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  1. Wow awesome job on this and I'm sure a lot of time is being spent on the modifications which will be well worth the final out come of the finished build.
  2. Not to move away from the painting issues but I was noticing on the wheels which look nice murdered out that I would maybe think about drilling out the holes which it would make them look more realistic .... just my thoughts. On the paint I also like using the Tamiya line and I also use the Mr Hobby clear as well as the Tamiya clear and you can purchase the Mr Hobby clear from Amazon.
  3. Awesome building going on here !
  4. Yes Keith is still doing decals I just ordered 6 decal sheets from him.
  5. Looking Good ! Just a thought but what if you shorten the rear wing ?
  6. Looking Good ! I will be starting this kit and will be building it Yenko style.
  7. Nice build ! Love the green paint work and if I may ask what brand of paint did you use and was it airbrushed or spray can ?
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