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  1. Very cool build, one of your best. ! nice job brother.
  2. I been away from this board for a while. Anyone know if there is going to be a model show in Fulton NY this November 2020.?
  3. Fantastic build. i love it
  4. I have ordered parts from them in the past and they do have great products. However, I placed an order on July 17 and have yet to receive it. The items have already been paid for through PayPal. Can someone tell me a what to contact them.? The Contact Us button on there website does not work. Can someone tell me an email address or a phone number.? I don't want to be go through Paypal to resolve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  5. Man, I love this build. I keep coming back and looking at it. I also love the overall "feel" of the pics. Great Job.
  6. Nice job, another great build.
  7. Been fallowing this for a while. Looks great. Don't let the busted windshield stop ya. How does the one from Lindberg fit.? Maybe try rubber cement, that's all i use for my windows. The clear stuff you get in bicycle tube repair works great. It's clear , but it take some time to cure.
  8. Looks great. Love that engine and overall stance. I'm not a huge pro-street fan, but this is killer. Nice Job so far.
  9. Wow, fantastic build, really captures the era. nice job.
  10. Man, this is a great build. ya really captured the feel of a Saturday night special.
  11. I like where this is going.. I'm in.
  12. Thanks again for the compliments, It's nice to hear opinions of my builds. The rear tires are out of AMT rail kits ( Garlits ).. i put them on a home made chuck made from an old screwdriver. I attach it to a drill, put the tire on it and run 400 grit sand paper , then 600 grit on the tread surface. I then run 800 grit on the side walls. Then I clean off the excess rubber, apply Shabo dry transfer lettering. Then hit the tire sidewall with Testers dull coat to "set" the lettering. I do the same to the front, but just the tread as they arn't run at such a heavy strain as the rear tires are on a real dragster. As for the rims, the rear are 2 piece. The inner rim is from Fireball resin ( great stuff, check out his carbs. ) cleaned up, lugs drilled out and studs inserted. Then that is glued to an aluminum outer rim i got years ago, I can't remember where. The front rim and tires are from AMT Winged Express kit. The only thing i added was an old custom knock off center.
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