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  1. don't comment much of late when surfing the site viewing some great builds by some very talented people, but I have not yet seen one as captivating as yours. With all that's coming out in the coming weeks, my main mission now is to obtain a 60 Bonneville kit! I'm sure you've heard it before, but if you get tired or not satisfied down the road with it........... Great build1
  2. Whew! Wasn't sure if there was a connection between the RR and ebay. Did have a transaction a few years back with RR and did get it resolved through soft spoken but firm words, patience and the BBB of Pennsylvania. Just didn't want to take another trip down memory lane. Thanks guys for the replies!
  3. While surfing a few resins sites and finally ending up on Ebay, I came across a 70 AMX trans kit to use with the Jo-han AMX kit. My question.....is this the same individual of a well discussed resincasting site (Reliable Resin) and if so, his positive feedback is rated at a 100% which leads me to my next question, Are any unresolved transactions/disputes with this seller, if related to said mention individual of the first question, settled (i.e. refund or recievement of product).in a more timely manner. Any input would be appreciated.
  4. Last year at the Clemmons, NC meet I came across a partial kit of a MPC RoadRunner. Missing was the hood,frt and rear bumpers and some small assorted parts. I quickly acquired the find. I was fortunate later on to know a friend that had a built unpainted MPC RR that he had come across and sold it to me. Quickly putting it in the freezer to disassemble, everything went successful afterwards. I purchased a hood and some parts from Hart's Parts, scoured the parts box for other odds and ends. Everything was gathered up to make to somewhat complete kits. The past Clemmons,NC meet I ran back into my friend who said he had a surprise for me at his table. When I finally got around to his table, I nonchalantly asked about the surprise to which he pulled from beneath the table a turquoise Promo of a 72 RR. Shiny and perfect....until his hand which covered the roof moved away to reveal a broken roof top from the A pillars to the C pillar.Everything else was intact, even the glass was flawless and not damaged.It was dropped sometime before his possession and thought that maybe I could salvage some parts from it. Once back home, I thought....."the 71-72 charger and RR shared the same roof line and I happened to have a AMT 71 Charger . In 15 mins, two perfect cuts and one transplanted roof from the AMT Charger to the RR Promo, a Phoenix was resurrected.Cut at the base of the A pillars to the beginning edge of the C pillar, it was a perfect fit. So ...as I Thanksgiving treat, two rare birds to feast upon. The 1st RoadRunner is the Phoenix Promo....
  5. looking for a rear valance that fits under the rear bumper...…...
  6. Anyone makes a formula hood that would fit this kit?
  7. The hood, grill and frt valance pan interchanged with no problem....
  8. Recommend contacting the Better Business Bureau in the state he /his business resides in. That what it took to get results with my dealings with him a couple of years back. Since then I use US Postal MO so in case a transaction goes south, involving USPS will yield results. Since that unfortunate incident with RR, all other business transactions with resin dealers have been more than positive have my full support in the efforts to have a business, make a profit and contribute to a hobby we all love.
  9. I did sometime prior to buying that kit purchased a promo AMC 70 Javelin which all that it required was a good washing and polishing. ..nothing else
  10. The vendor was asking $45 and I countered with $35, due to the questionable 3 piece frt bumper assembly. Not biting at my offer, I came back a little later and he accepted $40. I don't think he had any interest from anyone that morning but still would have paid him his asking price of he didn't bulge.....you just don't find them.
  11. Yes they were...had the the number font and contrngencies for the 70 javelin also
  12. A little background on the Javelin. ...bought it at the Salisbury, NC swap meet about a year ago. Already built with a color scheme of brown, white and gold (?) with Johan decals #27. Checking later on what the kit box might have looked like, I found that the builder did copy the box art and supplied decals. The body was in great shape, couldn't say the same for the paint and decals. The frt bumper was broke into 3 pieces but glued back together nicely, was stripped and painted with the rear with Spaz Stix mirror chrome. The interior was pretty much a 1 piece excluding the dash n steering wheel. The dash was a racing style with a small block cluster. I fabbed a wide plastic strip to make the correct dash and the steering wheel was correct. There was a unusual roll cage that was glued in but came out in one piece. It did appear to be original to the kit. The windshield needed very little polishing . Rims were wide stock steel that the outer lips were either chipped away or worn round for glue. Standard 60"s period magnum 500/Rallye rims were used from a AMT 70 Chevelle kit with hollow smooth sidewall tire with Goodyear polyglot decals used. The Javelin still uses frt/rear metal axles. The engine was basically the one piece block and trans, exhuast manifolds and one valve cover. I scounged up a intake manifold and carb, fabled up the air cleaner assy and belt/pulley alternator. Other than make some exhuast pipe connectors from the manifolds to the chassis, that's it. Planning to make some tailpipes from the rear end to the rear of the valance pan since the exhuast is molded and the tailpipe are tucked underneath the rear pan. The only other scratch build was the rear spoiler. A top wing portion from a R/M Daytona and 2 spoiler supports from plastic strip filed and sanded to the right contour. Paint was Testors Gloss Red and Dark Blue and a generic emanel gloss white from Lowe's. As much as I love two tone color schemes, this bad bod fought me long and hard. No sooner than I would get 2 of the 3 painted perfectly, trash or a run would ruin the last color application. But patience and perseverance ( 3 cans of paint, 4 purple pond baths, almost a half roll of Tamiya tape and 4 painting attempts) ruled the day Once completed, it is a nice addition to a model collection that is a rarity in both the real and modeling world....Chuck
  13. Long time not posting, hopes this piques your interest......
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