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  1. Some more progress... I'm thinking about using these rims I got out of an old 69 gtx kit I had. What do you guys think . .
  2. A kit I picked up about a month ago. Haven't done much until today. Painted it (no clear) since I don't have the patience to order it, wait a week, and pay 10 bucks shipping from tower hobbies. I think the paint doesn't look to bad for being Walmart krylon black paint lol. If I had pictures of the kit when I first got it I would post them but I don't. Here's some progress... Started out orange . Here's kinda what I'm going for just in a pickup short bed. .
  3. Which wheels do you guys like better the ones at the top of the page PR the ones that make it look more like a diesel
  4. I had to take off everything I glued on, paint it green again, then did the white over that. And I am planning on painting the bosyaide moldings. I will post both different wheels I can't decide on and let you guys decide.
  5. I hate that I never did it but I didn't convert it to 4wd. Its logged and still 2wd I was lazy about that part.
  6. Got the front lifted and finished the paint. No door handle smudges. These are not finished pics just show in some progress. ..
  7. I am still working on that, I will post it when I figure it out but it will probably not look very real when its done.
  8. Pictures in better light.I managed to mess up the door handle pretty good . .
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