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  1. May I ask what size evergreen tubing you used for your frame? I assume this is 1/25th scale?
  2. Hi Jim! Just wanted to apply some gentle pressure on you cause it's definitely time for more mad builds!
  3. Thank you Noel, that's why i decided to make a triple cab. Cause VW never made one, only single cab and double cab.
  4. Hi Steve, sorry i missed your answer. "My thing" is stated in my signature, everything else does not matter (for me).
  5. Meanwhile i transformed the build into a surf-bus by adding a roof-rack and a surfboard
  6. Thank you, Guy. This car would indeed be mad enough for Pikes Peak or maybe Goodwood.
  7. loool - the circuit is called "Lewis' nightmare"
  8. Thanks you very much, guys!
  9. Finally managed to make some photos of my latest build: The RB32. Here's the WIP thread with all background infos, therefore in this thread i'll only share the photos. Enjoy!
  10. I decided to make a 24th scale helmet to add to the model. The helmet is 3D printed, i have the .stl file from thingiverse. The visor is scratch built from clear plastic, mounted with metal pins. I have to make it a bit smaller cause like this it looks like a 70s helmet. Then paint in blue/silver and the visor in black.
  11. i just didn't make it to finish this one by the end of the year.
  12. Thank you Alan! The body colour is a mixture from flat anthracite, some silver and gloss clear. When you read my WIP, you learn this is a recycling project. So i had to use what i had left, that applies to the tires as well as to the fuel tank. The soop was fully scratch built, as were the headers, seats, frame and maybe some other smaller parts.
  13. jap - caught me. had to cheat, cause the distributor was in the way for the scoop.
  14. Thank you very much , Carl & David! I always try to make cool stuff seperating me from others. If i manage to finish the Formula1 Hot Rod like i have it in my mind, it should turn out super cool.
  15. Here's what i finished this year in ascending order by month: February Big Wheel Drift Trike The Gamma Turbojet December Speedway Motors Tribute T-Bucket currently working on a Formula1 Hot Rod which i'll finish next
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