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  1. Nice job but I'm curious why no fin/spoiler?
  2. Since day one I've loved this model. I just noticed the weatherstrip for the rear decklid. Wonderful model - Congrats!
  3. Nice ride! Good job! Gold is good!
  4. Wow. It looks great. My weekend projects don't even leave the box.
  5. Cool model! Looks like you had fun!
  6. Thanks all for the comments. My models don't typically get responses. Automobile, not sure where they came from as my good buddy gave them to me. He also provided the front tires which are from a lowrider set and I had the rear tires from parts box.
  7. Thank you for the comments. I cheated on the front axle - but the rear I bent so that it would actually work.
  8. This is my recently finished Tamiya Bug. It's supposed to be a candy though it's hard to tell. The kit was excellent which shows my mediocre skills at building. However, I like it just the same.
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