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  1. Revell 1966 GTO 1/6/19

    Tom thank you for the encouraging comments on this build ! and when I get finished fitting the suspension components and the assembly I will gladly shoot some pictures and explain to you how I modified the rear to get the M/T tires to fit.
  2. Revell 1966 GTO 1/6/19

    Tim I actually sanded off the molded in seat back trim and then scribed where I had removed the molded in trim then I laid down and glued some round styrene to replicate the trim and then I laid down the chrome foil over the newly installed seat back trim. And Tim thank you for the kind comments it is greatly appreciated !
  3. 68 GTO Convertible

    Working on a 66 GTO myself and you just gotta love those GTO's ! Awesome build !
  4. Revell 1966 GTO 1/6/19

    A few more of the interior with the side panels glued in and the dash finished. Next I will be getting the steering wheel detailed and the column attached to the dash. I have also started on scratch building the rear suspension springs since the kit supplied springs just look awful.
  5. 3 Traditional Hot Rods Finished in 2018

    Dennis awesome clean builds !
  6. 70 Torino GT Custom

    Awesome build !
  7. Revell 1966 GTO 1/6/19

    Thank You Rusty !
  8. Revell 1966 GTO 1/6/19

    Got a little bench time in this morning so I have now detailed the dash with a mock up of the aluminum gauge bezels that I have cut from aluminum tubing.
  9. Revell 1966 GTO 1/6/19

    With the Christmas Holiday here there isn't not much time to get to the bench to work on the Goat but I have had a little time to get the front seats and the interior panels detailed. Next I will be working on finishing up the detail on the dashboard which I have redone the paint on the wood grain so I will be detailing the heater controls and the radio etc.
  10. 1970 Buick GSX in Saturn Yellow

    Awesome Job !
  11. Happy Christmas

    Merry CHRISTmas to All !
  12. Revell 1966 GTO 1/6/19

    Tom thank you for the info on the tub...I haven't started on scratch building one as of yet.
  13. Revell 1966 GTO 1/6/19

    With the weather basically perfect today (70 degrees) I was able to shoot some Royal Blue Pearl on the GTO today which I'm not a real big fan of the color blue but it suits the GTO perfectly so after the paint gases out then I will shoot a few coats of clear on her.
  14. Revell 1966 GTO 1/6/19

    Richie yes the float bowls do face the front & the picture I posted was just a mock up and also so everyone could see that the carbs are not that we'll detailed.