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  1. As i have written in my initial posting the gas tank is also from the 1932 Ford kit. The lower part is molded into the frame, the upper part is a seperate piece. I cutted out the lower part, glued them together and sanded it into shape. Filler cap is relocated.
  2. '96 and '97 to be precise. for his final 2 years of F1 racing he returned to Benetton swapping his Ferrari cockpit with a youngster called Michael Schumacher ...
  3. I also thought of using a VeeDub before i ran across the deuce coupe.
  4. should you visit Vienna one day, you owe me a beer, otherwise the idea is for free
  5. I did not like the tyres of the MP 4/20, but i wanted to have the rims. So, tyres and rims are from different kits, but they did not fit. Had to increase the diameter of the rims with one layer of 0.5mm sheet styrene on the outside and 1mm on the inside.
  6. n.p., Austrian petrolheads have to know such things by heart, otherwise they are expatriated
  7. Sorry to say, but you are wrong. The B188 is the 1988 car, Gerhard Berger raced for Ferrari since 1987. In 1986 he raced for Benetton in the B186 car. He won the Mexican Grand Prix in it, his first career win.
  8. My first approach was to make the bodyshell from sheet styrene. But when i studied the assembly instructions one picture caught my attention and suddenly i knew: that is exactly what i need!
  9. thank you for your input guys, let's see if i can stretch the look a bit. EDIT: here's a primitive sketch of what i could do rather easily without having to re-build the whole rear of the car, just change the position of the wing on its support. I think that's better.
  10. At least i'll have to make the pictures in a way that the colors look correct
  11. While working on my RB32 project (http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/143939-formula1-hot-rod/) i was thinking: "What to make with the remainings of the Revell 32 Ford 3window coupe hot rod kit from which i only used the body shell?" I decided to make a simple t-bucket hot rod, like this one built by Speedway Motors: Once the target was defined i started immediately to work on it. Frame was scratch built from 3.2 x 2 mm styrene bars. Engine and transmission mounts were used from the kit frame, front axle was moved ahead of the frame. Body shell is the interior tube of the 32, sectioned and channelled over the frame with a 1/8 honda motorcycle exhaust used for the new transmission tunnel. Bomber seats were scratch built from 0.5 mm sheet styrene. Engine is a 302 ford with - both scratch built - air scoop and lake style headers, radiator is also chopped and heavily modified. Fuel tank was molded into the frame, i cut it out and sanded into shape. Plenty of scratch building fun. Here is simple a masking tape mock, which is almost ready for paint.
  12. Update: I have almost finished the building of the car, so it was time to determine the painting scheme in order to know where to mask off.
  13. not when you're based in europe: engine $3, shipping $14
  14. I followed this procedure and i am pleased with the results.
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