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  1. Next typical russian worker from 50ties. Kit is combination of white metal and plasticc. Tires are normal rubber. Used colors are surfacer 1000 , green and white from Gsi (Mr.color lacquer) and wood color is from revell acrylics.
  2. Hi guys. Here´s something of another scale. This kit is small just 1/43. It is interesant, that it is combination of white metal and plastic, but it is no die cast. You must make everything like by typical build. to sand, to glue and to paint it. This model represents typical russian heavy tractor Kirovets. Avd models is a producer from Estonia European unity - no problem with shipping worldwide and they accept paypal paypament also). here is link https://www.modelsshop.eu/shop?manufacturer=264. AVD makes truck and heavy machines of former east block, and it is very interesant. Quality is very high, as you can see.
  3. Thanx guys. Unfortunately Jabekke is far away from me, and I've got lot of work at hotel where I work.
  4. This time I will show you something special. This kit of Kenworth Bullnose is very rare. Just about 25-27 kits (cabinekits) were produced. So this model is just a resin combinated with chassis from KFS (made by cnc). What can I say about real truck? …so ugly as is beautyfull.The first new postwar truck with cab over the engine layout was the range 500. This version used doors, roof elements and chassis from conventional models of 500 series. For the original shape of the front end the truck received nickname “Bull-Nose”. Interestingly, the cab of the truck didn’t tilt, and was rigidly fixed to the frame. Service of the engine was either from the cockpit or below. Cabin was available in both day and sleeper version. The range included model 521 (4×2), 523 (6×4) and 524 (6×2). My model is covered by Mr.Hobby surfacer 1000, then painted by white base (carpaint) and covered by 2k clearcoat. Chromed parts are airbrushed by Spaz Stix. Another specialty is unique page and page suspensions. All resin parts are produced by Pavel Behensky. Wheels are also resin. Kit consists also set of photoetched parts, also fully colored.
  5. Kit maker is my very good friend. Unfortunately this kit is sold out. This kit I've bought 3-4 years ago. It is very rare resin. He made at same quality KW S900, Pete 351 and Pete 280/350 Coe "Bubblenose". All of those kits are sold out...unfortunately. Now he prepared reedition of 351 and Autocar DC 75/100. If will be some news I will inform you guys.
  6. Pics from build. Front axle is from KFS. Resin is quite heavy so I recommend to use white metal axle. Rear suspensions will be really rare product (incl.in the box). Page & Page suspensions.
  7. Here's my latest project. I decided for something special. So it will be this oldie. Resin cabinekit is from Stratomodel. I must prepared just a chassis. That frames I used are coming from KFS. But it is possible to make it from profiles. All chassis is just a copy of some amt kit. I bought also reworked engine NTC 250 (same as White Freighliner kit). From resin, there are also wheels. I can say it is probably the most quality resin I've seen before. Top details.
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