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  1. Quit Riot covering Slades Cum On Feel The Noize
  2. MLB spring training games cancelled today also plus opening day will be delayed by 2 weeks for now but may change because of not knowing how bad this virus hits us here in the states.Also here in So Ca church services have been cancelled also but our Pastor will still preach and it will be streamed live as usual on the weekend.
  3. Art..... Yes I will see you in May for sure.
  4. Thank You Art ! Been busy with a few things that life has thrown at me and I do appreciate the encouragement on this build which I should be getting back to soon.
  5. Looking good Art .... your building skills are always above and beyond.
  6. Wow ! Awesome job on the engine.
  7. I have this kit which I purchased a few years back at he NNL West....... its one of the many kits on my want to build next list. Have fun with it !
  8. I'm sure your brother will be surprised at Christmas..... nice clean build.
  9. Yes some Testors/Rustoleum lacquer spays are being discontinued which colors I'm not sure about but that is what I was told by my local HS today.
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