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  1. That is some nice fabrication you've got goin on there. Thanks for sharing
  2. Nice work Roger, just what I need, more ideas for future builds? Watching
  3. I raised the C-pillar about 3/32" and mocked up a panel using the obnoxiously thick stock rear window. I think it flows better with rest of the car. I was liking the look of the longer trunk until I mocked up tires in the wheel wells, made it look weak in the back end. Still not sure about the valence widow, might have to open it up more into the C-pillar. I'm going to think about it for a bit before moving on. Any thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks for looking.
  4. I like it a lot, your paint job? Looks like a ton of seam cleanup for such a new kit but you made it look awesome.
  5. The more I fiddle with this, I remember now why I put this back in the box? The problems and fitment are many, this will definitely be a curbside build. All the suggestions are awesome and will be considered. After trying to mock up a ride height the back of the cabin looks too low for my taste. I will raise it up some more and add panels similar to Mikes illustration. I'm not sure what it will end up looking like but it's fun to mess with. Thanks guys
  6. Thanks guys. I started foiling this week after a long break. Will post new pics when the body gets done. Thanks for the continued interest.
  7. Several years ago one was posted as a WIP and it gave me the idea to get my saw out. As it sits now the cabin and engine bay have been turned around and rear wheel wells reshaped. The hood was shaped to fit the trunk opening and a nascar hood is being used as a new trunk lid. It's looking like a lot of bodywork and custom fabrication ahead. I hope starting a thread will get the juices flowing. For those following my Gigahorse build, it's back on the bench being foiled (what a project that is). This one is to keep my sanity when I need a break from that. Wish me luck?
  8. From the production to the over the top pop culture influence, it is somehow an entertaining piece of automotive history. I had never seen it, thought I'd share if you have 8 minutes kill.
  9. Nice mods-I like what you've done so far.
  10. I like it, nice work so far. Keep it coming
  11. Sorry Bob and anyone else who might be wondering but there is no new progress. Life happens and it stalled out for a bit but I really would like get it finished up this year. I'll update when I have some progress to show. It's too close to being done, I have to finish it. Thanks for the continued interest.
  12. I had seen this and really like what they did to it. I then went looking for a 72 Javelin glue bomb, still crazy prices. Maybe someday I'll find one local or reasonable to give this a try. I think it would be a fun build.
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