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  1. I like it, really good weathering and details. Where did you get those mag wheels? I'm looking for a set for a project.
  2. Hey man, very nice build, quality scratch build skills. Question..what type of puddy or modeling substance did you use for the wheel flares?
  3. Is anyone else seeing upside down pictures? I used decals on the woodgrain bits but the steering wheel, this is what I did. I painted the steering wheel brown, took a small round detail brush "pick" (those green ones) and dry brushed flat black streaks on it, then I took black ink, and went over the whole steering wheel to stain it. I wish I would have hit it with globes of clear coat to give it the polished wood look. Maybe in another project. Woodgrain is something I've always wanted to perfect.
  4. I left off the decal for the trunk lid because I preferred the color contrast of the wing on the body, and the back panel is black, or at least has the decal on it. It's hard to see in that angle. The tail light surround are chrome. I didn't think it looked right either but that's stock. I thought about dark washing the indentation lines but I thought it might make the chrome look too weathered.
  5. Hi guys, It's been a while since I posted anything but I just finished my 1970 Mustang for my good friend B. Wymer. This is the first project I've done for someone other than myself and I got a great deal of satisfcation while building it, and then giving it to him finished. I painted Tamiya Green, and decided not to clear coat it, modified the decals along the hood to make it look a little cleaner with that hood scoop for the race engine. A little bit of wiring and some under hood and chassis weathering and I really like the way it came out. The gloss paint is something I'm not used to, as I usually use mica or metallic. I think it turned out pretty good. What do you guys think??
  6. I keep seeing your work posted in here and it's just inspiring. Absolutely beautiful clean slick models. You have a real talent my friend.
  7. Hey fellas, I've been Google searching and eBay searching all morning but I can't seem to find a decent set of dry transfer Goodyear Tire decals. Anyone have any suggestions??
  8. It's beautiful, I love the large scale kits. Is the tachometer supposed to be sideways?
  9. Pat this thing is great, I love the paint and its shiny. Good use of the copper colored paint and great small details.
  10. I love this, its really clean and the wheels and trim are done really well.
  11. Nice trucks, those are super clean. I like the details on the drag engine.
  12. Cool, love those old Cadillacs. Nice paint and foil. Missing a hood ornament?
  13. This is beautiful Carl, I love your clean smooth clear. Tell me...do you use high gloss poly in a can or regular lacquer clear? I'm betting on poly...
  14. Beautiful, I love that color.
  15. I like it! Great job with that kit. I love the difference in parts nowadays versus when this kit was made I.E. the molded control pedals.
  16. sarkasim99

    Z 28

    Huge rubbers! Cool model Boban.
  17. It looks like you did a really nice job with the green paint Ken. Your details look nice too! I would suggest getting a piece of white poster board, bending it in up so it has a base and a background, and placing your models on there for shots. It will help your camera focus better if you continue to use your iPhone for shots.
  18. Thanks Jason! Here's some chassis shots for you and everyone else. Thanks Steven, I take my time with the pictures and plan some, shoot some candid and I'm very picky with dust and particles on my models. I've noticed by using spray air in the can, it will resist dust for a moment. Those windows are surprisingly clean and clear even to me! I wiped them down very good and cleaned them a cotton shirt scrap and most importantly...very very carefully put them in place with cotton gloves. I try hard not to touch anything with bare fingers near photo time. Thanks for the explanation on the solvent pop thing, it was definitely irritating at the time.
  19. I think it's awesome. Something different, and your paint is great, sits really nice too.
  20. Nice work, I like the color and your detail paint work is great!
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