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  1. om617 added a post in a topic Thinning ratio for car paint.   

    Thanks guys. I guess i will try to experiment since there maby isn`t a blueprint to this.
  2. om617 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Thinning ratio for car paint.
    I recently recived some paint from Paintscratch and this isn`t ready for airbrush. My question would be what ratio
    i should mix paint and thinner. Been trying to read around the web and watch youtube videos on the subject but
    there is a question i still have to ask. Are these paint lacquer,as in i will need lacquer thinner to mix? 
    Any good tip is appriciated. Thanks.
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  3. om617 added a post in a topic Four door or sedan/post interest   

    Great looking car
    Here is my 77 Caprice when i was 18 (Excuse the grin)
    Pearl yellow (Was original beige) with some meaty tires and chrome wheel. What a comfy car.
    As for topic. The 77-91 4 door would probably sell pretty good,there are many police car fans. A stationwagon would also be cool.

  4. om617 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Yes,that was what made me want to get it,not that it would come close. This on has no uptop either.
    The bulder of the 63 has put some effort into it,but as with most of these older builds,the paint isn`t
    shiny and smooth,and lot`s of sharpie details,and knowing the improvement some smooth paint
    and bmf does,it`s hard to leave it.
  5. om617 added a post in a topic Amt 57 Chrysler 300C   

    Timemachine resin did the convertible conversion kit. Very nice piece up there with Missing Link as in quality.
    Purchased a very nice 58 Chrysler conversion from Australia,but if i remember right it`s a New Yorker.
    Btw the 300 is coming along nicely.
  6. om617 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Some builders and a promo. Thanks to hoarding junkers,i got bumpers,tallights and steeringwheel for the Chrysler.
  7. om617 added a post in a topic 4 Foot Effy!   

    Huge! Idk never been into the big models,i`d turn to dust before i got it finish.
  8. om617 added a topic in General   

    How to go from 24th to 1st in a old Mustang.
    Looks to have really good turn in
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  9. om617 added a post in a topic BMW 635 csi Jagermeister-interior 2/14/17   

    Thanks for the info. It looks amazing so far.
  10. om617 added a post in a topic My Chrysler A 318 poly head engine 3d printed at home   

    Great work,engine looks really good. Will there be transmission or is the idea to use the 300C unit?
  11. om617 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    They been avaliable for years. The problem has been condition and/or price did justify it,but here it did.
    Thanks to a tip from a fellow norwegian modeler i went ahead and got them. Thanks Stian.
    Today i got a notification in the postbox that one of my Modelhaus orders arrived,very excited. (Not so much to pay the custom fees)
  12. om617 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Most of them will need some sort of fix,only kit that is close to mint is the early 70s Toronado. 
    I dont have pockets for mint kit`s and there is also some joy to repair these old junkers.
  13. om617 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Some that arrived in january. Cleaned up a little bit before pics. 
  14. om617 added a post in a topic 240 Robert Ford Bronco   

    Maby you can find what you want here
  15. om617 added a post in a topic 1:24- 1:25 Scale Woodlite Headlights   

    These look really cool. Makes me want to try on a streamline custom or somthing and add those