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  1. 8 hours ago, Ralph Henderson said:

    Lots of little pieces, added together, make one big piece.

    I should loose some words on that. One thing which is not obvious when making everything yourself is the fact that it is necessary to regularly step one or to steps back to take a look at the whole picture.
    When making one part, you always have to check
    - does it interfear with other parts i have already made?
    - how can i paint this?
    - how do i fit it into the car?
    - in which sequence do i have to assemble all the parts? so that i won't end up having a part which i cannot put into the car any more.
    especially the last point took many hours to develop and write down an assembly instruction which i re-checked several times. that was a real challenge!


  2. 2018-11-22
    Well, i should be ready with the build by now, but that isn't the case. I had a big issue when adding the hood to the car which was a major fail. I thought i could pre-bend the hood and then glue it to the scuttle and nose cone and do the missing bending while glueing. Result was: i messed up a lot of painted bodywork and the hood is trash.
    I am currently making a new hood with internal support to have it in bent shape in order to glue it on without the need of further bending. Also canceled the louvres. And furthermore i have to try to repair the damages i have made, which i already know won't work at 100%.


  3. 3 hours ago, Italianhorses said:

    I really like these cars, and you are taking a very non-traditional approach to recreating one, especially with all the kits available out there.

    As a model builder, I know what it takes to make something from scratch and look like the real thing. It takes skill and good eye, and looks like you have plenty of both!


    Well, there's not much to say after such kind words from you. Except - you perfectly nailed it! You're right, i don't want to go out, buy and build a popular kit, then add all available detail up sets. Don't get me wrong - this gives you superb results and requires plenty of skills to make it. But hundred or thousand others can do the same and then they all have more or less the same build sitting on their shelves. I prefer to create something only I have. Even if my results are far from perfect and the finish should be a lot better, especially on the paint job.

  4. 2018-11-02
    In my previous post i stated: "Ready 4 paint!".
    But when making the assembly instructions i again had the steering wheel i had chosen in my hands which still did not satisfy me, cause it's too big.
    I had 2 Mini steering wheels, i like the white one more but the black one was a bit smaller, that's why i choose this one.
    Therefore i decided to build one from scratch and now i'm happy!



    This was my template for the steering wheel:
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