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  1. Man, that's not much of a resume...
  2. Dude... that is so ugly it's awesome. I want two. One for the blah-commercial utility version, and one for the rockin' beach van! The Cedric and Chaser I have have that warning too. I don't know why: those to kits blow most Tamiya cars I have out of the water for completeness and moulding.
  3. I can see that, but I have more fun being harsh than kind. Also, I have some of the newly reissued Aoshima kits from the late '70s ('78 Gloria/Cedric and '78 Chaser - I think it's a '78) and they're FANTASTIC. Also, regardless of what it IS, it's being marketed as a kit. So, I think it's better to let people know that it's not a great kit. It is a fun and lame off-the-waller, though! Man, I gotta get me that van. Epic! Oh, and no... the Rex wasn't sold in the US, Peter. At least, not to my knowledge. The Justy was, though, and they do share some DNA!
  4. I can see that, and it has some Ford Fiesta in it too. Thing is, this is smaller than either of those, well, at least the Rabbit, I think.
  5. For those who grew up in the ‘60s or ‘70s, big cars were just the norm. For those, like me, who grew up in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, large cars were still quite plentiful, but they weren’t being replaced as they died. No, instead, we got to see them replaced by much smaller, imported cars, with transverse engines and none-too-exciting two-box hatchback body styles. At the time, these newcomers looked positively ridiculous in comparison. However, most of us never knew that things got much, much smaller than that! Given that I love everyday cars, weird cars and loser cars (or at least those that suck due to inherent non-excitingness), it’s not a surprise that I have a goodly number of weird kits in my stash. I’m also a bit of a 1/20 lover, although I’ve never built one, I have a lot of them, and I’m always on the lookout for more. Thankfully, I managed to find one that isn’t going to suck up much shelf space! If you want small, quirky and outright laughably non-aggressive, check out my recently acquired 1/20 Subaru Rex Combi! Don’t tell me I don’t bring you the weirdness in spades! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/out-of-box-reviews/1-20-aoshima-1981-subaru-rex-combi-out-of-box/
  6. If there’s one thing I love, it’s loser cars. Anyone who knows me, or has been to my site, knows that building loser, everyday-kind-of cars is a big thrill for me. I love to preserve these little nobodies in plastic, at least, since almost none of them exist in “the wild” anymore. A perfect example of a loser car is the 1980 Pinto Cruising Wagon. In its last guise, Ford’s gutless econobeater van-wannabe is about as sad as you’re going to get. It’s amazing, in a way, that there’s even a kit of this thing, but of course, MPC saved the day by punching out an ultimate Pinto annual. Resurrected by Round 2, the “Pony Express” can be built stock or custom. Of course, I chose stock. However, it’s not all rose-coloured glasses on this one. MPC’s lame horse has A LOT wrong with it, especially in the engine department. It turns out accurizing the motor is a project unto itself! So, if you’ve got a Pinto and you’re wondering if you need to do anything, or you just like to watch me suffer (and who doesn’t?) then check out the link below! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/2018/05/23/mpc-ford-pinto-update-1-not-so-wild-horses/
  7. A lot of people feel like they should root for the underdog. Well, if that was the case, then the Japanese stable of WWII tanks would be getting love like no tomorrow! Of course, that’s not the case, and it fact I didn’t know much about Japanese tanks, other than that they were largely inadequate, until I picked up the old Fuijimi 1/76 Shinhoto Chi-Ha at a show. It was the same scale as my Matchboxes, and it looked weak and unloved, so I thought why not. Just like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree, I thought if I gave the little guy some love he might turn out okay. Given that this is only my third tank, I actually am rather pleased at how it ended up. If you’re a fan of obscure and ineffective military hardware, follow the link below. Given that I’m pretty new to armour, I’d be very appreciative of any comments you guys have! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/fujimi-1-76-type-97-kai-shinhoto-chi-ha/
  8. It’s not just unusual subject matter that always attracts me to a kit. Even I tend to like some of the more famous subjects in aviation history. However, it’s always nice if it can be a bit of both; fairly well-known, but still a bit outside of the ordinary. This is not easy to do for WWII aircraft, which tend to either be famous or forgotten. One plane, though, that does manage to straddle the line is the Yokosuka D4Y, known as the “Judy” in Allied code. I’ve always liked the Judy, both in its inline- and radial-engined forms, and like the Seiran, it always looks to me like a heavy fighter rather than a bomber. Of course, it wouldn’t be me if I was reviewing just another Judy. Nope. I managed to come across something of an old and unusual kit this time; one of the old (1960’s, I believe) LS models in the conveniently not-in-scale-to-anything size of 1/75! Just the box art on this thing is worth the price I paid! Check it out, and prepare to be amazed at what LS could do a half century ago, and be saddened by how far other kit makers still have to go to catch up. https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/out-of-box-reviews/ls-models-1-75-yokosuka-d4y2-suisei-judy-oob/
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm not just into American cars, despite what I mainly have posted so far. I also like some unusual Japanese designs, both cool ones and ones that are, at least to me, a bit disturbingly small or ugly. I have, however, a soft spot for those '70s Japanese cars that try to emulate American ones. One such car is the '78 Cedric/Gloria. I just picked up the Aoshima re-release of this kit (a review will come along someday!) and really quite like it. However, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find information on Japanese cars like I can on American ones. Does ANYONE out there have any information on paint and interior colours for these cars? Thanks, in advance!
