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  1. Randy Ayers Nascar board

    tried using my original user's info...no luck. went ahead and re-registered using the same user name and password and on board and posting! Already one post of a build.
  2. Revell 4 Quarter 2017

    69 Dodge Charger Daytona 2n1!.....Aaaawwwww come on! What happened to the stock version of the 70 Dodge Charger that was being derived from the FnF kit.? To quote John McEnroe...."You Can't Be Serious!"
  3. 1958 Pontiac Bonneville

    Sweet n Classy
  4. 1960 Mercury Park Lane

    I can see that pulling into a Stuckeys' roadside store, Dad asking for directions, Mom excusing herself to the Ladies room for a fresh powder and the kids holding Cherry Cokes in one hand and pecan log rolls in the other! Great Save and Great Job!
  5. From the mind of a 9 year old...

    That would be "Center Stage" in my display case. Please let her know that the fellas on the other side of the screen would love to see more! Super job Miss Clark! Chuck
  6. Dick Trickle Montego GT WIP

    Hey!....What's the hold up? I haven't started on mine cuz I'm waiting for you to finish so I can repossess intellectual properties (ie. steal ) that will be exhibited when you post. LOL! Hope things are going well and can't wait till you post! Chuck
  7. 1957 Club Victoria

    No need to file for a patent, when you paint it Black, YOU own it....fantastic!
  8. Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed....

    Fantastic build and a fitting tribute to a childhood Superhero.
  9. 1969 AMC S/CRambler

    Be my guest and post it here if you like.........can't never get enough AMC
  10. Lindberg 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W-30

    immaculate...never was quite sure on whether to pick up the kit to build but that's changed after seeing yours, Great job!
  11. 1969 AMC S/CRambler

    A Johan kit I picked up a year ago at a swap meet. On the box was the Pro Street version but more or less stock. Shortly afterwards I discovered that Firebird Designs carried the AMC Scrambler scheme. Actually AMC in 69 came out with two version, the A trim and the B trim. The A trim with the bold Red side and wide blue stripe running down the middle of the car while on the hood was mount a "snorkle" of a hood scoop. On both sides of the snorkel were the inscription "AIR" with the beginning of the hood stripe coming to a point with the indication of a 390 cid lurking below. The 1st batch AMC made total 500 production in the A scheme before switching to the B scheme (500 production) which was more sedated then 512 of the original A scheme, for aq total of 1512. Teaming with Hurst Performance, the SC/Rambler was specifically made and promoted for NHRA F/Stock class. Standard equip came with a 390 cid ( 315 hp) mated to a 4 speed manual with a limited slip differential. The SC package came also with front dics brakes, a heavier sway bar, reinforced drivetrain and body components and a standard Sun Tach mounted with a stainless steel clamp to the steering column. A bare bones production model, the only option that could be added was a AM radio. A precursor and the original manufacturer built for the drag strip to the buying public. Overall, a fun kit to put together. The plastic axles, especially through the engine, is a little of a turn off but a small one. I sanded the door handles off to get the decal to lay down smoother w/o having to work around them but replace them with door handle out of a Revell Charger. Also included front and rear side marker lights to further enhance.
  12. Krazy Kuda paint chip code FINISHED

    Awesome....Freakin Awesome!
  13. The last Terry Barton resin that I had in my stash Some old JNJ decals that I honestly thought were going to disintergrate when they hit the water but held together , a Polar Lights donor and one race track background.... The rest of the 68-70 W-Nosed Mercury Cyclones...
  14. The Big Post 2.0

    I've always said, "To have nothing to do, I always say busy!". As much as I enjoy building and see others post their accomplishments, I can't always keep up on the photo ops and posting, so it's easier to post all at once when there is more of a relax atmosphere...... 1970 Dodge Charger: The Revell FnF kit bought at the Clemmons,Nc meet this past fall. Falls in line with the quality of the 68 and 69 Revell kits and I'm sure they got a winner when it hits the shelves. Got the last back seat and a rear tail light panel with lenses from Missing Link when it was posted on the forum this past fall and used the hood from a Revell 69 Daytona and used MM Firery Orange and a flat black base to simulate the Factory Color of Burnt Orange to complete. Defintely plan to buy more for stock and NASCAR builds.... 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle A resin body that a friend gave me. Used the AMT 69 Chevelle for a donor. The second build I put a vinyl top on using masking tape. 1968 Plymouth Belvedere another resin . didn't bother to open the hood but used spare parts from the AMT 69 GTX. US Army Jeep The Hogan's Hero Jeep kit. A nice diversion because I only had to use Olive Drab, Flat Black and Flat Aliminum.... 1956 Desoto Firedome Bought this kit and a another, 59 Dodge Adventurer, at a Farm Sale a few years ago. While my buddy was looking for a small tractor to cut his 4 acre yard, I was keeping a eye open for any kits. Found the two in a wooden basket with old cowboy boots and other odds and end. Thinking that no one else would care and pass over I kept a close eye and ear until bidding started. I was thinking $20 while the owner decided to bunch up a few more items to that basket and off the bidding went to the 40 and up range. Didn't win the bid but I did get with the buyer and offer $15 for both to which he gladly accepted and even threw in a free soda that my buddy had just come back from the concession stand with....that he bought to "sweeten" the deal. Just a old Johan Promo kit with tinted green windows and a plain bottom plate... 2016 Dodge Challenger R/T A coworker at the Dodge dealership gave me the kit because of lack of interest. Since I had just bought the real deal the 1st of the year......why not? The kit was the AMT 2009 Challenger. A little body work and mods to the grill and rear tail lights and the wheels/rims from the Revell 2013 Camaro (since they are more accurately represented for the 16 Challenger). I call it the Mini Dodge to the real Dodge.... The REAL Dodge....
  15. '68 road runner....My first car.

    I wouldn't be surprised if someone saw it cruising Woodward Ave....