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  1. Good stuff Tomo... Rally Cat!!!
  2. Hey Oscar!!!... Kinda drifted away for a few months, but the workbench is exactly the way it was the last time I used it. Where did all the GT guys go?
  3. There you are tetsooey, let me take this opportunity to thank you again for all the help with the bodies, I sure couldn't have make them so nicely!!! Guys?.... What happened to the GT thread?, I still have the Pescarolo on my workbench, never kept going because it got me really frustrated with the photo etched grills and such (maybe this is something that requires to call up upon on Tetsuo again? )
  4. Beautiful work!!!... It has been a few months since I read this thread and is truly a work of art.
  5. What was that movie???.... It was something like "You had me at hello"....
  6. You did great Tomo.... Very nice job. Can't wait to see the next one.
  7. Hang in there bud... Is all part of the experience I may be the least appropriate person to comment on this because of my short time in the hobby, but I completely have to agree with you on the Revell comments (The Audi A4 DTM fiasco comes to mind)... Now, I dont think Revell kits are of a bad quality, I just think they need a different building approach, after messing up three different kits I realized they need either a different kind of paint or maybe just very light coats of it (Is a fact their plastic will react to it by either shrinking or bending); like someone said earlier on this thread (Or maybe one of mine), they are hit or miss as far as fitting goes. Man... These words just make my love for Tamiya grow stronger and stronger
  8. Very Nice Tomo!!! Still raining cats and dogs over here... I do paint outside so no action for me at all.
  9. Never too late Tony, hop on right in.... I will have some time next week to work on the stuff.
  10. Very nice guys... Stuff is looking great. Oscar I have an extra NSX kit, if you need the dash is yours for the cost of the postage.
  11. NICE!!!... That is the stuff Arnold Finally finished with the main body decals, "IF" we can convince the big guy to stop the rain, I may be able to start painting the chassis
  12. WAIT!!!... Did you just said Lara???... As in Lara Croft???, I think I just found my missing sibling!!!... She was the one that got me trough 5 days of laying in bed with a fever IOI. Cant wait to start with the Nissan... The friend that helped me with the Supra decals made one to die for. Everyone is looking nice. Well done guys.
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