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  1. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Moebius 61 Ventura exhaust system locator holes   

    I've purchased two  about three weeks ago. Completed the engine and got most of the parts painted and ready, Sprayed the undercarriage with red oxide and will do a overspray of the body color to it, Thoroughly impressed with what Moebius has accomplished.
    What's more impressive to me that Dave Metzner posting a correction ( on a public forum mind you ) that neither has been seen or heard from  other competitors when some of their products fell short of their intended goal, Granted this isn't a perfect world by no means.  Dave puts a 'face" on a company that in return will promote brand loyalty and quality products with fan inputs.  Proud to showcase in my collection and say " That's a Moebius!"
  2. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Show your Built JoHan Models   

  3. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic T.V./Movie Cars (show em')   

    The Waltons?
    Hey! I just hit a milestone.....100th post!  Woohoo!!
  4. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic 1972 Cutlass Supreme....Hardtop   

    Great eye!  I didn't catch that till after I posted..LOL. I promise that is taken care of!
  5. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic T.V./Movie Cars (show em')   

    Some movie clips that ended on the editing floor......

    TTThhat' s all folks
  6. satterwhite78 added a topic in Under Glass   

    1972 Cutlass Supreme....Hardtop
    Never been much of a fan of convertibles but have enjoyed riding in them from time to time.  Some time back I was looking for the Revell Special Ed. Olds Cutlass issue but didn't have much luck when I came across the  Revell Muscle Cutlass convertible (the black top/rose side). Knowing that Missing Link had a hard top version, my plan was to eventually acquire the Missing  Link resin and use the kit for a donor.
    Fast forward  to around Nov/Dec 2015. A thread of the Hurst Olds Cutlass featured a picture of a hard top version along with a mention that the top looks eerily similar to a 70 Monte Carlo top which both 1/1 cars seem to have. Having a spare AMT 70 M/Carlo with the intentions of making a nascar stocker, I decided to trimmed the roof off and transplant to the Revell body.  I wanted a smooth and seamless hard top without the roof/body separation trim.  I trimmed the Revell body to where the C pillar section would go just enough to where the roof was just flush with the body, glued, puttied, sanded, repeat......done.  Little to none trimming and adjustment using the kit's interior mated up into the body. I did fab the frt and rear windows because the Revell frt windshield was to small as also the rear window. The AMT frt windshield was to thick for I used the frt windshield frame attached to the body and cut at the base while using the AMT A pillars to connect to the Revell frt windshield frame.  Testors One Coat lacquer Pure Gold #1846 accents the body

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  7. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Show your Built JoHan Models   

    to Steven Guthmiller,  I'm sending adoption papers to you this very moment.  Should you pass before your time, rest assured that those treasured gems will be loved and cared for!  LOL.  Man,  those models are outta this world,,,,,,,be sure to sign the papers and return promptly
  8. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic 1964 Fairlane Wagon   

    Awesome...I'm a big fan of stock rim/tires but those make it "pop"!  Great work
  9. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic 1970 ELDORADO by Cadillac (JO-HAN)   

  10. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic The Revell 1974 Torino Thread!   

    Sanded the chrome finned valve covers smooth and painted, used a nascar  intake and not sure on the air breather, possibly from an AMT 67 mustang
  11. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic The Revell 1974 Torino Thread!   


  12. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic chuck naylor R.I.P   

    My heart felt condolences to Chuck's family.  Back this summer I talk to Chuck over the phone about some decals that he had just made (The Pete Hamilton King Ent.) and from his energetic enthusiastic tone of his voice I pictured someone who was passionate about what he did and for the hobby that we all enjoy. When I hung up from our conversation, I was thinking that the only time there was a bad day in this man's life was not being able to create something in our hobby of models.  
    When we have extra pieces to a model kit we have more options to create something for our enjoyment and others.  By Chuck not being with us won't dampen our enthusiasm for building but probably appreciate him more for what he has done for us while he was with us.  There are others in this hobby that I'm appreciative of for their talents and for the sharing of their abilities.  I hope that some of Chuck's creativity will continue for future modelers' to enjoy.         Chuck Satterwhite
  13. satterwhite78 added a topic in Under Glass   

    The Seventies
    72 Chevelle SS

    77 Monte Carlo

    75 Ford Gran Torino

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  14. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Revell 72 Olds Pace Car   

    I was up in my garage looking over my stash for the next project to start on.  I came across the Revell 72 Cutlass convertible (not the special Edition 1st release) and a AMT 70 Monte Carlo body that I had. It appeared to me that the  M/Carlo roof and the roof of a 72 Cutlass hardtop are to which the question I am posing is....Would the Roof of the M/Carlo and cutlass hardtop of the two actual cars the same or were they different between the two GM divisions? I know that Missing Links offers a resin hardtop and that would save a lot of hacking, cutting, puttying, Etc......but the roof line of the two look eerily similar?  Any comments?
  15. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic 1977 Chevolet Monte Carlo   

    Testors One Coat Laq. #1840M Flaming Orange.  The rims were out of the parts earthly idea where from.   Thanks for the comments