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  1. Alger1x added a post in a topic Is Airbrushing Really This Much of a Pain?   

    Ok thanks for the great advice guys reason I posted I knew I would get the correct answer thanks I do believe ill just hold out for alittle longer till I can actually save up and get a good setup just wasn't sure I thought it was too good to be true that was a lot of stuff for that amount of money I heard a good airbrush alone would cost between $75-150 I was like ok im getting 3 and a compressor quality has got to lack but thanks for the input. Im sure it was stated above but what would be a good setup to start out with I want something that I can get comfortable with I am pretty artistic so I would love to start applying to my models
  2. Alger1x added a post in a topic Is Airbrushing Really This Much of a Pain?   

    Not really trying to highjack the thread or anything but im also thinking about getting into airbrushing for the very first time saw some airbrush kits on ebay for $120 bucks or so I never done this before so I have no idea what to expect but im sure it cant be that much to it the kit comes with compressor and all the hooks up a Master brand airbrush G22 model dual action 0.3mm needle and nozzle and a G25 dual action 0.2mm needle and nozzle then a gravity fed one that has a .8mm nozzle not real sure on the quality but it all looks nice anyone else every use these or have any info it has like 2500 watchs on ebay so its definetly people buying or using these anyways heres the link tell me what you guys think

  3. Alger1x added a post in a topic BMF INFO revive it?   

    I was wondering about that also but if you use a very thin coat of glue I think it would be ok about to try it ill post some results gonna try it on a old body first and see what it does
  4. Alger1x added a post in a topic BMF INFO revive it?   

    I am a 1st time user of BMF I have been looking around and I saw a guy that did a youtube video using just regular household foil with some elmers glue any hope to this working ? I could see it being a ton cheaper got a roll of 25ft for a buck and BMF is like 8 bucks for one sheet not trying to be a cheapo but you could save a lot of money but question im getting at is do you think it will work and be effective it showed in the video it works but for all you guys that been around this stuff for years wanna hear your opinions.
  5. Alger1x added a post in a topic Rambunctious - Funny Car - FINISHED PICS!   

    Very nice build !!! love the details very gorgeous paint awesome representation of the vintage funny cars !!!!!
  6. Alger1x added a post in a topic Building for your 1st Big model show HELP   

    Awesome feedback guys love it !!!! I appreciate all the comments I have taking this all to heart I live in a very small town we don't have model shows much less hobby stores so im kinda relying on the internet now for even resources for my plastic addiction lol I do plan to enter my nova I just built in are hobbytown usa show in Winchester va but other than that its the only big show we have I think it will be a very humbling experience but also a very fun educational experience I don't really think I have a shot at winning anything but its gonna be fun forsure. I love this hobby I put my 1st car together when I 5 years old I still remember it was a amt 70 challenger R/T was plum crazy purple and im 23 now so I have always had a passion for this hobby and I am a car fanatic doesn't matter the make if it was badass I loved it !
  7. Alger1x added a post in a topic Building for your 1st Big model show HELP   

    Well guys I chose my car tonight I have always been a huge Camaro fan and love the historic ones which now a days anything pre 1980s is but I think im going to give the repop of the 70 split bumper Baldwin motion Camaro a shot I have always loved the split bumper Camaros and well a big block Baldwin motion styling package makes them that much better ! Im going to do a step by step build on the thread I hope some of you that commented on this will keep up with it and throw a few ideas out or lend a hand and help me make corrections if you see something that just isn't right thanks guys !!!!
  8. Alger1x added a post in a topic Building for your 1st Big model show HELP   

    Thanks guys I appreciate the help I never really been to a big show like this not really going to win anything but I would be totally stoked if I did. I am a very average builder think I got all the basics pretty much down I can turnout a pretty nice box stock model with a few mods like lowering the stance and swapping out some aftermarket wheels and air cleaners stuff like that whats new to me is BMF kinda scared to try it I do really good paint work so I may stick to just painting the trim with my handy dandy paint marker ill try to get some pics of my finished nova im taking to are show at my local hobbytown which its a hr away but oh well lol closest I got .... any recommendations on a cheap but good airbrush setup ?
  9. Alger1x added a post in a topic Any Shows in Va ?   

    I going to bring a old chopped ratrod maybe or Vw sleeper with a Ls1 think that would be pretty awesome . Joker you going to be there ?
  10. Alger1x added a post in a topic Chevrolet valve covers   

    94 Impala kit has a set
  11. Alger1x added a topic in General   

    Building for your 1st Big model show HELP
    Hey guys I am just getting back into models and im building for the IPMS 50th anniversary show at Hampton Va in august and im kinda not real sure what to expect was going to either build in the ratrod category or like a factory muscle car category what are some main points of the build so I take into perspective .
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  12. Alger1x added a post in a topic Any Shows in Va ?   

    At the IMPS show do you have to be a member to enter that or is it open to the public ?
  13. Alger1x added a post in a topic Any Shows in Va ?   

    I would have liked to have went to the show in Richmond I always just built models never really seen very many shows but definetly plan on hitting some up this year will the Richmond and Roanoke show do one again in the fall ? or is it just a once a year thing ?
  14. Alger1x added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Any Shows in Va ?
    Hey guys im looking for some shows or swap meets in Virginia anyone know of any bigger or local ones near the Shenandoah valley or somewhere not too far away ?

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  15. Alger1x added a post in a topic Where to start and how far to go .....   

    I tell ya what you all are GREAT I can not wait to get back on track building some models only real problem is hobby stores are very limited in my area so I do alot of buisness with model roundup there a bit pricey but jack is a great guy to deal with. Im bout to have my 1st child and I basically had to hang my helmet up for a few years instead of being at the track every weekend I can be in my lab tweakin away at some plastic to compensate the withdraws lol. I think I want to build a gasser 1st car back always was in love with there stance with the straight axles any suggestions?