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  1. Thanks Tim for the review loks nice can't waite till I can get one to bulid did you know if it will have fixed front wheels and the other set of spindles look like a set for lowering and the other looks like stock height. Thankas again for letting us look at the kit!!!!!
  2. Thanks Tim for the review of this real nice kit from mobius I can't waite till I get mine from the hobby shop and also I will be getting the 61 ventura from them I can't waite to see the review on that kit also thanks again Tim!!!!!
  3. Nice work Chuck sure looks nice to me!!!! I hope to get pics of mine done here on the board just as soon as i get the paint this week fingers crossed!!! One again nice work!!!.
  4. I asked them the same thing about the box it for sure is way to small for the body Ihave the first two issues with the big box and the bodies are perfect in them so I hope that they get this figured out it is a real nice kit to bulid I have done two and both are nice when finished.
  5. Hi, I don't know if anyone has bought this kit but I bought one and when I opened it up and was checking the parts out to make sure that all of them were there but when I opened the bag that the body was in I seen that the roof was pushed down very bad on the from ther center of the roof to the right side of the roof right at the back window.I had to send the ucp from the box cover so I could get a replacement body but as of today still no body this has been well over a month or so. So I called and talked to some about this and was told it would be replaced in two weeks so I e mailed Revell about this and was told that they have checked some of the same kit to see if it was a issue and sure enough all the kits they checked had the same thing with the body.So I asked them if anyone else had this same issues with this kit and was told yes quite a few of them did. My kit the body was bulging on the top but I didn't see this till I got home with it and opened they persone I talked to at revell said all the ones he opened up were bulged up when he was opening them up.So know they are going to figure a new way to pack the body in the box so this don't happen anymore. Has anyone elese had this kit and was the body like mine??
  6. Thanks everyone that helps me out a lot the steering colum is Chrome I didn't even know that. Mine is going to be two tone when I get the paint from mcw I hope it should be here this coming week Thanks again very much!!!!
  7. dose anyone have nice pics of the interior for the Hudson Hornet Club coupe or were I can find any good ones can't seem to find any on google pics.Any two tone color pics is what i'm looking for. Thanks for any help.
  8. I just primered mine last night and so far so good scott I'll have to see when I put the color on the body and color sand it and go from there I hope it won't be to bad.
  9. Hi Can someone help me on this paint question I'm getting ready to paint this kit from Mobius and I want to know if any body knows if this color from Hudson in 1954 was called Roman Bronze paint code h-165 is this a metillac color or is it just non metillac for the roof i was thinking of coronation cream or black not sure of the two colors to do yet. And is the interior the roman broze with the coronation cream?? Thanks for any help on this one.
  10. Well I started on the Hudson Hronet Club Coupe today and the finish on the body sands of easy and it also helped me find the mold lines on the body. I have to engine ready for painting and the frame has a lot of simple clean up to do all the kit was nice and stright all the glass was nice and clean the chrome also nice. I'l going to prime the body parts tonight and order so paint from mcw not sure what color to get yet might do a two tone.Dave you hit on with this one I will for sure get a few more of them excllent work on this one and can't waite till I get the 61 Ventura and the other ones that are down the road keep it up!!!!!!!!
  11. Well I will give it a go and see what happens to it can hurt any . It just seems strange to have a texture to all the parts to them. I'll primer them and see whta happens with it. I wonder if the paint from mcw will be ok with it I think is should I just don't care for testor paint that much.
  12. The feel of the body hood and all the other parts of the kit except glass chrome tires are fine but all the body parts look like a vinal top finish to it. I'll see if I can get a pic of them to show everyone what it looks like.
  13. I have waited for this kit for months and I finaly have it and I opened it up at the house.I thought i was seeing this the body hood ect the entire kit has a finishes on all the parts like a vinal top finishes the clear ans chrome was fine but all the other parts were covered with this finish did something go wrong???.Dave did your test shot have ths cover all over the body and the tan color part trees???
  14. were did you get the hood scoop for the hood I'd like to do that Mercury also please keep all of us posted on this one!!
  15. dose he also do factory colors?? And how about the newer colors form gm fors chry ect??
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