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  1. I haven't posted for a long time but the project is still on the bench as I have been busy finishing off my 28 ford roadster pickup. Its been a couple of hard working years but my passion for modelling will always be their. I just take on too many projects. Will soon be back with some new pics and will be back with Fast Freedy,s wild pickup and of course the Daytona cheers . P S I still like Freedys pickup BLOWN.
  2. Man I tell ya its been a long while since I have been on this site but I am just amazed at the work and dedication on the Vega you are doing . It has been a while since I have done any work on my Daytona but after reading lots of pages I am hooked again. Mate I am gobsmacked. If it does not fire up your using the wrong FUEL lol Darryl.
  3. Hi juys , been so busy through 2015 I just might have some time to relode the hobby machine and finish the Dodge and start on the Pickup ahd I will probly resin the pickup so I can do a few of the trucks life stages . Ilook from time to time at the site and their some unbelievable stuff being built . will post some more of the Pro Mod in the near future .Keep well and see ya soon Darryl.
  4. Thanks guys the pictures really help a lot . Thanks Romell for the feedback I think your work is real good to man and all the engine work you do is great . It is the first time I have ever done any chassis work . the hard part is to get the time .Should be able to get some time over Xmas .
  5. It would have to be one of the wildest Pro Mods I just keep watching videos of it all the time . It is very hard to find any photos of the chassis at all as I am building a couple of it in its different stages any info would be really good . Also the T bucket as tow car . I am going to do a Dioarama of it when I catch up with my projects lol .
  6. Hi still alive and ok just no time at all lately as work takes over some times and modelling takes a back bench but I am having some time off at Xmas so I hope I will get some more work done . In context I am going to do the wheelie bars to a latest type they run on Top Doorslammers in Australia and change a few more bits to bring it up to modern Tech so will see you soon and will add a few photos of progress . Also I will add some photos of Fast Fredies Pro Mod pick-up LOL.
  7. This build is looking so awesome and the detail is just great all it needs is fuel Top Job.
  8. Hi guys I have been very busy with work again but I will be back doing some more work will be posting more soon and as always I get a bit bored with the project and need a little of something to do like starting another project so I have started on a 1/16 scale (of course) PRO MOD of Fast Freddys P/UP . Its a lot of work starting with a 1/18 and scaling down but I am giving it a good try LOL Darryl.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words and interest in my build guys and will keep you posted on new updates as they come and have a Happy Christmass and New Year to all at the forum see you in 2014 .
  10. Man i tell you that is just great stuff really appreciate the info you have supplied us with it is so well presented and detailed it will help out lots and lots and the best psrt is you can mix and match and come up with your own ideas the sites are awsome . Pro Mod/Top Doorslamers just cant get enought .One day i am going to score a burnout in one as i know a few guys here thanks mate lol.
  11. That is just an awsome looking camaro and the work is amazing and the burnout adds to finish P/M . I like the theme of it all lol Darryl.
  12. Hi have been busy with work lots lately and have had no time for my projects at all and its not much fun so i am getting into it this weekend so i have some photos untill i have got some real progress so i hope its not too boring as i have not had time to work on my hot rod either its a 1928 Roadster Pick/up so here we go lol . I was going to use these but decided not too. Going to use these. Some accesories for the workshop.
  13. Great work on those headers Bill they look awsome . Only if we could have as many cars as we have in the hobby room and wild projects life would be great and about 6 Pro Mods of course keep up the great work mate.
  14. Man that is one very nice looking ford and the finish is nice and clean good work keep it up and keep em coming i like it .
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