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  1. From the production to the over the top pop culture influence, it is somehow an entertaining piece of automotive history. I had never seen it, thought I'd share if you have 8 minutes kill.
  2. Nice mods-I like what you've done so far.
  3. I like it, nice work so far. Keep it coming
  4. Sorry Bob and anyone else who might be wondering but there is no new progress. Life happens and it stalled out for a bit but I really would like get it finished up this year. I'll update when I have some progress to show. It's too close to being done, I have to finish it. Thanks for the continued interest.
  5. I had seen this and really like what they did to it. I then went looking for a 72 Javelin glue bomb, still crazy prices. Maybe someday I'll find one local or reasonable to give this a try. I think it would be a fun build.
  6. Thanks for the interest and kind comments everyone, I will give an update to where I'm at. I have been messing with the dash detail and like most things with this build there is a lot of trial and error. While not a facsimile, I hope whatever I come up with will pass as an acceptable attempt. One of the better interior pics. This detail is also on the lower door panels so I took this image found on the internet and printed it out in different sizes. I then cut them out and glued them on black construction paper that I cut to the shape of the leather mat that the emblems are affixed to. I'm still experimenting. This last pic is the original on top followed by normal black on white decal paper, then darker black on clear decal, then normal black on foil , and normal black on clear. The door panels to the right are normal clear decal applied to foil. So far the original and white decal are giving a better look. This is the last detail for the interior if I can find something to be happy with. Thanks for the support. Steve
  7. Enjoyed watching this come together. Well done-thanks for sharing.
  8. Thank you all for the kind comments. The clamp detail was kind of an afterthought being there are 46 of them. It started with the radiator hoses looking unfinished so I tried bare metal foil. I cut inch long strips the thickness of an exacto blade and they actually stuck. It does take tweezers and a magnifier to apply with a slight overlap and trimming the excess away. The detail looked fine but while I was at it I tried adding the tightening mechanism. I used silver 28 gauge wire cut to about 1/24"-applied a drop of super glue to foil using a random length of the same wire and quickly added the piece. It was all sealed with Testors flat clear acryl because the foil can move while handling. It looked good and wasn't as difficult or frustrating as I thought it would be so I added the detail to the rest of the plumbing. It really helped to finish the look of the intercooler connections and was worth the time. Thanks for following. Steve
  9. The front half of the Gigahorse is done except the exhaust which I will do just before final assembly of the body. It came together nicely and I'm very pleased with the look-so on to the pics. Thanks for looking . Steve
  10. Thanks Alan, it is appreciated. Well my hand is getting too shaky to finish the delicate gluing and fitting of the rest of the plumbing. I did make some good progress so I'll share some new pics. It's coming together nicely and is starting to get very front heavy making for careful handling. I would hate to drop it now!! Thanks for following. Steve
  11. Thanks for the compliments. I managed to get a couple of the flaming skull details done. While not perfect they should work fine. The small interior pieces were drawn on .015" styrene, cut out, painted and will be glued to the bulkhead during interior assembly. This thing is still fun and challenging and I'm liking how it's turning out despite all the problems and complications. I hope to get it plumbed this weekend if all goes well. Thanks for looking. Steve
  12. Time for another update. The front end is done, it was a challenge to paint but turned out as well as I had hoped. The engines are close to being dropped in and plumbed and interior detail is coming along. Thanks for the support. Steve
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