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  1. The more I look at it , the more I like it. I betcha you spent more time BMF than it did to paint and assemble. It did for me when I built one. Great job!
  2. MPC Super Stocker that was reissued a few years back. A great slump buster, other than that, an enjoyable OOB build, I came across an Bobby Allison grill/bumper assembly from a old parts box. Since both ends of the bumper were either cracked or broken off, the grill seemed salvageable.....so why not. Definitely changed the front end look. BONUS..BONUS..BONUS..... Thought I would add some extras....Some other Competitors from the pits..
  3. Told my wife to hand the built one's out to those who attended the service in memory of me, that a small part of me will be with them till we meet again....
  4. A time capsule of elegance and a great build!
  5. Beautiful! Hadn't seen any posting of late but knew something good was gonna come out of your garage!
  6. that didn't get posted due to weather, late coming home from work, something else going on and/or laziness on me for the most part... RICHARD PETTY 76 SEASON CHARGER DAVE MARCIS 74 SEASON CHARGER MARTY ROBBINS 74 SEASON CHARGER BUDDY ARRINGTON 74 SEASON ROAD RUNNER Still have have few more future Charger builds coming but with all the "plastic candy" coming out it's gonna be another busy year in the "garage" Enjoy and hope to see your post soon!
  7. The last built for 2021. Not as good as I hoped for but was something different from all the Nascar Chargers that went through the "garage". OOB except for the rear tires/rims. Flat black base coat with Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome finish with Rustoleum Magenta for the frame......
  8. For Tuffy's Garage......Testor Metallic Silver. Thanks for looking!
  9. Sleek and sexy...one of the smoothest lines from GM. Great color and background. One piece of constructive criticism....your parking lot pavement is to clean. Someone by now would have laid down some 60 series rubber or have a hemorrhaging valve cover.lol!
  10. The 71/72 Chargers C pillars have the slant as seen on the box. The 73/74 Chargers have the lazy L slant. Quite possibly you got a unintentionally incorrect package 73/74 body...
  11. Wow! Seeing your build took me back almost 50 years. It was a great kit, a fun build and a model that anyone who has a love for this hobby and cars needs in their collection. Fantastic job!
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