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  1. heinz74 added a post in a topic 1/12 `67 Corvette, this time in white   

    nailed it again..
    this thing looks real..its a shame we are oceans apart ,i would really wanna sit down and see how you build these 
    i've been loving your builds forever..the larger scales in particular..
    great job on this "Vette.
  2. heinz74 added a post in a topic 1965 Corvette Stingray 2016 Revell RoG issue   

    that's why i never use acrylic rattlecans anymore..
    if something goes wrong you're toast and so is youre model..
    same goes when you rub through the different types of coats..even when you are using everything Motip ..it still can cause a reaction..
    i screwed myself once by painting over Tamiya acrylic (i forgot that i used it on that subject)with i believe Duplicolor..
    everything looked fine ...but after a month or 2 the model was a write-off..full of cracks in its paint..(1969 Charge 1/24 scale)
    anyway..i block sanded my vette,to get as straight as possible..
    then 2 light coats of Standox plastic primer..after that a couple of light coats of Standox Topfuller..
    blocksanding again to a mirrorfine finish (p1500 waterproof)..followed by Standox basecoat in red and MS clearcoat..
    all automotive ..did no coloursanding or buffing afterwards
    the thing still shines like day one..
    albeit a bit expensive ,but at this scale you kinda need to go nine yards..
    just start over Erik..and make sure that previous layers are bonedry before attempting touch up work..
  3. heinz74 added a post in a topic 1965 Corvette Stingray 2016 Revell RoG issue   

    i love those decals they included this time..makes it all so much more realistic..i wish i had those when i did mine..oh well ..missed again
    like i said build this as clean as possible and it'll do..it's never gonna be a Tamiya large scale kit..but it isn't priced like that either..
    i also toned down the shine on the engine chrome,. the brightness at this scale makes it look like an oversized Hot Wheels toy when finished..
    most of the chrome in my kit was gone or scratched over the years so had to redo most of it..
    keep up the good work Erik ,you'll get there..
  4. heinz74 added a post in a topic 1965 Corvette Stingray 2016 Revell RoG issue   

    i build this thing a while back..(there is a topic here)..from i believe one of the first issues ever...molded in all red body and interior and black floorpan and suspension
    i did a ton of clean up work on the body..this was the worst i've ever seen in a modelkit..
    i ended up blocksanding the whole thing and then using the same paint system ,one would do on a real car..all automotive paint..
    this issue you have, seems no better..a big plus are the decals in this case..on mine they were long gone because of age..
    this kit also screams 'detail' in a big way...,'cause it's just a magnified 1/24 ..i added some lines to the injection system and cooling ,so now it has some sort of credit in the looks departement
    try to build as clean as possible ,and then it'll be a nice model..
    maybe i'll do one in black ...somewhere down the line...still a shame they didn't include some extra wheels and options..
    and modelshows/competitions.?.overhere in Holland..mmmm.. never heard of any..must have a look at that..

  5. heinz74 added a post in a topic about how many models have you   

    i only got 4 large scale cars built..and one 57 Chevy in 1/12 sitting on the shelf..
    i don't wanna stash anything ..what i buy gets built anyway ,or whenever i feel like it..
    when it comes to 1/18 diecasts..thats another story..got about 60 of them..even a couple of 1/12 models..
    most of these 1/18 models have been modified ,in terms of wheels ,color or engine..
    sadly for Euro guys there aren't many good kits of european cars around that look great when built..some Revell Germany kits are way off in proportion
    so i don't buy or build them..and the fact i find 1/24-25 a little small for my taste..
    and you never ever come across a US Muscle car overhere..except for shows or meetings...so relating to that subject is hard also...
    i never got to drive a Charger or Cuda..Firebird or Mustang in Highschool like you guys, hahaha...so there's no sentiment..
  6. heinz74 added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra 427 S/C   

    yep it really is..he hit the ball out of the park..and it hasn't even landed yet
  7. heinz74 added a post in a topic 1:16 Scale Revell 1934 3 window Coupe !   

