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  1. daveblev added a post in a topic Sorry Guys and gals. I'm gone. We had a house fire   

    sorry for your loss. you are in our thoughts and prayers, keep us updated.
  2. daveblev added a post in a topic The Pharaoh's Patina   

    fantastic job, as usual doc! i'm learning a lot from your builds, but mostly to have fun, and, go wild with it!
  3. daveblev added a post in a topic my 49   

    thanks george!

    rob, thanks for that suggestion. i'm still working on the paint(or lack of). got the running boards painted and washed, and some streaks of darker yellow. i'll post more pictures in a few days. i'll definitely do the alcohol/and toothbrush procedure.
    thanks again-dave
  4. daveblev added a post in a topic my 49   

    thanks ryan. i've enjoyed this build alot so far. i have much more to do(haven't even started the interior). but the the original truck is 60+ years old, so i guess no big rush. just havin fun!
  5. daveblev added a post in a topic my 49   

    not going too fast on this, but, what's the hurry anyway? here's a few more

    comments please...
    thanks for looking

  6. daveblev added a post in a topic R.I.P. Annette   

    rip annette...another of our childhood heroes/legends-gone, but never forgotten
  7. daveblev added a post in a topic 1946 or 1947 ford pickup   

    thanks ed for the info. my son is wanting to build one, and was talking about converting a 40. i guess thats what he'll have to do.
  8. daveblev added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    1946 or 1947 ford pickup
    does anyone, or has anyone made this kit in 1/25, or 1/24?
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  9. daveblev added a post in a topic my 49   

  10. daveblev added a post in a topic 25 Ford Model-T Tow Truck - update: 05/11/13   

    simply...AMAZING! what i've been doing is tinkering with a toy. what you are doing is true to life automotive craftsmanship in small scale! i am impressed!
  11. daveblev added a post in a topic my 49   

    a few more pictures...the salting, and, after applying the yellow/cream final coat. this truck came from the factory in k.c. in sheridan blue(dark, almost black), was purchased by a caterpillar dealer in the area, and painted caterpillar yellow. it was used as the shop/service truck for several years. years later,(after alot of fading) i purchased it. the color of the 1:25 is now very close to the color of the 1:1 that i owned.
  12. daveblev added a post in a topic 41 willys roadster   

    as much as i have always loved the willys coupes, and would really scowl at anyone who said the coupe body should be messed with, this thing is COOL! can't wait to see it finished. color me breathlessly awaiting the final product!
  13. daveblev added a post in a topic 34 rat   

    whatever you choose on the wheels, it just keeps gettin better. i do like it better with fenders! i'm wantin to build an old wrecker. did you scratch build the wrecker beams, or rob off another kit? either way, its great! keep it going
  14. daveblev added a post in a topic My take on Revell's '57 Ford   

    you've done a great job so far on your ranchero. it's gonna be a looker when it's done!
  15. daveblev added a post in a topic 34 rat   

    this truck is hot already. if you keep having trouble deciding, send it to me, i'll do something with it
    have fun with it, you are doing good!