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    1961 Pontiac Ventura
    Not one but two..........

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    1972 AMC Gremlin
    Two years ago I couldn't attend the Clemmons, NC Model Show & Swap meet.  So I gave my buddy a "grocery list" of things to look out for, the main item being a resin 72 Gremlin from Bandit Resins. Success was in order for the day since I had already acquired the AMT 76 Gremlin that just came out.  My intentions were to replicate the Gremlin I had  in the summer before going to college. 
    I had just sold my 72 Gran Torino and bought the Gremlin from a co worker at my summer job.  258  six cylinder with a 3 speed manual and purple. The right front fender (luckily the same color) had been replaced minus the fender stripe,  the interior was fair and the clutch had just been replaced. A minor tune up, two recapped tires for the rear and a sprayed on fender stripe that was as good as the fender decal that was 20x the price of a roll of tape and a white spray can.
    Inside shock towers added to the engine bat, a unaccounted for 6 cylinder and two front seat to replace the god awful kit seats.  The Stripe were sprayed on using Frisket masking paper since there are no stripe decals for a 72.  Some slight mods to the chassis to make everything fit underneath.  Enjoy!
    Aside from my buddies giving me grief over a purple Gremlin and  the driver side door hinges wearing out every other month, I got a little respect beating them stop light to stop light if it was small V8.1st and 2nd gear really pulled good!

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    Stunning....simply stunning and depressing, you beat me to the punch! I also have a AMX in the works which will wear the big bad blue colors, Keith Marks Decals and a somewhat correct engine bay/inner fender arraingement but yours looks Awesome. Though there is not much/no detail for the interior or chassis, I found a chassis similar if not the same as what you use with molded in exhaust. I'm just trying to fabricate a engine firewall at the moment and then hope everything comes together......till then.
    If and when time permits I do have a particular AMC I completed but not yet photographed of a car I actually owned
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    1960 Desoto Adventurer

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    1962 Chrysler 300

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    The Forgotten Charger
    The 69 Charger 500.  Started out that I was going to make a NASCAR version with all the necessary parts in hand, however I just couldn't get the motivation started.  I have however been on a tear with factory/stock editions. I thought of using the Revell bodies of the 69 Daytona and Charger, splicing the latter front fenders to the Daytona but got to playing around with the AMT body and the Revell chassis and interior does fit the AMT.  Just some small mods to the rear chassis panels to fit the curvature of the AMT rear quarter panels. Everything in the Revell kit (Chassis/interior) was used, the exception was the rims/Dog dishes. Rims from the Revell 68 Charger and the Dog dishes from a Monogram Superbird.
    I do plan to redo the hood by removing the hood pins and the hood turn signal trim (too pronounced). 

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  9. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Anyone have any real insider info on Revell's "new" '70 Charger?   

    From what I can see in the package F/F diecast Charger w/o breaking the plastic/cardboard seal, the seat is a drag bucket shape seat. The back roll bar appears to be from the kit but has a horizontal bar just below the door seal instead of a diagonal bar starting from the ds top extending to the ps bottom. The floor pan is not like 68/69 or Daytona version but a stripped floor pan. Dash, steering wheel and offset shifter same as in mentioned kits.

    My sealed collectibile was more accessible than my shelf display. I packed it up when rotating my display case got full and I'm not sure which box it's packed in. Wife has gone to bed and I'm sure she doesn't want to see the 1/25 scale of the Mecum auction parade around the bed!

    IIRC the main chassis was the same, the frt wheels where held in by steel pins thru the front spindles and the rear had a metal axle thru the rear end. The grill has open headlights.

    New tooling could mean seat, rear roll bar floor pan, grill and bumper assembly, possibly rear tail panel and lights, scoop and blower setup on top of the hemi and body( side marker lights in different positions than 68/69 and different front fender/hood for the wrap around bumper). Later factory seats with new interior side panels with a separate R/T door scoop can be added for a stock version.

    For a nascar version, a great platform to start. Just hope they leave the hood solid with the option to make the cutout for the blower.
    From the photos above, stock grill with closed headlight cover (Thank you  lord!), new frt seats, no rear shocks, wipers, door handles, side mirrors and stock exhaust system ( unless on the parts tree) and the front clip appears different from the 68/69 kit, and the side marker light appear to be in their respective places.  I don't think it going to take much to convert to a stock version with a little donation from the 68/69 kits
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    Great build !  Around these neck of the woods in 1976, AMC (especially the Pacer) meant All Most a Car!
  11. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Abandoned 1956 Chevy Delray   

    Like the KoolAid man says..."  Ooooohhhh  Yeeeaaa"!  Looks fantastic, I was wondering where you dragged it off to when you got the tractor and pulled it off my lot! LOL!
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    In Hot Pursuit....

  13. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Moebius 61 Ventura exhaust system locator holes   

    I've purchased two  about three weeks ago. Completed the engine and got most of the parts painted and ready, Sprayed the undercarriage with red oxide and will do a overspray of the body color to it, Thoroughly impressed with what Moebius has accomplished.
    What's more impressive to me that Dave Metzner posting a correction ( on a public forum mind you ) that neither has been seen or heard from  other competitors when some of their products fell short of their intended goal, Granted this isn't a perfect world by no means.  Dave puts a 'face" on a company that in return will promote brand loyalty and quality products with fan inputs.  Proud to showcase in my collection and say " That's a Moebius!"
  14. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic 1972 Cutlass Supreme....Hardtop   

    Great eye!  I didn't catch that till after I posted..LOL. I promise that is taken care of!
  15. satterwhite78 added a topic in Under Glass   

    1972 Cutlass Supreme....Hardtop
    Never been much of a fan of convertibles but have enjoyed riding in them from time to time.  Some time back I was looking for the Revell Special Ed. Olds Cutlass issue but didn't have much luck when I came across the  Revell Muscle Cutlass convertible (the black top/rose side). Knowing that Missing Link had a hard top version, my plan was to eventually acquire the Missing  Link resin and use the kit for a donor.
    Fast forward  to around Nov/Dec 2015. A thread of the Hurst Olds Cutlass featured a picture of a hard top version along with a mention that the top looks eerily similar to a 70 Monte Carlo top which both 1/1 cars seem to have. Having a spare AMT 70 M/Carlo with the intentions of making a nascar stocker, I decided to trimmed the roof off and transplant to the Revell body.  I wanted a smooth and seamless hard top without the roof/body separation trim.  I trimmed the Revell body to where the C pillar section would go just enough to where the roof was just flush with the body, glued, puttied, sanded, repeat......done.  Little to none trimming and adjustment using the kit's interior mated up into the body. I did fab the frt and rear windows because the Revell frt windshield was to small as also the rear window. The AMT frt windshield was to thick for I used the frt windshield frame attached to the body and cut at the base while using the AMT A pillars to connect to the Revell frt windshield frame.  Testors One Coat lacquer Pure Gold #1846 accents the body

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