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  1. Faust added a post in a topic AMT '77 Pacer Wagon - a new loser out of box!   

    I'm not sure. Technically, they should be since both are 1/25... but there's likely going to be some minor issues.
    Has anyone out there tried it? 
  2. Faust added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    AMT '77 Pacer Wagon - a new loser out of box!
    Everyone knows that I love loser cars. I seem to gravitate towards the odd, eclectic, underpowered and unloved. Well, there aren’t too many cars that are more of all of those things than the AMC Pacer! That’s why I was so stoked when I got my hands on the MPC ’78 coupe from Round 2 a couple of years ago. I’d seen the on the second hand market, and wasn’t about to pay what they wanted there.
    It never occurred to me that there would come a day that we’d be able to actually go into a shop and CHOOSE between two different Pacer kits!  However, when I saw the new AMT ’77 Pacer Wagon in a local shop, that’s exactly what happened! Two different kits, of two different body styles and two different years. It’s loser Nirvana!
    While I don’t normally get too excited by AMT’s, there’s nothing not to like about this one. I mean, it’s a Pacer wagon and it comes with all kinds of crazy custom bits! Check out the newest addition to the Pacer model kit family out of box here:

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  3. Faust added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Man, I am falling sooo behind on this one! 
    I've only go the T-tops filled, the interior bucket and chassis primed and some of the engine together. Of course, I'm also working on a Master Grade Gundam at the same time, but still, your efficiencies blow me away!
    I'd love to see yours, too, Scott! I hope your buddy's child can help you out!
  4. Faust added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Wow Mike!
    That looks fantastic!
    What did you do to get the paint so smooth and polished? I stand in awe and amazement. 
    I think these builds are indeed making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, quite literally!
  5. Faust added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Man, that looks great, Jack! is that a Targa Roof I see? Any mods under the hood?
    The colour scheme reminds me of my EXP. Dark with red is a great and eye catching combo, that's for sure. Is it a Tamiya Metallic Grey or something you used? It's subtle, but strong. Good choice. 
    I found a "for sale" listing for an '80 that was spotless. It's black and red, like my beloved Trans Am (Faust). That's how I'm going to do mine, since I want it stock (as stock as possible) and the decals are red. So,  mine will also have a red interior. Sounds like a case of "Great Minds Think Alike". 
    Who else has one of these "bad boys" (okay, sad boys is more like it) on the go? I'm working on filling in T-tops at the moment. Darn putty keep sinking...
  6. Faust added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Man, that looks awesome! So much smog work and performance choking hosery makes me cry! 
    I do remember a lot of those cars looking like that in the early '80s myself, so I'd say you're right on! 
  7. Faust added a post in a topic AIDC IDF: Taiwan's Own 4th Gen Fighter   

    Yeah, there's a lot of different fighter ideas in there. Clearly, more F-16 than anything, but it's just different enough that it's entertaining. 
    I really do think that it would make an awesome Talon replacement, but I guess it's too big. It at least has two engines, which is good for training safety. I love the A/T-50 Golden Eagle, but I wonder about the single-engined nature of it. There are lots of 1-engine trainers, of course, but the US has generally gone with two.
    The IDF here already has that part covered!
  8. Faust added a topic in All the Rest   

    AIDC IDF: Taiwan's Own 4th Gen Fighter
    I do love the odd, esoteric and somewhat forgotten planes, it seems. I always find that there’s something intrinsically rewarding about picking up a kit of a plane that most people don’t even know about. It makes it a lot more fun to build, too, assuming I can get around to it sometime!
    One particularly good example of this is the AIDC FCK-1, or IDF. This is the Taiwanese answer to the F-16/F-18, and, maybe not surprisingly, looks a little like both combined. This fighter wasn’t built in large numbers, but it was successful and is still in service. I personally love the idea of a twin-engined F-16, and with the IDF, that’s kind of what you get! When I ran across an injection moulded example at a swap meet some time ago, I was thrilled!
    Even though it’s not in my preferred scale of 1/72, it’s still a cool kit. I think it will look great once it’s built, too. Heck, as a What-If, it could even make a cool T-X contender for the Talon replacement program! Check out my out of box review of this rather oddball creation below. You might be surprised how not-terrible the kit seems to be!

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  9. Faust added a post in a topic What a piece of junk....   

