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  1. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic '68 road runner....My first car.   

    I wouldn't be surprised if someone saw it cruising Woodward Ave....
  2. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Dodge Dart Phoenix 1961   

    Unbelievable and Awesome....Unbelievable with what you started with and Awesome with what you finished with!
  3. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Dick Trickle Montego GT WIP   

    Scary!!!.........I also so have the resin Montego, decals but not the paint just yet! On my to do list for 2017.  You sure you're not missing a twin?  
  4. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic AMX bumpers...   

    pm sent
  5. satterwhite78 added a topic in Trading Post   

    AMX bumpers...
    Looking for front and rear bumper, dash and steering wheel for the Jo han AMC AMX. 
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  6. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic The Bullfighter's first win update   

    A definite want to do for my collection.  I do see however a project in the background that I'm gonna be starting soon.  Better get started on the "chin ups" since you have "raise the bar" ! Excellent Vintage AMC Nascar Thunder !
    p.s.:      You can send it back when you've finish it!   LOL
  7. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Nichels Pearson GTO   

    Wow.....literally loss for words ( which is rare.)  The extra work and time is evident and the final result is....Wow!
  8. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic Roy Tyner Grand Prix   

    Definitely a Winner Circle finalist.
  9. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic 1963 Fireball Roberts Southern 500 winner   

    My dad often recalled being at the Charlotte race that day.  From his vantage point on the opposite side of the track he recalled seeing the fireball erupt and subsequent black smoke.  It wasn't until later of being announced that Roberts was involved that he knew it was far more serious than initially reported.  That by chance wouldn't be the same color that Leeroy Yarborough painted his #12 66 Charger sponsored by Jon Thorne would it?   Great Build. 
  10. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic '69 Chevy Nova Copo   

    A Bowtie beauty!
  11. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic 65 Belvedere Kansas Highway Patrol   

    The First thing you would want to see on a table in a Model contest.......The last thing you would want to see in your rear view mirror......in 1965!      Great job!
  12. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic 69 AMC AMX Big Bad Blue   

    The engine was a left over johan. The engine bay quite possibly came from the AMT 66 Fairlane or Cyclone which didn't need any coaxing, a natural fit.  The chassis on the other hand was a much harder endeavor. Originally I wanted to use the AMT 67 mustang chassis, front and rear suspension was very detail and a almost dead on for an AMC undercarriage but the AMX interior tub just didn't work with the chassis donor and the chassis wheelbase is longer. I found a somewhat generic chassis plate with dual exhaust and the rear axle molded in as with the Johan chassis plate there is no exhaust. I removed about 1/16 in the middle of the chassis to correct the wheel base. After thinking about it I feel like the chassis choice kept more in line with the model overall instead of a over blown detail adventure.
    The engine paint on the other hand.......     Years back you could go into Advance Auto, CARQUEST, etc, etc...and find a can of AMC engine paint. Trying to get and find the turqoiuse metallic shade of AMC, other than order a can of AMC engine spray, is a feat with in itself.  I probably sent more in paint and purple power that what I have in the build..Lol. Of the AMC builds I have, none of them are the same shade. Most of the blocks start out with a testors light blue as a base coat with some type of metallic green over spray to get the color effect. Call me cheap!  I did find find a bottle on the clearance aisle at HL called  "Pebeo" Prisme Carabbean Blue  in a 45 ml bottle that has come the closest with the basecoat.
    Hope this answers some of your questions and truly appreciate all of you taking the time to look......Chuck
  13. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic ND Copley Torino   

    Another screaming homer batted in!
  14. satterwhite78 added a post in a topic My next Nascar victim   

    Sweet Baby back Ribs,,,,That is Gorgeous! A-1 job on the paint and yes,  patience does pay off on the look that you want.
  15. satterwhite78 added a topic in Under Glass   

    69 AMC AMX Big Bad Blue
    A Johan kit that I have had for some time.  Actually I friend of mine was going to throw it out with some other odds and ends. Glue stains on the body, a blob for an engine and a fender chip.  About a year ago I started on it with the purchase of MM #28127 Big Bad Blue paint and off and on sputtered to really get going on it until  I saw Sport Surburban"s Big Bad Green AMX http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/116160-69-amx-big-bad-green/ and got motivated again.
    I decided to add an engine bay since the original was lacking the correct bay and a donor chassis with more detail that was reduced to the correct wheelbase to fit. The decals are from Keith Marks, Tires from the AMT Tire Pack and rims from a AMT 70 Chevelle

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