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  1. Thank You Steve ! It was a fun build !
  2. Thank you Cliff & Gary !
  3. Thank you Jim & Gareth !
  4. Pics are up Under Glass.
  5. Thank you Jax, Michelle and Craig !
  6. Thank you all for the encouraging comments ! Bill the foam is from a package that I had ordered which then I sliced it with a X acto blade to fit the ram air system.
  7. Thank you guys for the awesome comments they are greatly appreciated !
  8. Hello All , I have finished the Goat with minimal issues except that I build really slow LOL ! The only issue was the fitment of the front bumper which would not line up quit right but over all it was a fun enjoyable build. There are a few scratch built parts which is the air cleaner ram air system, fuel block with fuel lines andI I also installed a set of Fireball Mickey Thompson Indy profile tires on the rear which I then had to modify the rear rims to accommodate the rear tires which gave it that 80s muscle car look. I also redid the chrome trim on the front bucket seats and I also added a MAD wired distributor and the front and rear springs where added which are made of colored bead wire. Oh and I cannot forget the license plates that came from club member Michael at Best Model Car Parts. Hope you enjoy the pictures !
  9. The Goat is finished ! Wiper blades , door handles, front and rear bumpers and the key locks detailed as is the rear Pontiac script above the rear bumper. Pictures are coming .
  10. Nice simple clean build.....Good Job !
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