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  1. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic Mad Max Gigahorse   

    Well with lots of cutting, grinding, and sanding i am calling the wheels done.
    I took the first row of parts, modified them (second row) and ended up with the duel wheel.

    And I had to go here.

    Lots of work ahead.  The next step is to remove the molded in trim (highlighted with black sharpie) on both bodies.   Then clean up the mold lines and start cutting.  Thanks for looking

  2. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic 70 CUDAS   

    You had me at Cuda.  Nice
  3. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic Mad Max Gigahorse   

    First off thanks for the interest and encouragement .  I was kind of hoping someone would have tackled this beast before me but this is also why I am sharing this build. This will take me to task and it will not be an exact replica because of skill, resources, and knowledge of the actual two that were built  ( which are not the same).  In saying that, I am trying to do the best representation I can and hope to encourage others to build and share.  I am open to all input on this build and will grab my popcorn too.  Dave, I did put in the dvd and it looks like the depth is to the face of the second wheel but no real bolt pattern. Thanks though it did help. Working on wheels, hope to have done tomorrow with pics. 
  4. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic Mad Max Gigahorse   

    Pictures posted I am off and rolling. The tires.  They scale to about 3 inches for the back and 2 for the front. Not the easiest thing to find.  Going thru the spare parts I found that the early Monogram monster trucks were 1/24 scale and 3 inches.  The AMT 1/32 USA 1 snap kit has 2 inch tall tires.  They of course are to wide.  The front is about 5/8 wide and the rears are about 7/8.  My solution was to lay the tire on the bench, shim an exacto  knife to half those measurements and slowly turn the tires to score a line.  I then continued following this line making deeper cuts until the were separated.  They are not exact replicas but with some time and super glue this is what I am going with.
    After all the surgery.

    And some of the parts to try to make convincing wheels.

     I'm having trouble finding a picture showing how deep and the look of the bolt pattern for rear duals.  It may be whatever I think it should be.  Wheel work to come.  Thanks for looking.
  5. Ridge Rider added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Mad Max Gigahorse
    I've decided to do my first wip and see where it goes.  My main concern was tire source but I think I have figured that out. I have not figured out the engine and turbos as far as the easiest way to represent them but I'll have some time to figure it out.  Progress will be slow to start (work) but hope to complete by spring.

    Some of the main parts sources.

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  6. Ridge Rider added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Mad Max Gigahorse- looking for tire source-any ideas?
    This is the best reference I have found.  It appears that the rear duels are 72" or 2.88" in 1/25 scale.  The fronts look to be about 48" or 1.92" in scale.      
    I have been searching the web but not quite finding what I'm looking for.  Any leads or ideas would be appreciated as would any more reference material.   Thanks, Steve
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  7. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    I don't know if it is just me,  but I will click on new content and if I reply to a post it will no longer show up in new content.  It just disappears  even with refresh.  I don't know if it does this just to me or the whole forum. 
  8. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic THE PRINCE (Pampered & Spoiled)   

    Same here Chuck.  Nice job on your 29s Doc.  It's nice to see your work in the forum again.  Thanks for sharing. 
  9. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic detail engraving in hidden areas   

    I would rather have the option to replicate many visions than be regulated one.
  10. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic Another 2012 Ford F-150 Raptor   

    Very nice.  I have one in mid  build and would agree with your criticisms and add trimming the excess  plastic around the wipers as a doable but more realistic look.  I wish the new one was as detailed and had the parts count of this one.  Thanks for sharing.
  11. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic micheals craft store   

    Thanks for the heads up.  I'm still looking for the 29 Ford which has been sold out but I was told they restock on Fridays.  And 50% off is better than 40%.
  12. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic 53 Hudson Hornet Salt Flats   

    I missed it also-to cool.
  13. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda   

    Oh I like that!
  14. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic 1941 Plymouth   

    I like it and would be proud to display it myself.
  15. Ridge Rider added a post in a topic A Pair of Plymouth Road Runners.