’s an awkwardly-styled side-by-side two seater! If it just happens to be a Matchbox too, then I’m probably going to get really excited about it! That’s exactly what happened when I came across the old Matchbox F3D Skyknight in a shop a while ago!

    I know there’s a newer Sword kit of the venerable F3D, but really, you have to give Matchbox credit for bothering to kit the rather pedestrian Skyknight in the first place. I don’t know how popular a kit it was, but it’s a nice one to have if you like early night fighters or Korean War stuff.

    I thought I’d share this one as an out of box review, so please, take a look at the old chestnut at the link below!

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  10. Faust added a post in a topic Tamiya Supra   

    That is an awesome looking Supra.

    Just when I thought they couldn't get much meaner looking, that comes along!
  11. Faust added a post in a topic Green and mean (?) - My Citation X-11 is done!   

    Oh, sure thing!

    I'll edit the first post!

    Good pointer, and I'll try to remember to do it in the future.

  12. Faust added a post in a topic Green and mean (?) - My Citation X-11 is done!   


    It is quite a grey-green; my camera has trouble with the colour, actually.

    The main reason I didn't post the pics here is because I have them already on my website, and I figured there was no reason to use up ModelCars' bandwidth when I've got lots!

    Also, to post the full article I wrote here would make for a long post, so I figure having it all in one place, conveniently accessible with a click, is a good compromise!
  13. Faust added a topic in Under Glass   

    Green and mean (?) - My Citation X-11 is done!
    Well, after a lot of work and some delays, the Citation X-11 is finally done!

    While the Revell kit (an old Monogram) isn’t the best car kit I’ve built, it really wasn’t bad, and it’s quite accurate, other than the bloody turbocharger on the engine. I build this one in the “Light Fern Metallic” colour that I’ve never seen photo evidence of on a Citation, but that the brochure did say was a colour.

    You know, with the nice wheels, a suitably subdued colour scheme and the blacked out trim, I really don’t think the Citation looks bad at all. Sure, it was kinda geeky in its day, but by today’s standards, it’s pretty distinctive and does look, dare I say it, a bit mean!
    Check out my little green machine here, and let me know what you think!



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  14. Faust added a post in a topic 1989 Firebird Formula 350   

    Awesome job!

    I would love to build cars I've owned/driven, but they don't make kits of them! (Anybody got an '85 Grand Marquis kit? Better yet, what about an '09 G8 GT?)

    I do love to build kits I remember growing up, though, so I totally get the buzz of building something you're familiar with. My brother did that with his ride, a '96 Caprice.

    It looks great and remember fun crusin' times is alwasy a great thing, even better when you're modelling!

    Now, what else have you driven/owned you could build?
  15. Faust added a post in a topic Light Fern Interior - one obscure little monster!   

    Thanks for the input, guys!

    The paint for the interior was actually made from RAF Sky, but the exterior paint will be custom-made from pigments and Future, and maybe some Sky too, I'm not sure yet.

    This one is taking a bit longer, because I've got some comission work I've got to do too, and that's pushing the Citation back.

    I guess it doesn't really take much to push a Citation backwards, eh?

    I love that brochure site. Definitely going to be visiting that one A LOT. Thanks!