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  1. Awesome building going on here !
  2. Yes Keith is still doing decals I just ordered 6 decal sheets from him.
  3. Looking Good ! Just a thought but what if you shorten the rear wing ?
  4. Looking Good ! I will be starting this kit and will be building it Yenko style.
  5. Nice build ! Love the green paint work and if I may ask what brand of paint did you use and was it airbrushed or spray can ?
  6. Thank You Steve ! It was a fun build !
  7. Thank you Jax, Michelle and Craig !
  8. Thank you all for the encouraging comments ! Bill the foam is from a package that I had ordered which then I sliced it with a X acto blade to fit the ram air system.
  9. Thank you guys for the awesome comments they are greatly appreciated !
  10. Hello All , I have finished the Goat with minimal issues except that I build really slow LOL ! The only issue was the fitment of the front bumper which would not line up quit right but over all it was a fun enjoyable build. There are a few scratch built parts which is the air cleaner ram air system, fuel block with fuel lines andI I also installed a set of Fireball Mickey Thompson Indy profile tires on the rear which I then had to modify the rear rims to accommodate the rear tires which gave it that 80s muscle car look. I also redid the chrome trim on the front bucket seats and I also added a MAD wired distributor and the front and rear springs where added which are made of colored bead wire. Oh and I cannot forget the license plates that came from club member Michael at Best Model Car Parts. Hope you enjoy the pictures !
  11. The Goat is finished ! Wiper blades , door handles, front and rear bumpers and the key locks detailed as is the rear Pontiac script above the rear bumper. Pictures are coming .
  12. Nice simple clean build.....Good Job !
  13. Thank you for the tips on toning down the chrome David. Well I have started the final assembly which the interior is installed ....chassie is mated to the body coolant hose's attached and wheels attached . So next will be the windshield wiper arms, driver outside rear view mirror, outer door handles and I also need to secure the front and rear bumpers plus I still need to touch up the bumpers with molotow and also molotow the pontiac scrip between the rear tail lights and the door locks.
  14. Supposedly the dash is new and also the grill and front and rear bumpers.
  15. Thank you Tom ! Well I have the glass installed and rear view mirror so I will start the final assembly but first I detailed the windshield washer bottle which is now installed and then next will be the battery . I'm also thinking of toning down the brightness of the chrome plating on the windshield wiper arms before installing them because they just look a little to bright to me so I'll try toning down a piece of the chrome tree to see how they would look toned down a bit.
  16. Just watched the review of the Revell 1969 Chevelle SS and Revell has knocked this one out of the ball park ! Looks like it is all new tooling and the decals are awesome which includes decals for the hood insulation. Watched the review on another model car web site.
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