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  1. om617 added a post in a topic 1:24-1:25 scale battery cables.   

    I bought ignition wire on Ebay from somthing called kynar wire and it works pretty good. I dont remember the 
    code for it as for now,but it has a number and AWG. So if i could get the number,example 34 AWG it should
    be more easy to find. People on there operate with anything from millimeter,inches,gauge and AWG so i get
    a little lost. 
  2. om617 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    1:24-1:25 scale battery cables.
    What are ca the correct size for battery cable for 1:24 and 1:25 scale? 
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  3. om617 added a post in a topic Magnum 500 wheels   

    Thanks for the offer David. It looks like i got it sorted. 
  4. om617 added a post in a topic Large Lot of Complete Kits   

    I do like that Coronet. You dont have any 64 Belvedere by any chance? 
    Got one of these,not sure if it`s interesting. 

  5. om617 added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra FIA Roadster - 2/6 Update   

    Looking good as always. Those wheels are sweet,they are knock offs only?
  6. om617 added a post in a topic 55 Cameo Pro Touring build UPDATE 2-7-16, body painted!   

    The color goes really good with the wheels,looks great.  
    Was the base also Tamiya TS? Wonder how it would work with clear blue. 
  7. om617 added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Arent these very rare,same with the Injection that came with Recaro etc? Always liked these cars,but i have a soft spot for the MK1 coupe. 
    The one i found was not a basket case and fair priced,they are usually rusted to death with the vinyl roof or too expensive. This summer i 
    plan on sell the Mercedes Cosworth and add some into the Coupe. 
  8. om617 added a post in a topic 69 Chevy   

    I guy on Facebook sold me a 69 conversion but it was the last pieces. I thought about buy the MCW but after some
    research i will try craft the 69 Buick Wildcat roof section on a 70 spare car i got,i want to make the Sport Coupe myself. 
    Here is the pieces. 

  9. om617 added a post in a topic How many people fully detail a model?   

    I enjoy to try out techniques i read about here,and it is a certain satisfaction when i get it right,also it does look a bit
    more realistic when done. You can say it is a challenge i enjoy. I like people who are obsessive about detail and 
    finish,it is facinating to watch they`re work. I know i never be as good as them but they are my inspiration. 
  10. om617 added a post in a topic 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T   

    The color is called Burnt Orange CK8 Matt. They got it wrong the first time,also the second,so i did not bother 
    anymore and tried the this one. Wish it was the Bronze on the pictures,i guess i`ll have to try build another 
  11. om617 added a post in a topic 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T   

    Little engine work done. 
    Should not be necessary to use extra glue,the foil has worked great until this shee of "Ultra Bright Chrome" wich is bad.
    It either sticks too much or not at all. Going back to the normal type from now on. 
  12. om617 added a post in a topic 1972 Dodge Charger 1/1 Copy   

    Cool project,does not have to be crazy colors,hemis and wild to be interesting. The 1:1 looks very clean. 
  13. om617 added a post in a topic Does anybody make a '68 Impala kit   

    Great job Steve. Cant wait to see it done. 
  14. om617 added a topic in Trading Post   

    1963 Chevrolet Nova hardtop for Plymouth`s.

    I would like to trade the Trumpeter Nova for two Plymouth`s. These are the only one of interest. 

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  15. om617 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Magnum 500 wheels
    Anyone have a set of four Magnum 500 wheels 1:25 scale to many they would part with?  
    The ones from 68-69 Dodge Charger from Revell would be perfect. 
    Postage and what you want for them is on me. They have to be mint.
    Pic for attention. 

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