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  1. toothpicks, clothespins or tape to hold small parts. i do my wintertime spraying in the basement. drilled some holes in a board to hold brushes and i like to always by the bigger bottle of thinner for everything except actually thinning paint, for that i still get the little bottles of Testors thinner. additionally, i find a Jack Daniels bottle with a small wad of tape to spray bodies. hope this helps.
  2. knarf

    50' Olds

    another awesome paintjob from down under, well done Dale.
  3. 30-31 of this month. always in conjunction with the 24 hours of Daytona.
  4. knarf

    Nemo's car.

    looks awesome, excellent work
  5. this will be my third year of participating and i'm gonna do another MPC monster truck. 1st year i did the el camino, last year i did the dodge and this year will be a bronco.
  6. my first truck was the Rubber Duck Mack back when it was first issued. still have the styrene hood ornament (not the scale one for the truck but the roughly life-sized statue) from it.
  7. i've seen that movie. or at least i remember the part with the 32 and the nitro.
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