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  1. That is an amazing built tip. Saving this for future use. And your Impala is very impressive.
  2. Will be following along this one. I've been working off and on doing up a '65 hardtop. I'll be using the headlights/front bumper that were leftovers in the box similar to this one. Haven't really checked the tail lights and back panel. Was just super happy to have headlights that weren't all bug eyed from the latest releases.
  3. That's the same one I'm trying to do Rex. You have a great start on it. You should finish it off. From what I've read this one had the Boss 429 engine. I'm guessing it also had battery in trunk like the other Boss 9's...
  4. I did exactly this tonight. Using a panel line scriber and some dymo tape on trunk lid I was able to get clean cuts and the tail panel fit cleanly against the GT500 body. I'll use the rear bumper from the GT500. The tail lights I'll separate from the 70 Boss 9 and section the rear panel so it fits back area. They are going to be slightly oversized but I'm hoping they aren't too noticeable. I also started filling in the hood scoops on the GT500 hood. This part will take some time! I'll try and get some photos of what I'm doing and post over to the On the Workbench.
  5. Was getting ready to start a conversion to build a '70 Ford Mustang Quarter Horse and was curious if anyone else has attempted this? I know I need the dash from a Mercury Cougar and the front clip from the '70 Shelby GT500 and the back end from the '70 Boss or Mach 1 kits. Probably going to use the Monogram kits since they are pretty common. I'm not sure if I should take the front clip and graft it to the Boss body or the rear tail piece from the Boss and graft it to the back end of the GT500. Linky to what I'm trying to create. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2011/06/29/the-quarter-horse-fords-stillborn-bitsa-mustang/
  6. Great job on all the rescues guys. Really inspiring work. Makes me want to do one myself but I still need to master my own builds before I rescue someone else's. LOL
  7. Great job on a really difficult kit Mark. Looks just like a '67 Goat to me. You turned a sows ear into a silk purse.
  8. Wow! You nailed the stance and your interior is one of the cleanest I've seen. Stellar job sir!
  9. That's not the one I was looking for but is definitely good to know. I see many sheets on here that I could use.
  10. I know about Keith Marks and his excellent decal line but a couple months ago I stumbled on another person making aftermarket decals for Mustangs and other muscle car types but can't seem to locate them again. Anyone aware of some good quality decals for early Mach 1's, Boss's and Cobra's?
  11. Sweet! Love that color on the Boss.
  12. Really nice builds. What did you use for the non skid surface on the trailer?
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