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  1. not when you're based in europe: engine $3, shipping $14
  2. I followed this procedure and i am pleased with the results.
  3. Thank you, Rob. Curbside, no engine in this revell McLaren. But i opened and hinged the doors to offer a sight on the interior, where you can spot a rollcage and a pair of very cool scratch built Kirkey lightweight racing seats.
  4. Time to share what I'm working on currently: a 1/25 replica of Becks Kustoms F132 from the computer game Need4Speed Payback, which is a kithbash of a '32 Ford 3window coupe and a Formula1 race car. Here's the boxart of the 2 kits i have chosen for my build: I plan to paint it like this one: Therefore i'll call her RB32. And this is how far i'm at the moment:
  5. I'd like to introduce the project i'm currently working on: I'm using the body parts from a Tamiya RG250 Walter Wolf and the frame from a Tamiya RG250, all off ebay. I thought they would match without issues, but i had to make them fit. Also the frame needed some extra support to compensate the lack of stability due to missing engine and swingarm. And some facing made from sheet styrene to prevent see through. The jet engine is made from 1/24 car rims and 1/8 motorcycle headlights and some styrene. I won't build the full engine, just the visible parts. So it will be sort of a curbside, or a fake if you prefer. This is how far i am at the moment:
  6. These tiny pills come good, eh?
  7. Many years ago i built a scale 1/12 Honda V5 RC211V MotoGP engine just for display purpose that was left over after a project. It was sitting on my shelf and i decided i wanted to make something else with it. After some Web research i found what i wanted to make: I ran through my parts boxes and found out i had what i needed, what was missing had to be built from scratch. My first attempt for the rear wheels was also to build them from scratch, but i failed to make them a perfect circle. So a buddy of mine had to fire up his 3D printer and make me some: The engine had to loose its rear cylinder bank in order not to grill the rider with its hot exhausts and also to make room for a fuel tank. A front and rear subframe was built from scratch to hold the fork, radiator, seat and rear axle: After making all the parts i was looking for a nice retro colour scheme which i found in this Honda CX500 Street Tracker by Kingston Custom: And here is the result, i hope you like my sense of madness:
  8. Thanks a lot for you kind words, guys! The trike is mostly done by now, i can start with painting soon.
  9. just to clarify which motorcycle we're talking about Honda Hawk Honda Nighthawk
  10. Very true, but i can spot the mistakes i made. I couldn't find a kit, so i had to go the tough way.
  11. Jap, it turned out a bit square ...
  12. It's a Tamiya Mini, in the link above the picture you can find out which one.
  13. Here's what i finished this year in ascending order by month: February Honda Hawk GT July Mini 1000 K7 November Lotus Seven Replica currently working on a motorized drift trike from the parts box
  14. Finally managed to shoot some outdoor photos in the sun:
  15. Finally i managed to shoot some outdoor pics in the sun. For all who are interested in the story behind this build, just check out my WIP: Lotus Seven Replica - diary of a build
  16. I should loose some words on that. One thing which is not obvious when making everything yourself is the fact that it is necessary to regularly step one or to steps back to take a look at the whole picture. When making one part, you always have to check - does it interfear with other parts i have already made? - how can i paint this? - how do i fit it into the car? - in which sequence do i have to assemble all the parts? so that i won't end up having a part which i cannot put into the car any more. especially the last point took many hours to develop and write down an assembly instruction which i re-checked several times. that was a real challenge!
  17. Thank you Ralph. I'm curious - what were the things you learned?
  18. 2018-11-25 The Lotus finally is done. Better pic soon in Under Glass.
  19. 2018-11-22 Well, i should be ready with the build by now, but that isn't the case. I had a big issue when adding the hood to the car which was a major fail. I thought i could pre-bend the hood and then glue it to the scuttle and nose cone and do the missing bending while glueing. Result was: i messed up a lot of painted bodywork and the hood is trash. I am currently making a new hood with internal support to have it in bent shape in order to glue it on without the need of further bending. Also canceled the louvres. And furthermore i have to try to repair the damages i have made, which i already know won't work at 100%.
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