  10. Canadian MPC model production

    I looked at some of mine. Bear Bait (1980 Chevette) Made in Canada: https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/out-of-box-reviews/mpc-125-1979-chevette-bear-bait/ Wild Breed (1979-80 Mustang Custom) is, I believe, Made in Canada: https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/model-kits/out-of-box-reviews/125-mpc-wild-breed-mustang-cobra-oob/ My Jet Vette Fast 111s kit is also made and lithoed in Canada. It looks like a lot of the line might have been made up here at one point. It's possible that there are others, but I can't dig them all out right now. Just note: Frenchification (love that word!) doesn't mean made in Canada. The Vette Van I have has some French, like "Modele Reduit" on it, but not much on the sides, and it's made in the USA. So is Gold Rush
  11. One of the most difficult things to do when building car kits is getting the finish right. I’ve had a lot of tough times trying to get things sanded and polished to make my cars look right. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff and some of it worked, and some of it didn’t. I thought it was just me that was having a hard time, but apparently that’s not the case. At our local modelling club, we do presentations once a month on different skill sets. I was asked by the club members if I could do a demonstration on how I do car finishes. I was more than glad to share what I’ve found out with my fellow club members. The presentation was even recorded for posting online afterwards! If you would like to check it out and see how I get my Chevettes and Volares looking like I do, please feel free. Any comments, as always, are welcome! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/2018/04/15/the-medium-and-fine-and-ultra-fine-is-the-message/
  12. When they said “Everything old is new again”, they weren’t kidding! I just recently went to my local Hobby Toy Central and was shocked to find old Silhouette Formula F-91 kits on the shelves! The last time I saw that was literally 18 year ago! In fact, I figured that these kits had all disappeared and would never be seen or heard from again. To that end, 15 years ago, I took the opportunity to grab one that a student of mine found in Asia when he was home for the summer. I would have placed bets that it was the last of its kind that would be found on this continent when he brought it to me. Well, I guess that was wrong… Still, the timing couldn’t be better, since I can show off my old-new-oldly new new kit (you followed that, right?) and be right on the bandwagon! So, check out my RXF-91 Kai Silhouette Gundam at the link below, and let the retro robot assault begin! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/bandai-1-100-rxf-91-kai/
  13. thanks for the Compliment on the writing, Mike! I do try to keep it entertaining. I'm sorry that the subject matter wasn't more exciting, though. I like the looks of the kit, and it was my first 1/20 Lindy. I just liked seeing all the parts so, well, BIG. I will admit that I'm a bit hesitant about the building of it, though, since not too many people have much good to say about it. Oh, wait... no, that's not it. that just makes me want to build it MORE. I'm the guy who lives for Matchbox, Farpro and MPC, so I'm sure the Lindy can't be that bad! Can it? :/ I'm glad you put that in there about the flotation devices, because that was the first thing that sprang to mind.
  14. Thanks, Randy! I'm glad you enjoy it! I still have some weirdness up my sleeve, don't worry. I've got some Japanese goodies, a couple more street vans, and you never know what else. Some new reissues, some classic stuff, but most of it is downright weird. Oh, I did just come into an engine-less Escort for $5! Can you smell the project car in that? Yeah, baby... I shudder to think of that explorer. As for the other Big Lindys I have, I cant' say they look bad. Of course, I thought that about the MPC Pinto I just started... oops. Total POS. Going to totally rock though! SO much work needed on it, mind you. See, Jesse, if someone gave me a 1/20 as a prize, I'd be all "Hot Darn! Look at all the extra plastic for the same price!" Of course, the fact it's weird, and that no one else likes it, makes me like it a lot!
  15. Thanks, Bill! I'm glad that you appreciated it, and that I'm able to educate and entertain! You've gotta have something fun to start the day, right?