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  1. A switch of the Moebius 64 Chevy Nova chassis with the 65 Chevy gasser. Testors light beige enamel.
  2. It's an overcast sky at the Eastern Carolina Speedway today but the drivers are out warming the tires up on the cool afternoon. Photo shots of the driver's race cars were taken prior to the start today's race. I did not think these Yesterday's Decal would hold when they hit the water but all doubts were cast aside and it was full throttle on applying them. After one coat of Pledge floor wax, it was off to the Race track. Out of the box, MM Arctic Blue spray and some out of the Vault Yesterdays decals and the contingency decals from the kit.
  3. I can't say enough about this kit...so I won't. Great box art, great premise of a customized Vette and a great nostalgia for a more simpler time in our lives......whew! better stop before all of you get rhe wrong idea. This was a tough kit, a tougher assembly (engine & headers installation, warped chassis and loads of hot water and a final assembly) and the toughest of it all...having a choice of building another or procuring tickets thru Ticket Master for a Taylor Swift concert. Hmmm....it could go either way. Patience and time is what you will invest in with this kit as with any kit. I'm surprised with my results. Everything is OOB and used ModelMaster #2954 Dark Yellow. Enjoy...
  4. Had to take a second look....yep! Better than the first!
  5. GORGEOUS! Museum display!! Blown away with the dash and the overall look...
  6. Just the slogan on the hood tells the other competitors what's in store once the green flag drops.....
  7. Looks like it would be right at home at your local Thunder Valley speedway!
  8. This just goes to show that with to much time on your hands that something good and bad is gonna happen....and you're going to post it! Good because it's a Homer that left the ball park without a cover.... Bad because the secret 📷 "somewhere " at your workbench is blocking my view...clean your workbench! Lol! Always, always look forward to what you are posting next...Chuck! P.S Clean your workbench....
  9. That pair of Vice Grips might have been the first car theft prevention device Invention, only second to removing the ignition key...lol! Great build, Love it!
  10. The 1st photo I actually thought it was a real car on a pier. This is one humdinger of a build and backdrop use!
  11. Qoute from happy grumpy from his Atlantis cadillac 57 post "I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this". Well I had the same sentiment too, but what a beautiful body and lines. A friend built one earlier this summer like the box art and it was gorgeous. He used small round rod for upper door/fender trim. I did the same but scrape/ sanded one side of the plastic rod so it would lay down easier when attaching to the body before painting. My thoughts on the kit....a great subject matter, not everything has to to SS, GT, R/T, etc, etc. And lately plain Janes' are more eye catching. I think I know where Muffy (Biff & Muffy of the High Society fame) was concieved at...... Rough edges, flash here and there, Multi piece body that one side fit perfect, the other side not so perfect. It has a small parts count which is good for a quick build...unfortunately the word "quick" won't be found in the instructions or your comments when partaking the plastic pleasures of this kit. I'll go as far as saying that the only thing that fit with no issue was the box top of this kit. But with a little time and patience, a nice Curb side will emerge. And like Forrest Gump said "That's all I got to say bout that".....until I feel like making some more comments. But I'm good for now....
  12. Well that's a treat! Any other "tantalizing tidbits" in the box?
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