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  1. Yes some Testors/Rustoleum lacquer spays are being discontinued which colors I'm not sure about but that is what I was told by my local HS today.
  2. Progress has been slow but I have started the foiling which is not one of my strong points but it has to be done. I have also add ribbon material to the air cleaners to replicate the the filter elements and I have also started to run the spark plug wires. This build is far from perfect but I do learn from one build to the next.
  3. Wow Dann your really knocking this out of the park !
  4. Well I have finally got a little time in on the Goat and I have shot a few coats of clear on her and I have the interior assembled. I'm not sure yet on how far I will go on the detail of the carbs yet since the scratch built ram air pan will be covering up most of the carbs. I have all the front suspension painted but not detailed yet and I still need to detail the rims also.
  5. John no matter what you build it is always a treat to watch your amazing skills !
  6. Here are a few mock up photos with the Ram Air finished and we finally got a break in the weather here so I was able to get another coat of paint on her. Next will be the deacals then some clear to finish the body.
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