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  1. gkulchock added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Here are my GSL Photos. Enjoy.

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  2. gkulchock added a post in a topic Jaguar XKE Pro Mod   

    Great looking build brother. Can't believe how fast it's coming together.
  3. gkulchock added a post in a topic Even more GSL pictures!   

    Thanks for all the photos Art. Top notch!
  4. gkulchock added a post in a topic My 2011 GSL Photos   

    Great meeting you also buddy. Your modified orange and black Merc was sweet, but the red and white #16 was even better. Keep in touch. Hopefully we'll see you at some other show prior to GSL 2013. Later .... Gary
  5. gkulchock added a post in a topic GSL XXIII Photos   


    It was fantastic seeing you and Kelly again. Anytime you need some snow, we will package up some of the West Virginia stuff and send it your way, or bring it your way. Take care of that back Gregg.

    As for everyone who didn't make GSL, I'm sorry for you. I've been hitting shows for the last 20 years and not a one was even close to the experience of being at GSL. You must come in 2013, trust me. The modelers I read about in the magazines, I've met. The models you only see in photos, I got to drool on. (sorry about that Randy, Greg, Vince, John T, ...... and many more). Meeting Tom Daniels and having him autograph my Rat Vega, .... priceless. Great talking with Don Emmons, a wealth of information and all around great guy. Dave Walker, a pleasure to finally meet you. ..... and so many more.

    Start saving your pennies and dimes now guys, and I'll see you all at GSL 2013.

  6. gkulchock added a post in a topic My 2011 GSL Photos   

    Thank you John. Your most impressive yourself. You floored me with airbrush skills.

    I just added 300 more photos to my GSL Fotki site. I got ahold of Chips card tonight and posted all of his. Enjoy.
  7. gkulchock added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    My 2011 GSL Photos
    Here you go guys.

    My link

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  8. gkulchock added a post in a topic Even more NNL East Photos   

    Thanks ..... now to put it to good use!
  9. gkulchock added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Even more NNL East Photos
    Great show. Enjoy!

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  10. gkulchock added a post in a topic 5th Annual 24hr Build   

    (LMAO) Well I can see her point, but ....... the time spent building with my buddies is just priceless to me. Do I care if I finish the model? No. Is it going to be my best work? No. Will I even take it to a show. Well maybe. But, I do get to hang with my best friends. Nuf said!

    Have fun guys.
  11. gkulchock added a post in a topic 5th Annual 24hr Build   

    Thanks for all the input guys. When I started this build 5 years ago, my motive was to get together with my buddies and do the one thing we never do together, and that's build models. Five years later, nothings changed. I enjoy watching how they do things and have picked up many tips over the years. Hopefully I've dished out a few tips also. This ibuild is better than any model show, NNL or swap meet I've ever attended.
    Get your friends together and try it. You'll get hooked.

    By the way, we also had to come up with a few rules along the way. One of our modelers, who we will just call John B. (LOL) decided to just wax the bare plastic and not paint the body. Year 2, we brought in the Brolin rule that states you must paint the body. I hope no one figures out who I'm referring to.

    Tune in, comment and enjoy our build. We love your feedback.

    Main site: http://public.fotki.com/gkulchock/

    Later guys ......
  12. gkulchock added a post in a topic I need the help of 6 individuals   

    I would love to have one if someone backs out of the deal. Just let me know. Thanks.
  13. gkulchock added a post in a topic Model Cars latest issue just arrived!   

    Thanks Gregg. See you in the spring.
  14. gkulchock added a topic in General   

    Model Cars latest issue just arrived!
    Best "Editor's Corner" I've ever read Gregg. (Cough,cough)

    And yes, this still totally blows my mind and makes me smile every time I think about it. Thanks buddy!

    Take care now, and I sure hope the next news I hear about your health is positive.
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  15. gkulchock added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Atlanta Smyrna NNL Southern Nats Photos

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