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  1. Thanks for the tip on the paint ill try that tip on the next build
  2. Thanks all for the great comments. I did place some extra material on the inside of the frame. The gold lettering looks good ill keep that in mind if i ever have decals made. I need to check into making graphics or lettering kinda on a tight budget.
  3. Ok got a few things done i've been working on the trailer some so a couple mock ups of it with the trucks. The trailer is going to be a reefer just wanted to see how it looks together.
  4. Thanks for all the coments and help. We got our camera as a package deal with a bunch of stuff it works great.Well it was a busy weekend so i didnt get much done. I got a filler piece made between the tanks and worked some on the moebius trailer. Im going to make it a split axle when i get more stuff from P&P. I'll get some pics of the trailer build soon.
  5. So I fixed the marker lights on the hood and made some bumper poles
  6. Great lookin trailer. Love the straps and the two trucks great job with them
  7. OK so i got a few more things done. Clayton i moved the lights thanks for the tip there much better lookin up there. Got the fuel tanks done and the reare fenders on. Im trying to work on the stacks next
  8. Thanks for the comments Wish i would have known about arching the frame before i did it. It does sag a bit . Well i know better for the next one i do. My trailer came in the mail today so when the truck is done its next.. The rear fenders just got the bottom side painted so they will be done soon.. 50 hour work weeks make it hard to get anything done on the truck ill try to get more done this weekend
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