    yep reissue them..in 1/12 or even 1/8 scale...nice big MCG photoetc kit to go with it..that would be something..
  8. heinz74 added a post in a topic 1/8 1969 Corvette C3 finally done   

    whow..that's some build there!..miles away from the original kit..
    have you got some photo's of the engine and drivetrain..(fahrwerk und bremsen?hinterachse und getriebe..usw)...?
  9. heinz74 added a post in a topic very tempting..,what to do?   

    that will ad up to about 1100 euro's in total..which is a lot of cash ..in the end..
    but you'll likely will not come across anything like it..it's not the kind of exotic subject you can get from Pocher or such..(which i personaly feel nothing for)
    i always thought about the Manta A as being as close to a US GM muscle car ,as we could get back in late 60's early 70's (check the shape of it)
    i'm still biased though..i probably couldn't get suscribed here in the Netherlands ,but having relatives in Germany..i should be able ..sort of..
    already got one in 1/18 (slightly modified) diecast..
    think i need to sleep on it..long and hard..

  10. heinz74 added a topic in Big Boyz   

    very tempting..,what to do?
    i know you guys got the Manta in the US..albeit with some nasty ass bumpers..
    we had the GT/E over here ,with the fuel injected 1900 cc injection engine,..my dad bought one new in 1974,, a venom green GT/E
    i sort of have to have this ...,but
    A ..what if i sign up for the magazine ,and the terminate it after 5 issues?..
    B..has anyone out there ever finished the Aston Martin ..or the Shelby gt500?..are these models anything close to a good model when completed?
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  11. heinz74 added a post in a topic 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.0: New Project   

    hahaa..i rarely see this kit..judging by the pictures it doesn't seem to be very detailed..so to pass as a reasonable model you've got your work cut out for you
    those old kits are allways a surprise..i just recently bought an Otaki Corvette in 1/12 scale ..the box looked toylike..but inside the kit is surpisingly good detailed and sorted when you open it
    (i'm not building it though)..but this seems the opposite thing..
    good luck with it..!
  12. heinz74 added a post in a topic another '65 corvette   

    i'd wish..with these gas prices over here it wouldn't be a laughing matter though..
    and the fact a real one would set me back about 100.000 euros..(in this condition)..
  13. heinz74 added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale 69 Camaro Z/28   

    completely missed this topic..WHOW!..these Camaros are a knock out..
    you got to be related to Hawk 312?..hahaha ,you build these kits so great ,it' has to be
    still wondering though ..how on earth you get those tyres on the stock rallye wheels?..somehow the don't fit .or do they?
    anyway..i'm starting my own Z/28 pretty soon..not sure which colour though..(not grey..been there..done that)
    great stuff man!
  14. heinz74 added a post in a topic another '65 corvette   

    Thanx people..
    took some outdoor shots today..nothing fancy..
    looks more orange than red..but i guess red is sencitive for that anyway..

    rolled her over..not to be done with the real thing..wouldn't be wise

    no crazy detail ,like fuel/brake lines..on this level of stock detail..i just wouldn't have looked right..like wiring up a 1/24 Bburago diecast.
    did do some engine stuff..otherwise the bay would have a 'half finished' look about it..like if 85% restoration was done and somebody had thrown in the towel..

    all in all ..i'm still glad i didn't pack it back up somewhere and never finish it..
    like i said it was an very old kit i got from german Ebay..it came all loose parts in the box with no instructions whatsoever..so i might have missed something..
    but in the end..i think it's ok..
    greetings from the Netherlands..
  15. heinz74 added a post in a topic A Couple of Pics of the Eleanor Conversion Kit   

    oh man..if somebody could cast this in 1/12 scale ..i would be all over it..
    problem would be getting the rest of the parts for it..like engine and interior..