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  1. 2018-07-26 Drivetrain basically done, frame needs a few more bits to be added
  2. 2018-07-25 Basically i have a rollin chassis, although its still taped to the pile of cards while glue is hardening. Since the last post i finished the front suspension (upper arms and coilovers not in the picture), made the rear part of the frame and added the rear suspension recently (coils not in the picture). I had some issues with the rear axle, but i hope it works now. Next up to fill and sand the frame's rear and the axe, then add the engine and make the drive shaft.
  3. 2018-07-19 I made the first pair of upper and lower suspension arms (left) from the original chevy bel air front suspension (right). i think the look is much better! Coilovers also start to take shape.
  4. Well spotted, Rick! Wait for my next post to see how this front axle changes its look.
  5. OK then, after some nice smalltalk back to business: 2018-07-18 I made the lower and upper parts of the frame. To make the cross members between these two i taped a pile of plastic cards together and taped them to top and bottom of the card pile. Doing so i ensured that the frame height will stay correct. Currently i am finishing the front end of the frame. Next step will be to make the suspensions. Therefore i already made the pile of plastic cards a little less high and i will tape the frame on top of it. This will simmulate the correct stance. I'll start with the front suspension.
  6. David, i have withdrawn the 3D option rather soon, as the result was not usable for me: The blueprints (printed out in scale 1/25, so 1:1 for my build) were very helpful indeed. Not only for the frame but also later in the build to get proportions of the car right. Michi
  7. The Red Baron - sounds interesting. I have never been into airplanes.
  8. Rob - I have seen your scratch built chassis during my researches for my build. But i have not seen your car finished. Did you?
  9. 2018-07-11 Started the build with a new bell housing (1/12 motorcycle engine cover), gearbox (1/8 motorcycle carburetor) and provisional driveshaft exit (1/12 motorcycle exhaust) for the Mini Cooper engine which i will use for this project. Then started the lower frame. Next i will try to position the engine and the suspensions (from a '57 Chevy Bel Air) in the lower frame, then add the upper frame.
  10. Thank you for your interest guys. Here is my next post: 2018-06-26 I want to scratch build a tubular frame from 2 mm round evergreen. My approach is to print out the blueprints in scale and use them as my guideline. 3D print the chassis is an option, especially cause there are already existing .stl files on the web. But the quality of the result is questionable so i want to build it from styrene.
  11. how can i forget this one - i used your photo-documentation of sectioning and chopping to create my own '49 merc lead sled: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/113876-gas-monkey-49-merc/
  12. From today on i want to try something new for me: I'll make a sort of a diary of my currently ongoing build which is a mostly scratch built 1/25 Lotus Seven Replica. I already started this project some months ago and i will regularly update you with the progress up to present day. Let's see how this works.... 2018-04-19 Having left one Mini Cooper engine, i was thinking of what to do with it. Taking into consideration that i also have a '57 Chevy front and rear axle including wheels&tyres and some interior parts from other builds i am thinking of a cutaway roadster in the shape of a Lotus Seven S2, so that the fully scratch build frame is visible and not hidden under the body. Frame will be scratch build from 2mm evergreen, body panels from 0.5mm styrene sheet.
  13. Thank you Patrick! Yes - thats what i try to achieve: build models different and make many details. Did you spot the blue bottle in the car?
  14. Thank you very much Matthew!
  15. Thank you very much guys!
  16. Thank you very much Tom, that is my approch to modeling!
  17. Thank you Mike! Yes, its a chain drive and i used the driveshafts from the kit. I tried to replicate what Z-Cars use in their kits, but i'm not sure if it's got a differential. "good drivers steer their car with the throttle"
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