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  1. thanks for the compliments !! , but everything is on hold , for how long I have no idea , maybe a few weeks or months , I had to get back to my one and only true love , my guitars , this music store I go to the owner has a few people over after hours to play , and me being such a Keith nut has asked me to join them , so I have to get my Keith chops back in shape , maybe I will sneak in an hour or two a week
  2. at least you didn't use the can of silver paint as deodorant !!
  3. there is nothing left to say and no words exist , only thing I can think of is , John do you get to visit your home planet often to see family and old friends !!
  4. maybe do something silly , combine an Alpine 1600 body and a 67 corvette interior , fits perfect , not done anything with building for a while , been playing catch up on my music, fingers getting to rusty for my liking
  5. got these the other day a race car and a camper , the alpine race car , I am thinking of putting a 67 corvette interior in it , it fits 100% perfect , just an idea
  6. I see a real GTO !! so where is the model ???????
  7. got a Merc and a TA today also waiting on a VW Camper and a Tamiya Alpine 1600 and that's the last model for me , done with the buying
  8. WOW , I think they need a new topic title for this kind of work , something like , Extreme Makeover ,,,, now that's a makeover !!
  9. I would pay money to see you do what you do , there is Elvis , The Beatles and Stones , and John Teresi ,, beyond amazing , I still don't know if this is inspiration , or depression , if I view your builds as inspiration I just keep adding months of work to my icky Corvette build , if I use your builds as depression I can have the corvette finished in 2 weeks , you really are mega talented
  10. that would end the friendship instantly for me , what kind of friend goes behind your back , first a car , what's next
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