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  1. Rdrunner added a post in a topic 71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi   

    Hi Bill, sorry for the delayed reply, got tied up....lol. I still have some more to finish on my builds, I am currently in Malaysia and most of my stuff is back in the States. I am trying to finish up my 68 Roadrunner and will eventually post some pics here, nothing compared to you guys builds, I am still a newbie . Yeah, I still have not got over my loss of my 'baby' it's been 8 years now.

    I am still awed by your work. and yes, there are some awesome builders here and I am learning some great techniques.

    Awesome front suspension build !!!!!!

    Best of luck with your build, can't wait for the grand finale
  2. Rdrunner added a post in a topic 71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi   

    Hi Bill, Yes, I have been checking out other builds and yes, there are some great talented builders here. I am so glad, that one of your wishes to do something like this has come true. The outcome is really amazing. I believe most of us here are not anywhere close to being a machinist, let alone own a lathe. so, your tutorial maybe very helpful to those of us that are new and that are wanting to attempt a similar project. I am sure the fellas here agree with me, no matter how you do it , it is the final outcome that truly matters.

    Btw, I do build models, mainly AC 1/32 and some 1/48. I had a 68 Roadrunner 383 car that I restored and was my daily driver, it was stolen and was never recovered, which sucks big time, so, to compensate for my loss, I started build Mopar car kits, mainly Roadrunners...lol.

    Best regards

  3. Rdrunner added a post in a topic 71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi   

    Hi Bill,

    I came across your build, while searching for what exactly, I forgot, lol, on Google. I read all 44 pages and signed up, just to congratulate you on an awesome, build.
    I have never, ever seen anything so amazing, especially in this scale. if you have a chance to show us, how you did some of your machining, as part of a tutorial, that would be amazing, if it is not asking too much. I am a Mopar fan and to see a Hemi engineered like this is beyond words

    Looking forward to further updates