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  1. I also have recently purchased this kit as well but it will be a bit before I start building it ....... I'll be following this build though.
  2. Looks like we will have a baseball season after all..... first games set to play April 7
  3. Very Cool show and a great turn out ...... and I was surprised that I took 1st & 2nd in the Street Machine & newer category with my 1957 Ranch Wagon Del Rio 1st place & my 1970 Dodge Super Bee took 2nd place.
  4. Just wanted to throw this out there that there is a Model Show at the Ventura Fair grounds tomorrow Feb 27 in Ventura Ca 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
  5. Hakan thank you for the info on the location of the spark plugs but unfortunately it’s to late to relocate the holes plus I’m not building this kit to be a exact replica. I was able to get the decals applied this week which went fairly well except for the number decal that is located on the rear hatch which it is two separate decals and I was not able to get the little v shaped decal to apply on the air scoop correctly for me so it was not used.Next I will hopefully get get her cleared this weekend.
  6. Was finally able to get a coat of white primer down this weekend and after the primer was nice and dry I shot the blue on her. Next will be getting the decals on her and then lay some clear down to finish up the body.
  7. Small update this evening which I was able to finish up the detail painting on the front coils and the rear coils plus the two small arms that are for the rear sway bar assembly which was all done by hand. Plus I also sprayed a coat of primer on the front and rear brake rotor assemblies as well. That’s all for now !
  8. Rex.... thank you for posting the color swatches I may tone it down a bit plus I'm not trying to be dead on with this build I'm just building for fun.
  9. Got a little bench time in today and I started filling in the grooves in the brake rotors which does not look realistic to me at all which I will detail later after they have been painted and for some reason the grooves molded in them just really bothered me. I also started detail painting the front and rear coils which will take sometime to finish and I also started experimenting with the Vallejo acrylic sky blue paint and the Upol clear to see if there would be any reactions between the two but so far no reaction between the clear and the acrylic paint.
  10. A small update ….. Was able to get a little bench time in this evening which I was able to mask off the top of the engine cover to shoot some aluminum paint on the heat shield but I still will need to shoot some paint on the bottom of the heat shield as well. That’s all for now folks.
  11. Rich..... thanks for chiming in on this about the seats I appreciate it.
  12. Was able to get the undercarriage tapped off today which took a little over an hour to accomplish then I shot some Tamiya blue on the undercarriage as well as the top side now I’ll wait until she is nice and dry then I’ll shoot some Tamiya semi gloss on the undercarriage to tone it down a bit.
  13. Thank You Rich and thank you for the info on the installation of the engine and the exhaust ... on the seats I'm thinking of maybe trying the Molotow 1 mm pen on them but I need to find something similar to test it out on.
  14. Saturday was a good day today which I was able to get the front of the motor detailed as well as getting two of the rear air ducts painted and some of the front and rear suspension parts. I was also able to get the last coat of paint on the the front and rear inner fender structures as well as getting the rear inner vents and the pedals painted. Tomorrow I may tackle tapping off the the undercarriage to get the areas that need to be painted the dark blue before I paint the rest of the body and undercarriage areas that will be painted the body color.
  15. Got home this evening and checked to see how the inner fender panel structures looked after the first coat of paint and noticed a few blotch’s so I sanded them lightly with 1500 sand paper then wiped them down and then shot them all with a few more coats of blue. I also decided to mock up the body with the interior door panels , dash and rear cab panel installed which I’m glad I did because it was not fitting correctly. So what I ended up doing was sanding down the backside of both door panels a bit and I thought I would have to sand down the top of the rear cab panel as well but as I inspected the fit of the panel it just need a little more finessing into the floor panel and then everything fit like a glove.
  16. Was able to get a little detail painting done on the radiator and the door pulls that are located on the door panels this evening and I also laid down the first coat of the blue on the inner fender supports as well.
  17. Jason ... Yes the engine will be fine in the engine bay .... I will be adding some detail to the engine like the plug wires and possibly some fuel lines but I did notice that the kit does not provide a ignition coil so I will be going to my parts box to find the appropriate coil to add to the engine bay.
  18. Worked on the front and rear inner fender structures this evening which I filled in a few area’s from the molds and also removed and replaced the alignment pin on the cab with a piece of brass rod to strengthen it up.
  19. Jason...... Its a really nice kit and the parts I have glued together have gone together smoothly........ only thing that bothers me is the way they engineered the engine assembly other than that the kit is awesome.
  20. Ray ... Thank You.... I got to thinking today that I may try using the Molotow 1 mm on the seats but of course I will do a test run first on something similar.
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