    That looks awesome! I love the Falcon and that looks great. It looks dirty and derelict without being overdone. 
    Good job making a beaut of of what's supposed to be a simple little model!
  10. Faust added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    There was one at a car show in St. Thomas just last year, I think! 
    You're right, though. Those are terribly lame... I really wanted to buy it, but it wasn't for sale!
  11. Faust added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Hey Mike!
    Hope you liked the show. I think it went off pretty well, actually.  It was fun to see some great kits on the table, and I always like getting a few of my oddballs out and about! The good thing is that there is no shortage of gaudy MPC kits. They really were the kings of that kind of thing!
    As for what you're saying, Scott: I hear ya. I just always feel bad for the last "sporty" cars. I definitely get what you mean about cars with engines mounted the wrong way, and using too few cylinders. We had nothing but V8s at my house until 1991, when my dad's '76 Torino finally died. Then it was an '89 Escort until 2002, and then a Protege 5. The P5 is decent (we've rustprooved the hell out of it) trash hauler and fun to drive, for sure, but it IS a go cart... I drove the old '85 Marquis until 2006, when I needed to get a new car, and went with the Mazda 3. It was too small, and I had to beat it too hard to get anything out of it. It was decent, but again, didn't really have a soul.
    The good news for me was the Australians still had a soul, and I managed to get a 2009 G8 GT. Going back to a 6L V8 reardrive was an enlightenment. Never again will I deal with front wheelers. 
    There's something charming about the last of the "decal" muscle cars, though. They're so much pretending and fail, but they did mean well. You have to respect the intent, even if the result wasn't great. Funny thing is, seeing one now, they actually look kinda neat. They're a product of their times, and that's why I love kits of them from that time (at least originally). I don't think I'd care for a brand new, awesome Tamiya of a Volare - I'd rather have one that was born back in the day!
  12. Faust added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Oh, nice! I'm glad to know there are some good Slant 6's out there. I personally also love the horribly smog-choked 8's, just because they're so weak. I mean, my dad's '89 Escort put out 90 hp, and some of the Malaise 8's were getting into that territory. So sad...
    My brother would definitely agree on the wheel covers. There needs to be a movement towards getting more wheel covers and even wheels for these "loveable(?) losers". I know my brother used the wheel covers off of some late '60s AMT Ford for his 70, and I think he said that the Christine wheels are just about dead ringers for Pacer stock wheel covers; he and I both have the AMT Pacer wagon, but mine will be the lame-o cruising version, he wants, of course, to do a base or at least wood-grained example of a stock one.
    Glad you like the site, man!
    I was just at a show this weekend, and I can tell you I got a few new things that will likely tickle your funny bone when I get around to writing them. MPC is just the best, man...
  13. Faust added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Oh man, that's awesome! 
    I have the Silver Bullet Omni, and hit has those pieces in it, I think. If not, I know my Shelby Charger does; You can customize your "new" Shelby Charger to look like last year's Omni! How good is that!
    Those "super" Omnis and Monzas are awesome. Good on you, MPC!
  14. Faust added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Hey Bill!
    It's funny, because when I was young, I was surrounded by the big '70s boats and "personal luxury" yachts (and the odd Street Van, and many a rusting T/A, of course). I know the feeling you had, because around '83 I started to notice there were these weird foreign cars (Honda? Datsun? The heck?) that were starting to replace the dying Vegas, Monzas, Astras, Pintos and Mavericks. I still remember when I guy in our neighbourhood got the first Tempo we'd ever seen. It was like an alien space ship. All the kids just looked at it and were awed. Yeah, a Tempo, I know... Thing is, the shape, style, trim... it was all so radically different.
    I can definitely see how you wouldn't be a fan of the real car, and please understand that I'm not either. However, I find the Malaise Era fascinating because we got so many "everyday" car kits from then, and it's awesome for me to a.) build the cars I remember as a kid and b.) get to rag on them for being such BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH.
    I would buy everything on that list of yorus, except the Lincoln. I'd rather have a '77 Cougar, myself. My uncle had one, and my brother does today as his classic car. They were EVERYWHERE, and now his is, I believe, the only one in our city of 350,000. I don't know why there's never been a kit of one; I mean, the real things sold like hotcakes!
    77 Olds though, I'm sooo there. 
  15. Faust added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    Yeah, that was a great description. T-tops are a very 70's kind of thing.
    As for Muscle Cars, I know a lot of people say if it has a big V8 it's a muscle car. Not to me, but then again I'd say the '73 SD-455 T/A is a Muscle Car, as is a 427 Vette, but the T/A is a Pony Car and the Vette is a Sports Car. 
    Regardless, I think it's safe to say that under NO circumstances are Volare Dusters muscle cars, at least not stock ones! Interesting about how to wake up a LB engine, though. Could be useful later!