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  1. I have ordered parts from them in the past and they do have great products. However, I placed an order on July 17 and have yet to receive it. The items have already been paid for through PayPal. Can someone tell me a what to contact them.? The Contact Us button on there website does not work. Can someone tell me an email address or a phone number.? I don't want to be go through Paypal to resolve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  2. I'm looking for the rear bumper for a Johan '75 Olds cutlass. Lots of parts to trade.. or.?? thanks, Jim
  3. If it doesn't work out, I have some rigs.. Revell
  4. Man, I love this build. I keep coming back and looking at it. I also love the overall "feel" of the pics. Great Job.
  5. Nice job, another great build.
  6. Hi Paul, I'm not sure I have what Kevin is looking for, so think i still might need the gas can. Still looking for the hood. what you looking for in trade for both.?
  7. Hey Kevin, thanks for the info.. what ya want for that gas can.?
  8. I need the hood for the Revell AAR 'cuda hood and a 1/25 - 1/24 "Jerry" can. I have lots of parts or ?? to trade. Thanks, Jim
  9. Been fallowing this for a while. Looks great. Don't let the busted windshield stop ya. How does the one from Lindberg fit.? Maybe try rubber cement, that's all i use for my windows. The clear stuff you get in bicycle tube repair works great. It's clear , but it take some time to cure.
  10. Looks great. Love that engine and overall stance. I'm not a huge pro-street fan, but this is killer. Nice Job so far.
  11. Wow, fantastic build, really captures the era. nice job.
  12. Hi Bill, I might be, what are you looking to get for it.?
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