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  1. hi Marcos another nice clean build from you i love it... greetings Maik
  2. well done adam... the rust and dirt the scratches and everything comes out great i like it... greetings maik
  3. hi chuck thats cool i love your builds... greetings maik
  4. good job al ... this build makes fun to look at greetings maik
  5. well done chuck... i love that salt techniqe greetings maik
  6. thanks you for the information... so if i understand right 71-77 chevy van grills are made from steel and the headlight bezels are aluminium and the pickups have aluminium frame grills with plastic inserts is that right? maik
  7. Hello i have question about grilles from chevy van and trucks in 70-80. Are the grilles made from steelsheet or aluminium. I think its steel but when i look at different pictures it looks like aluminium? greetings Maik
  8. thanks steve... so it looks like that the pictures in the internet do not match the correct year build... that creases on the roof are the same on every year build or not? maik
  9. hello at all... i have a question about a 76 chevy van i like to build a amt van but the body looks incorect i have too add the embosings(do not know this is the right word) in the roof sheet i think i have made 6 of this. i have search for some pictures and have see some difference in the site panels of the body... here is picture what i mean some vans have this embosing i marked in red and some not... can anybody tell me some details about that? greetings maik
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