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  1. Lil Ray's Daughter added a post in a topic Help please   

    Thanks so much, How can i find out if there are shows in my area.. I am 100% clueless on this issue.
  2. Lil Ray's Daughter added a topic in Where's Waldo?   

    Rhode Island
    Does anyone know any hobby shops in the Rhode Island area ?
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  3. Lil Ray's Daughter added a post in a topic Help please   

    Ok I added my name. Well i will look into the idea's here.
  4. Lil Ray's Daughter added a post in a topic Help please   

    Thank you so much. His passing has been very difficult. He really loved building models. I just have no interest in them I would not even no how to build one.
  5. Lil Ray's Daughter added a post in a topic Help please   

    I went to ebay, but my problem is some of the cars I dont know if they are 100% complete. Like i said my dad would buy a specifc car just for the tires & leave the rest of the car in the box. I am not kidding when i said he would build custom cars. Also I would like to see them as a full thing, I did look up the hot wheels cars on Ebay that was helpful, but not the for model cars.
  6. Lil Ray's Daughter added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Help please
    I have a question & I really hope i can get some help here. My wonderful dad recently passed away he loved his model cars, I used to tease him about being a " Frankenstein" of cars. I now have tons of model cars & Die cast ones. And i have what i can only call a junk yard of all kinds of model car parts. I was wondering if someone in here could point me in the right direction for getting these things priced out. I really don't know much about them. I was thinking about going to a model car show, but i would not even know what to ask. any help here would be greatly appreciated. there are also lots of Hot Wheels & Johnny Lightening.
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