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  1. Faust

    MG Jegan Custom

    Pics are fixed, and should now load without issues. Try checking it out again! Thanks!
  2. If there’s one thing I love, and one thing Bandai knows all about, it’s variants! When it comes to Gundam kits, there are quite often very many variants of major suits to choose from. The idea, of course, is that people will buy them all… well, it seems to work! Despite having 3 Jegan and two Jesta varieties in 1/144, I still picked up the 1/100 Master Grade Jegan when I ran into it. It was sure cheap enough for an MG, and it was a lot simpler than some of the more recent, overdone kits. However, I didn’t want just another green Jegan, so I figured out how to customize it. I did it as if it was still in service at the time of V-Gundam, thanks to the help of the recent RE:100 Gun Ez! Check out my custom Jegan, likely the last in this long line of evergreen grunt suits! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/mecha-robots/bandai-1-100-master-grade-rgm-89-r-jegan-custom-build/
  3. I'm looking forward to having it with my Norm and eventually my Seiran and Jake, too, for a Pontoon Plane Jamboree! I guess I could include my Twin Otter in there, in the right markings... Hmm... Shame my An-2 isn't a float version....
  4. Yeah, I was pretty pumped to get it. Alan wanted to see into it, so I thought I'd start the new year with it. It's a neat little kit, but the rigging does worry me. Oh well... I'll see about trying the rigging on something else first, in case I mess it up!
  5. Yeah, I know... I have no idea if I can pull it off, and I might not do this biplane first. Or, I might just do the best I can and hope. There's always that approach! I've got a lot of EZ Line, but I don't know if that's the right answer for this job or not. Any ideas?
  6. It only seems right to start the New Year off with an old kit! Of course, I have a whole stable of those to choose from, but I thought that it would be fun to look at something that I’ve never done before; a biplane! While everybody knows the Swordfish, there is another Fleet Air Arm biplane of WWII that, it seems, is largely forgotten. No, I’m not talking about the Albacore, although it’s awesomely obscure and somewhat pedestrian as well. I’m talking about the Fairey Seafox! This was an observation and spotting plane used until the middle of the war to help locate enemies for the fleet’s gunners. It’s no surprise that few people know it; it’s not fast, glamourous or sexy, except in that weird, obscure “What is that??” kinda way. Of course, that makes it totally awesome to me, and I was very happy to finally get my hands on a Matchbox kit of the type. It seems to be one of the harder ones to find! So, if you want to check out some classic Matchbox goodness on a genuinely obscure type, go no further than the link below! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/out-of-box-reviews/matchbox-1-72-fairey-seafox-oob/
  7. Oh! I must admit I didn't know that (obviously). What's really dumb is I knew the "Rat" moniker, but never have encountered the "Mouse" name! Makes a bit more sense now... Thanks, man!
  8. "Monza Mouse" just doesn't sound very aggressive or terrifying...
  9. Wow... So awesome! I love the Olds kit, especially! I wish it was the later ones, where they looked a little dorkier and more different, but still awesome nonetheless! I do so hate the Japanese penchant for motorizing their kits. Lame.
  10. Isn't the Formula Sunbird a version of the Super Sypder Revell kit? Oh, Steve: Thanks for the awesome Mirage ad! It does show the flares on the MPCs are too big. Sadly... I did know the Spyder name came from the Corvair, but given it's usually used for two-seat, sometimes convertivble sports cars, using it on the Monzas just seems weird. I guess they're trying to channel the European flavour (since there's a lot of Ferrari in that design).
  11. I don't know about the pieces fitting the AMT, but I can give you a breakdown of what's different/same in all the MPCs, and we can cross-figure it from there! Still need that SuperHawk...
  12. Oh my goodness... I knew there was a Japanese Skyhawk, and I knew there was a Lindy 1/32 of it (NEEEEED that!!!), but I have never, ever, EVER seen the MPC "Super Hawk" kit until now. Un- Freaking Real! Now, I MUST have that. I bet I can make a stock one, just by using the parts from my legion of Monzas!.Looking at the price on Model Roundup, though, I doubt it's one I'll own in my lifetime! Crazy! It's basically the Buick version of Black Max! Oh, a while ago, Alan suggested to me a comparison of what parts are in what kit. I've started thinking on that line; would anyone else be interested in such a comparison?
  13. I have the Zvezda Il-86, and it looks nice too. I'm not an airliner builder; they take up too much space for me, and they're just "targets" (i.e. they're unarmed), but the Il-86 is just SOOOOO beautiful. I know it's a crappy plane, but darn it's hot looking. That kit looks nice too. The engine detail on my brother's 787 was excellent.
  14. It seems I’m not the only one who’s paralyzed by choice! A short time ago, I had a poll for which of my many Monzas people would like to see written up first! Well, when there’s that much awesomeness on display, I can see why it would be a hard decision to make. However, I was very surprised to see that three of them all tied for first! So, I personally broke the deadlock and chose the one I liked best, which was also my nephew’s favourite (he’s four and has good taste, it seems). Check out what’s inside the first of many radical custom Monza kits with this out of box look at Street Spyder! It’s an early Christmas present, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/out-of-box-reviews/revell-1-25-1978-monza-street-spyder-oob/
  15. Oh, well, let me check... You're right! I do apologize, profusely in this case, to Zvezda. I thought it was a repack of their kit. So many Revell Germanys are, it seems. No, this is definitely a Revell. Wow... that's sad for Revell. That thing is garbage. I don't know how old the original moulds are, but the kit looks like it's 30 years old. You want to talk about flash?! My apologies to everyone. I got the idea somewhere, but I didn't follow it up enough. I'm going to edit the original post too, with a note. Good catch, man!
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