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  1. Finally was able to get some bench time in this weekend so I have a small update for you all. I was able to get the bare metal foil done on the trim on both the front seats, the molding around the wheels , front and rear glass trim and the trim on the roof and on the hood inserts.Will try to get better pictures later this week.
  2. Thank you Pierre ! I have finished polishing her out & when we get a little sunshine here in Ca. I will shoot some pictures of her.
  3. Curtis I have thought about it but have never attempted it. I have always bare metal foiled after I have cleared and polished it out which the results have always been good.
  4. Will still need to polish out the clear and add the ever fun job of bare metal foil.
  5. Thank you Don,Jim,Anton and Carl for the encouraging comments !
  6. It's always a pleasure to watch you build and see the finished build ! Amazing build Art !
  7. Finally found time to clean up the work bench & do some rearranging which now I’m a little more motivated to get back on the Chevelle build. So here is a small update on her. Finally shot the last coat of clear on her today and I also finished up the wheels which I will be using Fireball Modelworks BF Goodrich drag radials on the rear and to get the rear tires to look correct on the rims so I had to deepen the wheels on the front side and the rear side of the wheels.On the interior I used embossing powder on the floor and I also mocked up the exhaust to see where I will lay down the brake lines. So that’s all for now on this update and hopefully I will have another update sooner than later.
  8. John, Awesome build ! and you always come up with the out of the ordinary cars to build.
  9. Not a big fan of the blue color but she does look awesome in blue !
  10. Thank you Andrew & Mike ! Andrew to make the heater core hoses I used bead wire and heat shrink tubing then I shaped the bead wire to the configuration I wanted then I ran the heat shrink tubing over the bead wire then heat shrank the heat shrink over the bead wire.
  11. Thank you Guido & Don for the kind comments.
  12. Dennis Congrats on the award ! This is the seventh show our club has done at the NHRA museum and as always the turn out was top notch and judging the builds was no easy task.
  13. Small update which I have finished scratch building the two heater hoses that run from the heater core to the intake manifold and to the water pump and I also have lowered the front suspension a little to give it a better stance in the front. I will more than likely be lowering the rear suspension but how low I'm not sure yet and have also started the clean up of the exhaust system with getting it nice and smooth and I have shot the exhaust with primer.
  14. Thank you Carl ...... I still need to make some adjustment on how the coolant hose is actually routed which I'll do when I get the other coolant hose ran from the water pump to the heater core.
  15. Hello All, Small update on the Chevelle which I have finished getting the speaker grill mounts painted and the grills installed to the mounts and I have also started on scratch building the coolant hoses that run from the heater core to the water pump and to the intake manifold.
  16. Thank you for the awesome complement on the show Steve ! We as a club try our best to put on a good show and we are always looking for ways to improve on it each year.
  17. I will be there at the show since I'm a member of the club (The Model Car Guys) that put on the show and we always have a good turn out.
  18. Hello All , I got a little bench time today which I was able to finish scratch building the speaker grill mounts and will be getting the first coat of primer on them later which they are not perfect but they will have to do . Sorry for the one picture being a little blurry.
  19. Well I have finished getting the locations drilled and pinned for the two other coolant hoses that will be installed to the intake manifold and the water pump so then I was looking through my stash of photo etched parts and and came across some 6X9 speaker grills so I decided to use them for the build.They will be installed to the rear deck so I have cut out some speaker grill plates out of styrene to install the grills to but I still need to cut out the inner portion on the plates to have a more realism look of the install which will be a challenge
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